Make Monsters Scary Again! (MMSA)

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Have you ever thought Minecraft was getting too easy? Do you wish that the monsters were threatening like they once were when you started playing? The Make Monsters Scary Again (MMSA) Addon does exactly what it says it does: make the Minecraft monsters scary again. This addon adds no new mobs or features, instead, it tweaks the stats of the vanilla mobs to make them threatening once again.

Currently, only the monsters pictured below have been changed, but more monsters and other changes will be added in the future!

Make Monsters Scary Again: Screenshot


The Changes:

All monsters listed in the detection range increased significantly.

Listed monsters no longer need to see the player to detect them.


  • Increased Health
  • Converts to Drowned in only three seconds
  • Spawns have a random movement speed ranging from
  • Damage ranges from 1–20.
  • Baby zombies damage ranges from 1–3.

Dev note: Zombies are so easy to avoid, and even if they hit you, it doesn’t matter that much. They also just aren’t that scary. So I decided to change that. Making them faster was obvious, but it didn’t feel right to make them too fast. So I also gave them variable damage. A zombie could only do 5 damage, but it can also do 15, and there’s no way to know until it hits you. So even if they are still a little slow, the zombies remain threatening because they always have the possibility to kill you instantly when they get too close.


  • Now shoots Slowness IV arrows.
  • Health lowered to 15
  • Shoots arrows significantly faster.

Dev note: Skeletons are not fun to fight up close. They destroy so much health and are generally unsatisfying to kill with a sword, so I removed that possibility entirely. Now, if you even attempt to fight a skeleton without a bow, you will definitely die.


  • Health decreased to 15
  • Explosion power was reduced.
  • Creepers now explode almost instantly.
  • Creepers now begin exploding within one block of the player.

Dev note: I hate fighting creepers. Having to stay in just the right range to be able to kill them without exploding is annoying and unfun (plus, half the time they explode anyway). To fix this, I made it so that they don’t explode unless they are right next to you. This led to the unintended consequence of the creeper instantly killing you when they exploded, and that wasn’t fun. So I turned their explosion power down so that they only leave the player almost dead when they explode (assuming they're wearing at least iron armor, of course). I also made them explode instantly because it’s funny.


  • Now moves significantly faster (a little faster than a baby zombie).
  • Damage ranges from 1–3.

Dev note: Spiders have eight legs. They have no right to be as slow as they are, so I fixed it.


  • Teleports significantly more often
  • Attack damage is now 10.

Dev note: Just build a two-block bunker. If you can’t do that, you deserve to be hit.


  • Attack damage is now 6
  • Now swims significantly faster.

Dev note: For a monster that spends most of its time underwater, drowned's sucky at swimming. The player has no right to be able to outswim them. I also made it so that zombies turn into drowned's much faster since in playtest jumping into water became an easy way to avoid them.

Other Features:

Sleeping is for nerds!

Sleeping is for nerds

I removed sleeping because skipping the night takes away most of the challenge of Minecraft. Now you must use think about how much time you spend outside more carefully so as to not waste it! Beds still reset your spawn point.

Addition of The Hunger Rework addon

Hunger Rework Main Cover

The Hunger Rework is another addon I made that was always meant to go alongside this one. It limits how long you can sprint and makes food heal you when eaten. All Hunger Rework features come in a second pack when downloading becasue it uses the player.json file which sometimes competes with other addons. Plus not everyone likes this change).

Note: Play on easy or normal difficulty when using this addon.It was not designed for Hard difficulty.

Download links
Download Version 1 (Just has stronger monsters)[mcaddon, 258.42 Kb]
Download Version 2[mcaddon, 883.09 Kb]
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  1. Me gustaría que los zombies escalen y rompan bloques
  2. So basically hardcore but actually hard?