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Yo, my name is NekoZack, but you can call me Zack or Neko.

I am the creator of DeadZone and the founder of the Neko i Project.

So... DeadZone, what is DeadZone?

DeadZone is a survivalist addon that makes you a survivor in a post-apocalypse. The goal of this addon is to survive as long as possible, look for loot in every building you find, and create your own story.

What makes DeadZone a bit different?

In terms of the appearance of its unique weapons that take the style of "2.5D" models and also the variety of clothes and accessories that you can wear for your appearance in post-Apocalypse, it also has a nice texture to look at.

DeadZone Add-on Logo


DeadZone has many types of items, for example, melee weapons, firearms, food, drinks, miscellaneous, and medical. And also, DeadZone has clothing and accessories, such as shirts, pants, helmets, masks, and others. Which makes you very suitable for exploring some buildings with the style you have used.

Here's a list of what's in DeadZone.


Melee are a hand held weapons used in hand-to-hand combat, that is, for use within the immediate physical range of the weapon itself.

Melee Weapons in DeadZone Add-on

List of Melee Weapons:

  • Wrench
  • Tire iron
  • Tactical shovel
  • Metal baseball bat
  • Splitting axe
  • engineer shovel
  • Screwdriver
  • Sabre sword
  • Pipe wrench
  • Hunting knife
  • Hatchet
  • Hammer
  • Golok machete
  • Gold club
  • Pitchfork
  • Frying pan
  • Fireman axe
  • Farmer sickle
  • Crowbar
  • Combat knife
  • Cleaver knife
  • Police baton stick
  • Baseball bat
  • Nailed baseball bat
  • Barbedwire baseball bat.
  • Miner Pickaxe
  • Machete
  • Kukri machete
  • Lead pipe
  • Kitchen knife.
  • Sledgehammer
  • Ice hockey stick
  • Ice pick
  • Rolling pin
  • Tactical axe
  • Wooden plank
  • Nailed wooden plank


Firearms are items that are used to shoot bullets/projectiles through the barrel towards the desired target.

Firearms & Ammunition in DeadZone Add-on

List of Firearms and Ammunition:

Ammo 9x19mm:

  • Mp5 (30rd)
  • L2a3 Sterling (32rd)
  • glock17 (15rd)

Ammo 357magnum:

  • Colt anaconda (6rd)
  • M1894c (10rd)

Ammo 9x39mm:

  • AsVal (20rd) New

Ammo 44magnum:

  • Colt anaconda (6rd)

Ammo 5.45x39mm:

  • aks74u (30rd)
  • ak74 (30rd)

Ammo 45acp:

  • M1911 (7rd)
  • Ump45 (25rd)

Ammo 12gauge:

  • izh43 (2rd)
  • M1897 (7rd)
  • M1014 (5rd)
  • M870 (8rd) New

Ammo 5.56x45mm:

  • M4a1 (30rd)
  • Famas f1 (25rd)
  • Ss1 (30rd)
  • M16a1 (30rd)

Ammo 7.62x39mm:

  • Ak47 (30rd)
  • Cz527 (5rd)
  • Rpk (75rd)
  • Sks 59/66 (10rd)

Ammo 7.62x51mm:

  • M1 garand (8rd)
  • Fnfal (25rd)
  • M14 (20rd)
  • L96a1 (10rd) New

Ammo 7.62x45mm:

  • Sv dragunov (10rd)
  • Mosin nagant 91/30 (5rd)

Ammo 9x18mm:

  • Makarov PM (8rd)
  • Vz65 (20rd)
  • Makarov PB (8rd) New

Ammo 40mm:

  • M79 thumper (1rd)


Throwable items are items that can be thrown to stun or kill nearby players.

Throwable Items in DeadZone Add-on

List of Throwable Items:

  • Frag grenade
  • Stun grenade (New)
  • C4 Explosive (New)


Miscellaneous items are additional items to make or add something useful.

Miscellaneous Items in DeadZone Add-on

List of Miscellaneous Items:

  • Box of nail
  • Barbedwire coil
  • Bleach
  • Bear trap
  • Landmine
  • Flashlight
  • Lockpick
  • Wire cutter
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Cooking pot (New)
  • Empty water bottle (New)
  • C4 Detonator (New)
  • Can opener (New)
  • Spray can (New)


Medical kits are items used to give immediate medical treatment, primarily to treat injuries and other mild or moderate medical conditions.

Medical Kits in DeadZone Add-on

List of Medical Kits:

  • First aid bag
  • Blood bag
  • Antidote syringe
  • Adrenaline auto injector
  • Morphine auto injector
  • Bandage
  • Painkiller
  • Rag
  • Sterilized rag
  • Splint
  • Alcoholic tincture
  • Sterilized Bandage (New)
  • Dirty bandage (New)
  • Water purification (New)


Food & drinks are items whose use is to increase stamina, hunger, & thirst for those who consume them.

