Socketed Mobs

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Adds 6 new mob variants, 2 ores, gems and decorative blocks, and a custom crafting table, the Jeweler's Table. Works with Socketed Weapons and Socketed Armor.

Rage Zombie

The Rage Zombie has somehow been infused with the power of rubies. This variant is extremely aggressive, attacking anything in sight, even other mobs that aren't zombies. They have increased health and hit like a truck so watch out, it wont feel great. Sometimes Quick Zombies will follow Rage Zombies in a swarm. They have a small chance to drop rubies on death.

Rage Zombie

Quick Zombies

Quick Zombies are as the name suggests, quick. Not only are they fast, they spawn in packs and can easily swarm an unprepared adventurer. They may not hit very hard compared to other mobs, but they hit fast and will weaken you with repeated blows. Don't underestimate these small guys. They have a small chance to drop sapphires on death.

Quick Zombie

Volatile Creeper

Volatile Creepers run a short fuse. They will explode much faster than a regular creeper and set the area they explode on fire. They are very dangerous and destructive. Keep a close eye out for them near your base. They have a small chance to drop rubies or sapphires on death.

Volatile Creeper

Armored Creeper

Armored Creepers are big and tough to kill. They have a thick, hardened outer shell that protects them from damage. This can make them tricky to deal with without blowing them up, even with more powerful weapons. They have a small chance to drop diamonds on death.

Armored Creeper

Toxic Vindicator

The Toxic Vindicator is the direct result of Evoker experimentation with Gems. Rather than provide beneficial healing effects the Vindicators fused with emeralds expel harsh poisons with each strike. They have a good chance to drop emeralds on death.

Toxic Vindicator

Toxic Stray

Like the Vindicators, Strays fused with emeralds gain poisonous attacks. Toxic Strays didn't stop there and have managed to figure out how to use sapphire pendants to enhance themselves further. They will shoot volleys of 3 poison arrows at a time. They have a small chance to drop sapphires and emeralds on death.

Toxic Stray

Jeweler's Table

Jeweler's Tables can be used to craft gems into blocks, currently there are no new items in this pack that can be crafted with the Jewelers Table but some are coming soon. You can also check out Socketed Weapons and Socketed Armor for more crafting with the Jeweler's Table. You need some wooden slabs, sticks and a gold ingot to make one of these special crafting tables. You can use any combination of wooden slabs.

Jeweler's Table Recipes

Blocks and Ore

The new gems can be crafted into blocks like the vanilla ones and the Ruby and Sapphire ore can be mined up at the same levels as Diamond. You can also use the Jeweler's Table to craft gems into blocks or blocks to gems.

Jeweler's Table: Usage

What's Next?


New Items are on the way. These items will tie into progression through some of the more difficult mobs and bosses to come. Many of them will be craftable with or used to craft on the Jeweler's Table.


New Bosses are in the works. Each one will progress into the next and will require the defeat of the first two vanilla bosses, the Ender Dragon and the Wither.


New Lore! This will offer some explanation as to why the mobs have started appearing with gems in them.

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Updated on June 14

  • Reduced spawn rates for most socketed mobs
  • Updated API
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