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Have you ever wanted to have Plants vs. Zombies in Minecraft? Well, now you can. It's currently in the beta stages, so there are no nighttime plants and only 2 daytime plants + 2 zombies.

First, you will need to make the DNA extractor. You will need 7 wooden planks and a crafting table like this:

DNA Extractor Recipe

Then you will need to make the mini green house. To craft it, you will need 5 glass, 3 dirt and 1 sun. Don't worry, the sun spawns in your world, but only during the daytime.

Mini Green House Recipe

Next, you'll need to make plant DNA in the DNA extractor. To make day plant DNA, you'll need any seeds or saplings and a sun. Here are two examples:

Day Plant DNA Recipe (Variant 1)

Day Plant DNA Recipe (Variant 2)

To craft the peashooter, you'll need plant scrap. The plant scrap is made with 4 wheat seeds or 4 plant DNA in a crafting table like this:

Plant Scrap Recipe (Variant 1)

Plant Scrap Recipe (Variant 2)

To make the peas, you need 4 plant scraps in a crafting table like this:

Peas Recipe

NOTE: Plants can only be planted on any type of grass or dirt. If you get the seed packet from survival and get the spawn egg, which looks similar to the seed packet, you can then plant it on anything.

NOTE 2: You can dig up the plants by simply using a vanilla shovel on them. On the phone, long press on the plant; on the console, use the left trigger; on the PC, use the right click.

Now to craft the plants, you need to craft them in the mini green house. Here are the recipes.

Peashooter Recipe

Sunflower Recipe

Also, with the gems the zombies drop sometimes, you can craft diamonds like this:

Diamond Recipe from Gems

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