Foods in DeadZone Add-on

Drinks in DeadZone Add-on

List of Foods & Drinks:

Canned Foods:

  • Canned tactical bacon
  • Canned baked beans
  • Canned spicy chili
  • Canned corned beef
  • Canned fruit cocktail
  • Canned sweet peaches
  • Canned ration
  • Canned sardine
  • Canned spaghetti bolognese
  • Canned tuna
  • Canned beef stew
  • Canned tomato soup

Other Foods:

  • Chocolate bar
  • Meat jerky
  • MRE
  • Bag of rice
  • Strawberry jam
  • Tactical sandwich
  • Creeper crunch
  • Potato chip
  • Tortilla chip
  • Pear
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini
  • green apple
  • Tomato
  • Banana


  • Beer bottle
  • Water bottle
  • Coffee
  • Exp-coke
  • Popsi-cola
  • Energy drink
  • Grape soda
  • Lemonade
  • Whiskey
  • Red wine
  • Vodka
  • Milk gallon
  • Unpurified & boil cooking pot (New)
  • Unpurified & suspicious water bottle (New)


Clothing is textile and fiber materials used as body coverings.

Clothing in DeadZone is used to explore the post Apocalypse world with style or make it into rags, and it is possible that clothing will be used for temperature features in the future.

Clothings in DeadZone Add-on


Shirts in DeadZone Add-on

List of Shirts:

  • Variant Army combat uniform (ACU)
  • Clown suit
  • Firefighter jacket
  • Variant Flannel shirt
  • Formal shirt
  • Variant ghillie suit
  • Gorka suit
  • Variant hazmat suit
  • Hiking jacket
  • Variant hoodie
  • Variant leather jacket
  • Variant plaid shir
  • "Pemuda pancasila" Uniform
  • Paramedic jacket
  • Police uniform
  • Inmate prisoner uniform
  • Pariant puffer jacket
  • Sheriff uniform
  • Special operation uniform
  • Variant Strip-botton-up shirt
  • Striped long sleeve shirt
  • Business suit
  • Variant tactical sweater
  • Variant sweater
  • Variant track suit
  • Variant varsity jacket
  • Variant hawaiian shirt
  • Variant Tshirt
  • Variant suede jacket
  • Maid dress
  • Plague doctor uniform
  • Kopassus uniform


Pants in DeadZone Add-on

List of Pants:

  • Variant Army combat pants (ACP)
  • Variant cargo pants
  • Clown pants
  • Firefighter pants
  • Gorka pants
  • Variant hazmat pants
  • Variant jeans
  • Khaki pants
  • Variant overall pants
  • "Pemuda pancasila" pants
  • Paramedic pants
  • Police pants
  • Inmate prisoner pants
  • Sheriff pants
  • Special operation Pants
  • Suspender pants
  • Track pants
  • Variant ghillie pants
  • Kopassus pants
  • Maid leggings
  • Plague doctor bottoms


As well as clothing, we also have several accessories, such as helmets, masks, hats, and vests.

Hats, Helmets & Masks

Hats, Helmets & Masks in DeadZone Add-on

List of Hats, Helmets & Masks:

  • Variant Army helmet
  • Variant assault helmet
  • Balaclava mask
  • Variant ballistic helmet
  • Bandana mask
  • Variant beanie mask
  • Variant beret
  • Variant biker helmet
  • Variant boonie hat
  • Variant baseball cap
  • Clown wig
  • Variant cowboy hat
  • Variant du-rag
  • Firefighter hat
  • Variant gasmask
  • Variant hard hat
  • Hunting hat
  • Variant Mask
  • Night vision goggle
  • Police hat
  • Police riot helmet
  • Resporator mask
  • Ski mask
  • Variant tactical helmet
  • Shemagh mask
  • Welder mask
  • Maid bonnet (New)
  • Plague doctor hat (New)
  • Special operation Helmet (New)
  • Ushanka (New)


Vests in DeadZone Add-on

List of Vests:

  • Variant assault vest
  • Variant heavy vest
  • Hunting vest
  • Variant plate vest
  • Police vest
  • Press vest
  • Variant stab vest
  • Variant tactical vest
  • Variant traffic vest
  • Variant Biker vest
  • Variant Webbing
  • Variant Chest rig (New)


Apart from items, in DeadZone there are also mobs. Mobs in DeadZone include the infected, survivor group, and vehicles.

Zombies in DeadZone Add-on


"Infected" is a type of human who is infected by a virus caused by another infected passing from a scratch.

Type or variant of Infected in DeadZone:

Infected Civilians (male/female)

Infected Civilians in DeadZone Add-on

A good common civilians who are infected by the infected. They will usually spawn anywhere.

