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An addon for survival mode that can enlarge the original game's playability and variety of weapons, armor, etc. More dangerous nights, more interesting experiences!

General Introduction

Do you want to experience a sense of curiosity when you first open Minecraft? DecIsland Addon has added about 500 items, 100+ blocks, 100+ structures, and 100+ entities to the game and most of them follow the style of vanilla games. Only a few items and blocks cannot be found in survival mode because they are under testing or some serious bugs happen to them. The addon can be activated in your survival world and it is more difficult than the original game because there are more dangers and a more complex system, like magic points or night events.

The addon supports both English and Chinese. Most of the addon is included in a bigger addon called The Poetry of Winter. But many of the specific systems introduced below are not used in that addon (that's why Dec is more difficult than Pow, hhhh).

Specific Systems

1. Health System

A new player has only 10 HP, which means 5 hearts if he does not use any items. Some specific items that could be used to increase your max health point are shown below. The left one is a heart egg, which could give you a primary increase while your health point is below 16 (8 hearts). The middle one is a spurt egg and it could increase your health point when it is between 16 and 20 (8 and 10 hearts). The last one is an ender egg. It can increase your max health point to 24 (12 hearts). The first two types of eggs need you to get into the nether. A mini-boss called a Life Insect, which could be found in crimson forest, will drop a health nugget, and the nugget could be made into a health stone and then into a health egg. The second one needs a lava nugget and the third one needs many materials in the end dimension.

Health Eggs

Life Insect

2. Magic System

The addon has many magic weapons, such as wooden staff and wave magic books, so a magic system is necessary. Every player has a magic restriction of 20. If your magic point has been used, it will slowly recover to its max point.

How to increase your max magic point? Blue gems and red gems could do the job for you! You need 10 blue gems first, then use 10 red gems to boost your max magic to 60. Many blue and red gem ores can be found underground, and debris can be found in most of the ruins or buildings.

If you want to increase the speed of gaining magic permanently (though I think this is unnecessary), a magic crystal is the one you are looking for. The crystal can be found in some buildings, such as end cities and end vestiges. Every crystal can increase the speed to a small extent, and you can use 20 crystals to reach the max speed.

Lack of magic when you were in a fight? Don't worry, there are some things that can give you a large amount of magic in a short time (but with a cool-down time). You can create some magic powder on the crafting table by using lapis. And then create some crystal nucleus or infinite crystal nucleus. If you need more magic in a short time, you could update them with more materials. By the way, the Lapis Magic Book is also a good choice.

Blue and Red Gems

Magic Crystal

Magic Powder

Crystal Nucleuses

Infinite Crystal Nucleuses

The value of the magic point is not displayed by any UI or scoreboard at the beginning. You can only observe the recovery or decrease by the white or black particles. If you need to know the exact value, you can enter ">/magic display true" to open the display of the scoreboard or replace "true" with "false" to close it.

3. Death System

In order to make us regard death as a serious and important thing, we introduced the death system. If a player dies, a gravestone will be left in the place where he or she died. Sometimes it will leave a player ghost, which is aggressive enough to distrub other players alive. When you are fighting with a boss, a death will lead to the boss escaping and leaving nothing but a gravestone. This is why the boss fight in the addon is kind of difficult.

Want to try something more exciting or... more, more, more difficult? Please enter ">/diemode open" As long as you open the die mode, any player cannot respawn and will leave a vengeful soul, which is more difficult to deal with. By the way, if you want to open this, you cannot cheat (which means change your game mode to creative or something) or die before opening it. This mode is only for those who want to challenge themselves, not those who want to show off. You cannot close the mode after it is opened, so do not open it easily!!!!!!!!

4. Night Events

When dusk comes and is followed by a heavy fog, you'd better stay in your little house or go to bed to escape the night. The fog means a night event, such as a zombie wave or shadow night, is coming. The night events are very dangerous because there will be more monsters and a weird atmosphere. The events happen randomly when the night is falling, or you can use some specific items, like bloody meat, to summon the event.

