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Looking for a new way to spice up your Minecraft playthrough? Progression Craft, heavily inspired by Java mods like Sevtech and RLcraft, changes how you progress through the game, requiring much more focus into progressing, and feels much more rewarding when you unlock the simplest of items! This addon has a dedicated Quest Book that'll help you guide through the ages. Craft it with 2 dirt! Also takes advantage of 1.20.80 features! It Uses heavy usage of recipe unlock!

Progression Craft (Age 1) Header

(Age 1 Header)

Progression Craft (Age 2) Header

(Age 2 Header)

Add-ons Used:

Age 1 List

Age 2 List

I have permission to use all!

Open to any suggestions: Twitter or on the Vatonage Server

Still in WIP


Now Supports New Languages!

  • Japanese 日本語 (Age 1 Only)
  • Chinese Simplified 简体中文
  • Chinese Traditional 繁体中文

Age 2

Primal --> Bone --> Bronze --> Iron

In Age 2, use the power of natural magic to get the necessary heat to melt those tough ores! Age 2 also unlocks quality of life items like the needed storage and sleeping!!! Also added multiple new threats at night!

Age 1 has been reworked, so your experience will be different than just the Age 1 version!

Progression Craft (Age 2): Screenshot 1

Progression Craft (Age 2): Screenshot 2

Progression Craft (Age 2): Screenshot 3

Age 1

Nothing --> Leather --> Primal

At age 1, you will get a good feel of your land. Prepared to explore the land before wooden tools and find your way through the limited crafting recipes! Leather will be your halfway point before mining. By then you will have run into multiple survival issues ;)

This first age varies massively from Progression Craft Redone, so it will be a new playthrough for those who played the original!

Progression Craft (Age 1): Screenshot 1

Progression Craft (Age 1): Screenshot 2

Progression Craft (Age 1): Screenshot 3

I do not want to spoil too much :)


Released in 1.20.15 (Age 1) 1.20.80 (Age 2)

Required Experiments for Progression Craft 2 (Age 2) Addon

Leave Recipe Unlock On!

Leave the above toggles on!

Should be Multiplayer Friendly!

Through my demo on Twitter, all devices seem compatible! Report Otherwise.

Addon should only be on ModBay, Vatonage and MCPEDL! Link here, Vatonage or MCPEDL!

Recommend Stuff and the quest orientations for Age 3!

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