Infected Civilians info:

  • Health: 5, 10, 15, 20
  • Damage: 1-5 +Infection
  • Speed: Various
  • Loot: Food, Drink & Medkit
  • Equipment: Any Common Wearable
  • Variants: Many

Infected Military (male/female)

Infected Military in DeadZone Add-on

A type of infected dressed like a military army, this infected will usually spawn anywhere according to the uniform they are wearing.

Infected Military info:

  • Health: 30, 35, 40, 45
  • Damage: 1-5 +Infection
  • Speed: Various
  • Loot: Ammo, Food, Drink, Melee, Medkit, & Military Clothing
  • Equipment: Any Military Gear
  • Variants: Woodland, Artic, Desert

Infected Hazmat (male/female)

Infected Hazmat in DeadZone Add-on

One special type of infected dressed like a Hazmat, but be careful: don't be close to a Hazmat corpse because you're going to get radiation. This type of infected will usually spawn anywhere.

Infected Hazmat info:

  • Health: 7, 12, 17, 22
  • Damage: 1-5 +infection
  • Speed: Various
  • Loot: Food, Drink, Medkit, and Hazmat Clothing
  • Equipment: Various Gask Masks
  • Variants: White, Orange, Yellow, Gray

Infected Militia (male/female)

Infected Militia in DeadZone Add-on

A rare type of infected dressed like a civilian or military. Be careful when meeting Infected Militia, because they're quite op for someone who is not in full gear. These infected will usually spawn everywhere and are rare.

Infected Militia info:

  • Health: 60, 65, 70, 75
  • Damage: 6-10 +infection
  • Speed: Faster than other infected.
  • Loot: Food, drink, Ammo, Medkit
  • Equipment: Any Military Gear & Firearms (on the back)
  • Variants: Many

Infected Screamer (female) (new)

Infected Screamer in DeadZone Add-on

A special infected variant that does not attack, but can scream and call infected hordes within 32 blocks.

Infected Screamer info:

  • Health: 5, 10, 15, 20
  • Damage: -
  • Speed: Same as ordinary infected or runners
  • Loot: Food, Drink, Material, Civilian Gun, Melee
  • Variants: Many

Infected Commander (male)

Infected Commanders in DeadZone Add-on

A special infected that can attack and also scream to call infected horde within 64 blocks.

Infected Commander info:

  • Health: 10, 15, 20, 25
  • Damage: -
  • Speed: Same as ordinary infected or runners
  • Loots: Ammo, Food, Drink, Miscellaneous
  • Equipment: Commander Hat, Webbing & Chest Rig
  • Variants: Artic, Woodland, Desert


Apart from Infected, DeadZone also has a Survivor group. The survivor group includes humans who have survived the zombie apocalypse and decided to create a group. Each group will always have a bad side & good side.


Marauders in DeadZone Add-on

Marauder is a survivor group that is almost like bandits in general, they are the type who like to kill players and infected. When you get caught by them, you have two choices: run away or fight.

Marauder info:

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 2
  • Speed: Same as normal player
  • Loots: Food, Drink, Miscellaneous, Medkit, Ammo, Weapon
  • Equipment: Various Weapons, Civilian Wearable, Military Wearable
  • Variant: Shooter, and Melee


Scavengers in DeadZone Add-on

Scavenger/Scav is a survivor group that is neutral towards players. It only attacks Marauder and Infected, but doesn't attack him occasionally.

Scavenger info:

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 2
  • Speed: Same as normal player
  • Loots: Food, Drink, Miscellaneous, Medkit, Ammo, Weapon
  • Equipment: Various Weapons, Civilian Wearable, Military Wearable
  • Variant: Shooter, and Melee


Vehicles in DeadZone Add-on

Vehicles are pieces of equipment designed to transport people, cargo, or both. Vehicles are used to travel longer distances.

List of vehicles:

  • Sedan
  • Motorcycle
  • Humvee (New)


Decorations in DeadZone Add-on

DeadZone also has several decoration blocks for those of you who like to create a map or server. The use of decoration for the aesthetics and creativity of your Minecraft apocalyptic build. You can use it to create custom furniture, decorative objects, and even entire structures.

List of Decoration Blocks:

Additional Blocks:

  • Hazard block
  • Variant tiles
  • Military metal block.
  • Crate box.
  • Smooth stone brick
  • Big brick.
  • Hesco bastion
  • Caution block (New)
  • Trace plate metal block (New)


  • Variant Barrel
  • Variant Monobloc chair
  • Variant office chair
  • Variant sandbag
  • Variant table with cloth
  • Metal rack
  • Paper on the floor
  • Monitor + keyboard
  • Road barrier
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Traffic cone
  • Trash can
  • Old TV
  • television
  • Wooden barricade
  • Wooden table
  • Wooden chair
  • Variant folding chat (New)
  • Variant Street bench (New)
  • Graffiti (New)
  • Trash bin (New)
  • Hazard barrier (New)
  • Crowd control fence (New)
  • Worklight (New)
  • Variant ceiling light (New)
  • Variant traffic sign (New)
  • Exit sign (New)

Functional Furniture:

  • Radio
  • HAM radio
  • Bear trap
  • Barbedwire
  • Landmine
  • Explosive barrel
  • Water pump (New)


Loots in DeadZone Add-on

When you are adventuring, you will usually stop to the nearest building for looting. Loot is really needed because for adds supplies for surviving.

