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Socketed Weapons adds 16 swords with effects, 38 potion tipped daggers, throwing knives, 2 new gemstones, blocks and ores and a custom crafting table. Enhance your Minecraft game with these powerful new weapons!

Enhance your Minecraft game with these powerful new weapons! Also check out the Socketed Armor add-on for new armor sets as well! No player.json used!

Throwing Knives

Check out the Throwing Knives, the stackable, throwable melee weapon! The throwing knives work in hand to hand combat, but they really shine when you throw them. If it hits, it's destroyed, like an arrow. If you miss you can pick it up where it lands. Able to be crafted anywhere, with a stick and an iron ingot. You can even hold them in your offhand!


Throwing Knives Recipe

Jeweler's Table

To craft the more advanced weapons you need a Jeweler's Table. You need some wooden slabs, sticks and a gold ingot to make one of these special crafting tables. You can use any combination of wooden slabs.


Jeweler's Table Recipes

Jeweler's Table

Socketed Weapons

With your Jeweler's Table you are ready to craft some socketed weapons. Two more things you will need to get firs is a fresh sword, Iron, Gold, Diamond or Netherite and one of the four gems, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire. You can get the new gems by mining for them around the same area as diamonds. Each gem provides different effects, each type of sword changes the strength and duration of the effects. Socketing an enchanted weapon will purge the weapon of all enchantments. You can upgrade a socketed Diamond sword to Netherite the same way as an unsocketed sword, all enchantments will remain.


If you socket a Ruby, your sword will get a 50% damage boost and if you use it you will get the Strength effect.


Power Socketed Weapons Recipes


If you socket an Emerald, your sword will give you Regeneration for a short time as well as Absorption when used. This sword comes with a cooldown so it can't be abused.


Regeneration Socketed Weapons Recipes


If you socket a Diamond, your sword will have double the durability and gives you Resistance effect when used.


Resistance Socketed Weapons Recipes


If you socket a Sapphire, your sword will give you both the Jump Boost and Speed effects when used.


Swiftness Socketed Weapons Recipes


In previous versions of Socketed Weapons, Daggers were the Throwing Knives. Now daggers have been reworked into an entirely new melee weapon, separate from the ranged Throwing Knives. Daggers require a stick, an iron ingot and a ruby to craft and can only be made using the Jeweler's Table. Daggers are special because after one is crafted, it can be modified by adding a lingering potion. The effects mostly emulate the tipped arrow effects but are on a melee weapon. Lingering potions can only be applied at the Jeweler's Table. Daggers have a durability similar to a Golden Sword.


Dagger Recipe

Effect Daggers Recipes

Blocks and Ore

The new gems can be crafted into blocks like the vanilla ones and the Ruby and Sapphire ore can be mined up at the same levels as Diamond. You can also use the Jeweler's Table to craft gems into blocks or blocks to gems.


Rubies can be found at the same rate and levels as diamond but only in hot biomes such as desserts, savannas and badlands. They can also occasionally be found in various chests throughout the world. You can also get them as rare drops from the mobs in Socketed Mobs.


Sapphires can also be found at the same rate and levels as diamonds but only in cold biomes such as snowy plains, snowy taiga and snowy slopes. They can also occasionally be found in various chests throughout the world. You can also get them as rare drops from the mobs in Socketed Mobs.

Jeweler's Table: Usage

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Socketed Armor 1.1.5 Cover


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Updated on June 14

  • Updated API for 1.21.0
Changelog for June 05 / Old Update
  • Added info about where to find rubies and sapphires
Download links
Socketed Weapons - Curseforge
Socketed Weapons - MCPEDL
Socketed Weapons - PMC
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80
  1. Ruby and sapphire ores don't spawn
    1. After some investigation in a fresh world in version 1.20.81 I can confirm the gem ores are spawning correctly in the world. Rubies only spawn in warm/hot biomes, sapphires only spawn in cold/frozen biomes. They each spawn at the same rate and levels as diamonds and also appear occasionally in various chests throughout the world.
      I realised I had not added this info to the post, I apologise for the oversight leading to confusion. I will make this correction to properly explain the gems spawning. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. ๐Ÿ˜…
      1. No avatar image Alpacriz
        Hey, a question, which of the three links are the mobile version and not the PC version because I see one that says curseforge