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Do you like Boss fights? Do you like horror? Do you like over-the-top Lore that connects our addons for no good reason whatsoever? If so, then do we have an addon for you! Hi, we're Nul And Diz Studios, and welcome to Dreadful Horrors, a sudo-horror experience!


This addon is made by Nul And Diz Studios, and you are not allowed to claim it as your own. This addon is to never be posted on any other website, it is to stay here on ModBay! You may use this in videos and addon packs, as long as you have a link to this mod and give proper crediting. This is a must do!

Make sure to have "Holiday Creator Features" for the addon to work.

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In this addon, there are 3 powerful bosses, each with unique abilities. To summon each one, you need a special potion called "Horror Brew". More info on the Horror Brew after crediting!


Special thanks to ItsDarkwolf6 for making an amazing rune texture! Without him, the rune would look way less epic.
(Also, he let us use his headphone texture from his Disciples of The Void, Volume III, so yeah, that too)

ItsDarkwolf6's MCPEDL page!


Special thanks to Pingu for making the model and texture for the Organ Launcher! Without him, it would probably look very ugly.

Pingu's Twitter/X link!


Big thanks to RickythegamerV69 on Discord for making every Boss theme in Dreadful Horrors. Without him, the fights would be way less interesting, and quite dull.

Rickythegamer's Bandlab profile!

This is how you brew the Horror Brew. This is vital to fighting the bosses!

Horror Brew recipe

This is how you make Horror Brew.

Horror Brew Recipe

You brew Water Bottle's with Crying Obsidian. It may be changed in the future.

Important knowledge about the Horror Brew: Do NOT drink it, or hold it for too long. The tentacles sticking out of the bottle with strangle your arm, giving you Wither. If you drink the Horror Brew, your dead. The Tentacles will rip you from the inside out, instantly killing you. Repeat, do NOT drink it or hold it for very long!

Once you have the Horror Brew, your going to want to find a Zombie, a Skeleton, and an Enderman. These 3 are how you'll summon the bosses.

With the Horror Brew in hand, you're going to have to Interact(Pocket Edition), Left Click(Console), or Right Click(PC) on either the Zombie, Skeleton, or Enderman. And then, the mob will mutate, summoning one of the three Primal Beings of Fear.

The Dreadman, Primal Being of Dread

The Dreadman, Primal Being of Dread

The Dreadman

The Dreadman. There is no end to the dread that he sets in you. Acting as the weakest of the three, as well as the long range expert, he is the one you should face off against first. He has 450 health, making him quite the adversary. He has two attacks.

  • His first attack is he hits you like a regular Zombie. This attack does 10 damage, so best be careful.
  • He second attack is really gross. He will stand still for a while, and then spit out one of his own Organs at you, hitting you for damage between 20 and 30. Make sure to bring a shield!

When he is on his last inch of health, he will lean back, and roar at you, entering Jumpscare phase. When he does, RUN. You have 30 seconds before he dies for good. But, if you get hit and Jumpscared by the Dreadman, that timer will restart, meaning you have to run for even longer. After the 30 seconds are up, he dies.

Dreadman's Drops

On death, the Dreadman will drop Rotten Flesh, and his own Organs. These organs can be eaten, but just don't. They provide little to no hunger points, and just give you the Nausea effect. What you can use these for, is a Crafting recipe. With some wood, iron, and a Organ, you can make an Organ Launcher, which lets you fire off the Organs! It also makes a cool cannon firing sound. It has 200 durability, so use it wisely, as there is no way to repair it!

The Disfigured, Primal Being of Horror

The Disfigured, Primal Being of Horror

The Disfigured

The Disfigured. Acting as the summoner of the three, you should fight it second. It always thirst for more blood. The Disfigured has 450 health points, and is incredibly fast. Its walking speed rivals that of a player sprinting. He has 3 attacks.

  • The Disfigured will hit you with his 6 swords, dealing 10 damage.
  • Randomly, the Disfigured will throw its 6 swords, each one dealing 20 damage. Bring a shield!
  • Immediately after throwing his swords, the Disfigured will enter summon mode. It will summon 9 regular Skeletons around him, each wearing a Iron Helmet to prevent from burning in the daylight.

Unlike the Dreadman, the Disfigured does nothing when near death. It simply dies. However, his fight is very hard, so consider this a well deserved break.

The Disfigured's Drops.

On death, the Disfigured will drop a special bone called the "Disfigured Bone". This bone can't be crafted into Bone Meal, but rather a sword! If you use 1 Disfigured Bone and 2 Bone Blocks, you will get the Disfigured Bone Blade. It does 7 damage and has 100 durability. While having low damage and durability, it can be repaired in an Anvil with Disfigured Bones. Its true purpose is the ability to summon friendly Skeletons. Interact(Pocket Edition), Left Click(Console), or Right Click(PC) on the Disfigured Bone Blade, and it will summon the Friendly Skeletons for you. And a bonus, they don't burn up in the light! Make sure to repair the sword frequently, however.

(NOTE: The Disfigured's boss music is subject to change in future updates.)

The Terrorman, Primal Being of Terror

The Terrorman, Primal being of Terror.

The Terrorman

The Terrorman. He acts as the leader of the three Primal Beings of Fear. He is by far the strongest, most complicated, and has the most confusing attack patterns of the 3. Make sure to fight him last of all. Supporting him is a see-through floating version of an Enderman. It's unclear if the Shade floating behind the Terrorman is simply a shadow, or is a sentient being. The Terrorman has 600 health points, meaning that his health rivals that of the Wither.

  • His attack pattern is very tricky to predict. He will teleport all around you, hitting you from anywhere.
  • Randomly, the Terrorman will enter a Shield phase. He will float off the ground, and a rune will appear underneath him. The rune will spawn in Terrormites to stop you. To end his shield phase, you have to break the rune. Once you do so, the shield will break, causing him to be capable of damage again.

At 25% of his health, the Terrorman will enter a state of rage for the last remaining of his life. He hits harder, he moves faster, and won't stop until either your or him is dead.

Terrorman's Drops.

Once you kill him, he will drop Ender Pearls, and a special item called the "Terror Eye". Its basically a smoke bomb mixed with a frag grenade. When you throw it, it will explode on impact, giving everyone in its radius Wither for a long time. Don't get hit by these if you value living!

If you don't like the Music that the bosses play, then there is a special Headphones item that stops all music when you interact (Pocket Edition), Left Click (Console), or Right Click (PC) with the Headphones. It also doubles as a failsafe. You summoned the boss, and it's not playing music? Then interact (Pocket Edition), Left Click (Console), or Right Click (PC) with the Headphones on the boss, and music will play! The Headphone will be destroyed.


Huge thanks to all our Beta Testers in Discord! Without them, this addon would be a mess! Here they are!

  • Mando
  • Pingu
  • Joesph
  • Srhell750f03
  • RickythegamerV69
  • Lonelyguy
  • Steve with Rainbow Shirt

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