List of Loot Boxes:

  • Cardboard box (Civilian loot): Primarily contains food, simple guns, simple melee weapons, civilian clothing, ammunition, and miscellaneous items.
  • Toolbox (Construction loot): Primarily contains construction equipment, including melee weapons, construction outfits, and miscellaneous items.
  • Fireman box (Firefighter loot): Primarily contains special equipment, including firefighter outfits, special melee weapons, food, and miscellaneous items.
  • Medical box (Medical loot): Primarily contains any kind of medicine, food, and hospital clothing.
  • Military box (Military loot): Primarily contains firearms, tactical melee weapons, military clothing, armor, food, ammunition, and miscellaneous items, and also has 3 variants for each different biome.
  • Police case (Police loot): Primarily contains guns, tactical melee weapons, police clothing, special armor, food, ammunition, and miscellaneous items.
  • Food crate (Food loot): As the name implies, mostly just food and drink.
  • Surplus box (Rare loot): Will contain random rare items ranging from civilian to rare military items like rare outfits, tactical gear, and guns. Requires a lockpick to open.


Apart from that, there are several additional features in DeadZone, such as stamina, thirst, bleeding, infection, etc. which makes DeadZone a bit challenging to survive.

Here the list of features in DeadZone:


Stamina Bar in DeadZone Add-on

The stamina bar is drained when sprinting or swimming, but it can be replenished by standing still, walking, eating, or drinking. You cannot sprint or swim if your stamina bar is drained.


Dehydration/Thirst Bar in DeadZone Add-on

Thirst drains over time, any drink will replenish thirst except vanilla drinks and bleach.

Infection (Hunger effect)

Infection Effect in DeadZone Add-on

Infection occurs because being hit by the infected can give you the infected effect. You must find cure injections, first aid kits, or sterilized rags.

Radiation (Wither effect)

Radiation Effect in DeadZone Add-on

Radiation can occur because stepping on hazmat infected corpse without any hazmat gear or gas masks will give you the radiation effect. You must wait until the effect passes.

Bleeding (Poison effect)

Bleeding Effect in DeadZone Add-on

You can potentially bleed when you are hit by any Survivors group, player, or infected. Use rags, first aid kits, or bandages to stop bleeding.

Broken Bone (Slowness effect)

This can happen when you fall or accidentally throw yourself from a height. Use a splint or morphine to cure it.

(The slowness effect does not have an icon because the slowness effect is very widely used)


Structures in DeadZone Add-on: Screenshot 1

Structures in DeadZone Add-on: Screenshot 2

Structures in DeadZone Add-on: Screenshot 3

Structures are used as a place for looting or as a base. Each structure has its own loot category.


In DeadZone, there will usually be some bugs that cannot be fixed, but we will fix them soon.

List of Bugs:

  • Structures will sometimes be truncated or merged with other structures.
  • The ammunition in DeadZone will remain the same, even if you replace it with the same gun.
  • Sometimes the impact sound does not match the block.
  • Thirst increases if you interact with the water pump with certain items.
  • Bullet holes will not appear on the top slab block.
  • Sometimes guns can't fire even though they have a full mag. Try rejoining or reloading the empty guns.
  • UI Thirst & Stamina sometimes like to blink themselves.
  • The explosive barrel does not explode when spawned in the overworld.

Note: I apologize for my grammar, if there are mistakes, please forgive them.


  • Thanks to Gabriel Aplok, creator of "Project Walker & Aplok Guns" (Fog settings and more)
  • Thanks to Klep/Krep, creator of "INWA & IndoAR" (Scope UI and more)
  • Thanks to Markkuh, creator of "QuarantineZone & Tissou's Zombie Pack" (NPC and more)
  • Thanks to AzozGamer936, creator of "Actual Guns & Absolute Guns" (New gun system, Thirst UI and more)
  • Thanks for mj105 (Permission for Flashlight Function)

Please don't take the texture, code, model, or relink the addon without my permission, because I have worked hard for 2 years studying and making this project. Please appreciate it.

Project was created on 8/12/2021 | 8 December 2021

And was published on 13/5/2024 | 31 May 2024

Want to give us suggestions? Ideas? And questions? You can join the DeadZone Discord server.

Did you actually read all of this?

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