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Medieval Furniture | Mega Update! | 1.4 | 1.19.81

Thumbnail: Medieval Furniture | Mega Update! | 1.4 | 1.19.81

Do you need simple and streamlined medieval furniture? Do not look any further! Feudal Furniture is the mod you need, in it you will find more than 360 pieces of furniture with a simple and original Minecraft style.

How is create?

Like other mods of its same collection, Feudal Furniture is created from clay, with them you can create a variety of boxes that will contain the furniture you need, the boxes will be different depending on the type of wood you want and if you want a miscellaneous decoration you will also find a box for it!

What can I decorate?

This add-on is specialized to decorate medieval areas such as ruined castles, huge cities, medieval farms and rustic houses.


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Feudal / Medieval Furniture Updated

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New Blocks

New blocks from the version 1.4

Featured blocks

How to get these blocks?

All these blocks are available in creative menu inventory.

Feudal Furniture in creative inventory

With a Stonecutter, you can also create a box (select the box with the desired color):

Feudal Furniture box recipe

And then put the box back into the Stonecutter to craft the furniture block.

Feudal Furniture block recipe

You can also use the command /give @p ff: (select the block or put their name) to get blocks from this addon.

Give blocks via chat command

Some screenshots

Example of using blocks in Feudal Furniture Addon

Board and Ladder blocks

Desk, Board and Desk blocks

Various blocks from the addon

Castle wall decoration

Updated on May 18

Mega update! We've added a lot of blocks and wood variations, plus we've added new functionality to the stairs!

Added blocks

  • Added House poster oak
  • Added Birch house poster
  • Added Acacia house poster
  • Added Dir House poster
  • Added House poster black oak
  • Added Jungle House poster
  • Added Warped House poster
  • Added Crimson House poster
  • Added Cherry House poster
  • Added Manglar House poster
  • Added clothes line oak
  • Added Birch clothes line
  • Added Acacia clothes line
  • Added Dir clothes line
  • Added clothes line black oak
  • Added Jungle clothes line
  • Added Warped clothes line
  • Added Crimson clothes line
  • Added Cherry clothes line
  • Added Manglar clothes line
  • Added Runway black oak
  • Added Jungle runway
  • Added Warped runway
  • Added Crimson runway

Internal Settings

  • The stairs have been improved, they are now fully functional like the ones in the base game
  • We have changed some outdated logos
  1. Pokemetel
    everything looks very well done, I love the individual stone bricks
  2. No avatar image
    Looks really cool