[CHAPTER I] Disciples of The Void, Volume III

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Do you like Boss Fights?? Do you like LORE?? This is the addon for you! This is the final entry in the Disciples of The Void series. A collection of addons adding over 15+ bosses in total to your Minecraft world. But alas, all must come to an end. This is the final installment of the DOTV series. With the second set of disciples taken out and The Second Creator embarrassed, he has brought back powerful beings to attempt to take you out for good.


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Required Experiments for Disciples of The Void, Volume III Addon

These are the minimum experiments to run the addon.

Boss Music

Noise Cancelling Headphones Recipe

This addon contains custom music made for each boss fight. If you would like to disable the tracks during each fight, you can craft these special headphones. When used, it will toggle whether boss music plays or not. This item does not affect boss music discs.

This add-on is split into multiple chapters. Below are all the available entries.


Chapter One: The Residuals.

CHAPTER I: The Residuals.

Chapter One introduces the final set of Disciples. Mutated overworld beasts were made to be fought against mobs and players. However, these mobs have been made to serve a being trying to be seen as a god. These beings are not meant to serve and will make the process much harder for him to orchestrate his final goal.

In this chapter, you fight this person's right hand crooks, along with mobs stolen from other timelines.

Triox, Legend Reborn

Triox, Legend Reborn

Familiar Headset Recipe

This boss is summoned by the Familiar Headset.

Triox is a beloved DJ from an alternate universe dragged here by a mysterious mythical entity with the ultimate goal of taking the player out. Triox will use his mastery of music and fighting to attempt to defeat you.

  • When attacking, he will put his fists up and fight you like any other normal mob. Along with this, he has two other moves he can do:
  • He will summon speakers around himself to play music. After a short amount of time, these speakers will charge up and explode, damaging mobs in the nearby area.
  • Occasionally, Triox will start blocking. When he is blocking, any damage done to him in this state will be put back into the player. However, if hit in this state, he has a chance of being thrown out of this state and taking a significant amount of damage.

When at half health, Triox will get angry. Making his attacks more aggressive and doing more damage.

Faevia, Token of Balance

Faevia, Token of Balance

Crown Of Balance Recipe

This boss is summoned by a Crown of Balance.

Faevia is a fae type creature obsessed with the idea of purity. She will attack any entity she views as "corrupted". Faevia will utilize her ultimate control of light and dark in order to end your spread of impurity.

  • Faevia has two attacks. While she has one ability, she is still deadly nonetheless. When attacking, Faevia will summon a beam of light. Shortly after summoning this beam, a scythe will shoot from the ground, causing medium damage. These attacks are normally chained in large circles that spawn in short waves.
  • At half health, Faevia will lose her purity, rotting into a shell of her former self. In this state, she will be more aggressive and start teleporting.

Legatus, Archdemon of Legacy

Legatus, Archdemon of Legacy

Shattered Halo Recipe

This boss is summoned by the Shattered Halo.

Legatus is a wither skeleton that has gone through multiple mutations. Ultimately stopping in his evolutionary cycle at a crimson boned, netherite-like tough skeleton frame and a heart full of anger. His rage knows no bounds, and unfortunately, you have to deal with it.

  • Legatus, along with straight up attacking you, will also summon runes to inconvenience the player. The runes do the following:
  • One rune Legatus will cast will rather be fired off in the line of a circle. When spawned, it will instantly be set on fire and cause tick damage to any mob nearby.
  • Another rune Legatus can summon makes a shield around him, protecting him from damage for a short time.
  • At half health, he will drop his glowing bones in his melee phase, darken the arena, and teleport around you to catch you off guard.

Roxanne, Archangel of Envy

Roxanne, Archangel of Envy

Archangelic Feather Recipe

This boss is summoned by an Archangelic Feather.

Roxanne is a widowed robotic valkyrie who has reached perfection in her evolutionary cycle. She is the queen of the brand of robots known as โ€œThe Cyber Valkyriesโ€, machines dedicated to protecting their owners. However, this version is dead set on destroying the player at the command of her owner.

  • Roxxane attacks like any other mob (Shocker) but also has a set of abilities just like any other disciple.
  • When attacking, Roxxanne has a chance of flying up into the air and slamming onto the player. She can also chain this attack.
  • She uses her wings to perform a spin attack and moves towards you, causing lots of tick damage when touching her.
  • She does a spin attack, but instead of causing tick damage, she fires a barrage of arrows.

When Roxxane goes below 10% health, she flees into the air and causes an ambush. In this state, explosive markers spawn in the immediate area. After a short time, she herself will slam into the ground for the final strike, finally defeating her.

Chapter One Weapons

Chapter One Weapons

Each boss drops a weapon associated with their theme and character. Each sword has its own unique ability and perk. Collect them all to find out what they do!

Chapter One Music Discs

Chapter One Music Discs

Each boss drops a special music disc that will also allow you to play their boss theme at will with a jukebox. Now, these ARE custom discs made through scripting, so they do act a bit unique.

You can place them in a jukebox like normal, and it will play, but in order to stop the music, you have to use the disk again on the jukebox.


This concludes Chapter One of this addon.

Since you're reading this, I assume you have read the above sections. Thank you for checking out my final entry in this series! There is so much more to come, so keep an eye out!

If you don't mind, I'd like to set some ground rules for use.

  • YOU ARE ALLOWED to use assets in this addons for your own NON-COMMERCIAL projects.
  • YOU ARE ALLOWED to review this addon and blah blah blah not that I would stop you.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to repost this addon anywhere else without permission. This is MODBAY, MCPEDL and CURSEFORGE exclusive unless told otherwise.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to put your own link shortener.

With all of that aside, I really hope you enjoy my work!

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  1. nothing in the mod works all bosses are black and purple the swords do nothing