8Crafter's Entity Scale, NBT, and Behavior Modifier, Bossbar, and Morph Addon v1.3.0 (1.20.50 UPDATE!)

Thumbnail: 8Crafter's Entity Scale, NBT, and Behavior Modifier, Bossbar, and Morph Addon v1.3.0 (1.20.50 UPDATE!)

This is an add-on that lets you change entity scale, summon all the secret mobs and entities that normally are not summonable like players, ender pearls, shields, tridents, eye of ender signals, etc. It also allows you to change the max health of an entity, change its lava, water, and ground speeds, make it into an NPC, change what types of blocks that it can breathe in, give it a bossbar, make it into a minecart, and even make it immune to damage or even invincible to /kill (Note: All of these also do work on players too). You can also change and also even increase the maximum speed of a minecart. You can also morph into other mobs and entities (Note: the morph mod is currently a work-in progress). You can also tint the color of a player's skin and even make it partially transparent. You can change a player's name tags. You can also get an explorer map for every single type of structures by using some of the custom loot tables in this addon. You can also change whether or not an entity has gravity, and whether or not it collides with blocks and other entities. You can also make an entity act like solid blocks where you can just stand on top of them, and jump on them, similarly to boats and shulkers, and you also can't just walk through them, by running the andexsa:add_is_stackable event on both them and you. You can also make an entity burn in the sunlight like a zombie, or make any entity into its baby variant, so for example you could have a baby creeper, baby skeleton, baby ender dragon, or even a baby minecart. You can also change how much experience is in an experience bottle. You can also ride any mob just by running the andexsa:add_player_family_can_ride_anything_and_player entity event on yourself with the /event command. You can also turn any block into a fully functional chair with the seat entity. This addon also adds custom arrows, TNT cannons, arrow launchers, snowball launchers, etc.

Entity Events and Component Groups (how to change entity behaviors and NBT data)

Show/hide component groups


Show/hide items


Show/hide blocks


Show/hide entities

Morph Mod

Method 1, Manual
Method 2, Entity Events (requires the player.json file)
Method 3, Automatic (also lets you set entity variables to be set automatically and also on repeat)


Show/hide particles


Show/hide fogs


Show/hide volumeareas


Show/hide animations

Custom Emojis

Show/hide custom emojis

Loot Tables

Show/hide Loot Tables

Special Entity Molang Variables

Player Components And Properties (can be set through entity events or the /scriptevent command)
Molang Variables (can be set through the /scriptevent commands)

/scriptevent Command

Show/hide text

Custom NPC Skins

Custom NPC Skins

Required Experimental Toggles

  • Molang Features
  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Beta APIs

Terms of Use

You are NOT ALLOWED to:

  • Provide direct download links to my addon, you may only share my work.ink link.
  • Provide your own links to my addon.
  • Use any part of my code in your own addon.
  • Claim any of my code as your own.
  • Upload this addon to different sites without my permission.
  • Make videos about my addon without properly crediting me and linking to this page.

You are FREE to:

  • Make videos about my addon if you properly credit me and link to this page.
  • Make private modifications to my addon, but do not redistribute those modified versions of my addon.

Updated on December 04

Version 1.3.0:

  • Updated for 1.20.50!
  • Added 22 new morphs and 58 new skin overrides.

Added new spawn eggs:

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Ender Pearl
  • Falling Block
  • Moving Block
  • Balloon
  • Ice Bomb
  • Arrow
  • Armor Stand

Added new options to the andexsa:setEntityDynamicProperty /scriptevent command:

  • setTame
  • setHealth
  • setLavaMovement
  • setMovement
  • setUnderwaterMovement
  • setColor
  • setFlyingSpeed
  • setPushThrough
  • setFrictionModifier
  • setGroundOffset
  • setLeash
  • setUnleash
  • setTamed
  • setNPCDefaultScene
  • setNPCName
  • setNPCSkinIndex
  • setAddRider
  • setEjectRider
  • setEjectRiders
  • setAirSupply
  • setMarkVariant
  • setSkinId
  • setNameTag
  • setIsSneaking
  • clearDynamicProperties
  • resetProperty
Changelog for November 25 / Old Update
Changelog for November 18 / Old Update
Changelog for November 05 / Old Update
Changelog for October 30 / Old Update
Changelog for October 25 / Old Update
Download links
v1.3.0 (for 1.20.5x) (work.ink)
v1.2.0 (for 1.20.4x) (work.ink)
v1.0.0 (for 1.20.3x) (work.ink)
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30
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  1. Are you able to Edit Villager Trades?
    1. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
      Not as of version 1.3.0, but I may add that in the future.
  2. that most have taken a loooot of time
    1. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
      it did, i originally made it for a realm that at the time i was a head admin on back in may, the first version took me around a month and i was usually working around 5 hours a day on it i think, by the time i published it, it was already on version 1.8.0, and had gotten so huge that i had split it up into two mods, the other of which has not been published yet.
  3. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
    I will be releasing a version of this for the 1.20.50 beta / preview version soon!
    1. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
      The update is going to be releasing this week!
  4. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
    Oh I forgot to mention this in the mod page but here is the list of required experimental toggles for this mod to work properly: "Holiday Creator Features", "Upcoming Creator Features", "Molang Features", and "Beta APIs".
    1. No avatar image R
      Maybe you should update your submission with this info ๐Ÿ‘€
      1. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
        I am going to the next time that I release an update.
  5. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
    i will be releasing an update for 1.20.40 soon!
  6. this is a revolutionary addon