Edds' Planes (STABLE, 1.21 and above)

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Have you ever wanted planes in your survival world? This is the addon for you. The plane can hold up to 2 people and it takes fuel to fly it.

This addon is stable, meaning it will never have to be updated for future versions.

To craft the plane, it takes 5 items.
1 Plane Base - 2 minecarts and 7 oak planks.

1 Plane Propeller - 4 white wool and 1 block of coal.

1 Plane Tail - 6 white wool and 1 oak plank.

2 Plane Wings - 6 white wool, 1 phantom membrane, and 2 oak logs.

The plane takes fuel too, it takes 1 of either Coal or Charcoal every 5 seconds to run.

To fuel the plane, put the fuel in the plane's inventory. (like a donkey)
If you put TNT in the plane, the plane will drop 1 TNT every 10 seconds while flying.

The plane also explodes on death. (It will delete items like a normal explosion, but it won't break blocks.)

To pickup the plane, first make sure you're the owner of it by getting in the plane's seat at least once.

After being the owner of the plane, you can then shift and punch the plane to pick it up. It will drop the items on the plane when picked up.

Player on a Plane: Screenshot

The plane can be seen in action here:

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