Edds' Damage Numbers V2 (stable scripts, 1.20.60+)

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Have you ever wanted to see the amount of damage you deal in game? With Edds' damage numbers, you can! Made with stable scripts, so no need to update the pack ever.



  • Added gravity to the damage numbers
  • Changed the damage numbers color depending on the type of damage(drowning = blue, burning = orange)
  • Damage numbers can no longer take damage
  • The damage numbers show up when an entity gets hurt now instead of it only showing up when an entity gets hurt by another entity


The first thing you have to do to turn on the pack is download the addon.

Then put the behavior and resource pack on the world.

This was made with stable script apis, so you won't need to have any experimental options on.

Depending on the amount of damage you do, the damage text will be a different color.

From yellow, to red, to dark red.


You may NOT redistribute this addon with any other link besides this one.

This addon doesn't use any experimental options, so it should never need to be updated.


Download the addon from here download link. After you download the file, just open it with minecraft and put the packs on the world that you want to use it on.

Download links
Download Edds' Damage Numbers V2 (1.20.60+)
Download Edds' Damage Numbers (1.20.60+)
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  1. Well made addon :) Just one little thing I point out, it's kind of annoying and irritating that the damage numbers directly fly into the players face, would be nice if you could change that.
  2. Works in 1.20.80+?
    1. Yes it does.