Advanced Shop v1 1.21!

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This addon will facilitate trade on your server and will make your server the best server for selling, as well as provide protection to protect the goods and make the buyer pay accordingly. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel: @shadowgamer100k

Advanced Shop Logo

- How to get the store?

Spawn Store Recipe

- How it looks like?

Store UI: Screenshot

- How to claim the store?

After making the item, click with it on the ground, and the store will spawn. Then click on it and fill in the following information about your store:

Claiming the Store: Screenshot 1

Claiming the Store: Screenshot 2

- Main Form (general interface):

This is the main form that will appear when you create your shop and try to open it. It has a lot of buttons, but don't worry, I will explain them for you :)

Main Form: Screenshot 1

Main Form: Screenshot 2

- How to add an item to the store?

It is simple: click on the add item button, then a form will appear showing you all the items in your hotbar. You have to select an item to add it to the store, and then another form will appear that asks you to fill out some information about your sale:

- Note: The addon works with other addon items; you can sell everything you want, and the addon supports just the minecraft ores as a payment method for now.

Adding Item: Screenshot 1

Adding Item: Screenshot 2

Adding Item: Screenshot 3

- How to withdraw your profit:

To withdraw your income (profit), just click on the wallet, select the items you want to get, and click confirm.

Withdrawing Profit: Screenshot 1

Withdrawing Profit: Screenshot 2

Withdrawing Profit: Screenshot 3

Withdrawing Profit: Screenshot 4

- Now for the store settings:

Here, you can edit or change the name or description and destroy your store, as you see in the pictures:

Store Settings: Screenshot 1

Store Settings: Screenshot 2

Store Settings: Screenshot 3

Store Settings: Screenshot 4

- Sales review and removing sales from the store:

Here, you can manage your sales, remove them if you made a mistake when adding them, and see how your sales look.

Sales Settings: Screenshot 1

Sales Settings: Screenshot 2

- How does the player see sales or buy from the store?

Buying in the Store: Screenshot 1

Buying in the Store: Screenshot 2

Buying in the Store: Screenshot 3

- If you have a report, contact me in my channel or my Discord:

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Updated on June 19

  • Made it work with Minecraft Bedrock v1.21.0
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Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80
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    Can you please add Amethyst Shards as a currency option?
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    why only face one direction? Hopefully the direction can be changed next :D
    1. Yes, I noticed this after publishing the addon, but I promise that I will fix it as soon as possible
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    Great addon ๐Ÿ”ฅ
    1. thank you ya sori ya nob 3<
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