5. Jewelry

There are some rings or other jewelry that can be held in the offhand. They can be used to decrease a specific type of cooldown, like rings that can reduce the throwing weapon's cooldown, magic surge core and herb bags that can reduce some kinds of magic weapons' cooldown. If you want to be a great wizard or shooter, jewelry cannot be abandoned. Some of them can be created but the others can only be found in ruins or buildings.

New Content

1. Items

There are about 500 new items and most of them are available in survival mode. We cannot make a very detailed introduction to all of them in a short time, so please visit this website:

The website will be updated constantly. If you want to add some description to items, you can send it to my e-mail ([email protected]) or Twitter (@le_lyii).

Some tips: some ores, such as stream ore, cannot be smelt in a normal furnace, and they must be smelt in a blast furnace.

2. Blocks

Over 100 new blocks are in the game! But sadly, there are some bugs that we cannot fix, like the fact that the original pickaxe could not increase the digging speed of custom blocks. Although we are focusing on the description of items, we will complete the introduction of blocks one day.

3. Structures

More and more new houses and ruins! You can find villa in plains, hunter house in taiga forest, muddy ruins under mangrove forest... More danger,more loots,and more interest,happiness and excitement. Some items can be found in ruins only! However, due to some problems we cannot solve, we use a different way to spawn some big structures (use the feature to spawn a command block first, then the command block spawns the structure), so there will be lags sometimes. We feel sorry about that, and as soon as we can handle it, we will publish a new version of the addon.

4. Bosses

There are 9 bosses who will drop some rare and powerful materials,weapons.All of the bosses need a corresponding summoner to summon them. The summoners have at least two states: empty and activated (some of the summoners are locked initially and need specific items to unlock). Only activated summoners can summon bosses by using the iron key (or other keys) and after summoning, it will be turned into an empty state. Empty summoners need items to activate them.

Below is the list of bosses and the corresponding items to activate: summon (if it needs to be unlocked, the item that is used to unlock will be listed as well), and the biome where you can find the building of the boss in order.

  • Leaves Golem: Natural Essence, Iron Key, Forest
  • King of Pillager: Lapis, Mysterious Key, Plains
  • Abyssal Controller: Dark Stone, Iron Key, Ocean
  • Predators: Bat Bait, Iron Key, Mesa
  • Enchant Illager: Dark Pearl, Iron Key, Jungle
  • Escaped Soul: Entity Soul, Soul Key, Soul Valley
  • Everlasting Winter Ghast: Ice Ingot, Iron Key, Frozen Power, Snowland
  • Host of Deep: Book of Deep, Iron Key, Crimson Forest
  • Ash Knight: Challenge of Ash, Iron Key, Ash Key, Basalt Deltas

5. Screenshots

DecIsland: Screenshot 1

DecIsland: Screenshot 2

DecIsland: Screenshot 3

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DecIsland: Screenshot 21

Loading This Addon

The version of Minecraft that is supported is 1.21.0 (if the game is not in the version, we cannot guarantee the operation). All of the experiments should be opened.

V1.9.3 Update

  • Supports Minecraft 1.20.60
  • Change some recipes.
  • Adjust weapons that consume bullets.
  • Add a paucity of hats, which can be found in some ruins in the world, such as Deep Garden. Some of them can speed up the cooldown of certain categories' weapons.

V1.9.4 Update

  • Supports Minecraft 1.21
  • Added some decorative plants, which can be found in some biomes.
  • Polar wolf can be saddled after being tamed.
  • Changed the keys' position in the creative inventory.
  • Fixed that some plants cannot be obtained.
  • Fixed that the diemode can be opened in the wrong condition.
  • The chester can follow the owner without a leash.
  • Added the number of loots of the escaped soul boss.

Follow Us, Chat and Advise

If there are any bugs, please contact me!!!

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    How do I consume the life egg when I already have it? I don't know how. I don't know if it's a consumable or a block. Please help.