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Better Weaponry adds New Weapons that made to be Balanced
But some still have the Unbalanced Damage issue...

Where Low-tier weapon has the same damage as High-tier weapon
So, what if Experience is Required in order to use the Equipments?

Introducing the Tome of Weaponry!


"Tome of Weaponry"

Tome of Weaponry

This item is used for Learning the Knowledge with the cost of Experience Levels

It will be obtained when Entering a new world & is Craftable in case of losing it on dead


Tome of Weaponry Recipes


Types & Levels:

1. Tome of Weaponry:

◆ Level I [Cost: 8 Experience Levels]:
• Studded Club
• Fauchard
• Sabre

◆ Level II [Cost: 12 Experience Levels]:
• Longsword
• Rapier

◆ Level III [Cost: 16 Experience Levels]:
• Battle Axe

◆ Level IV [Cost: 24 Experience Levels]:
• Battle Hammer
• Claymore

Only available if the Terraria Trinkets integration subpack enabled...

Tome of Trinkets

2. Tome of Trinkets:

◆ Level I [Cost: 24 Experience Levels]:
• Vitamins, Blindfold, Fast Clock, Chorus Clock, Ankh Charm & Ankh Shield


How to Learn [Use] them:

◆ Interact the item to Learn the Knowledge!

• When the Knowledge has been Learned, the Weapons that contained by the Knowledge Level can be used properly

• When the Knowledge has been Learned, the Knowledge Level contained by the Tome will be Upgraded to the Next Level

◆ Note: The Owned Levels must match the Required Levels!

Required Levels of Experience: Screenshot

For successful learning...



Debuff: Screenshot

Weakness will be inflicted if the Required Knowledge Level have not been learned when trying to use the weapons



Knowledge Tome Description

◆ Every Knowledge Tome Won't Drop on death!

◆ Sheep don't drop Wools anymore

Any Methods other than killing sheep, are the solution...

◆ Enderman aren't Hostile towards Endermite anymore



◆ What's the Better Weaponry?

This version is intended for the Better Weaponry addon
Note: Integratable with Azureculture. Don't play this version with Terraria Trinkets addon

◆ What's the Vanilla?

This version is the version where every vanilla equipments requires the knowledges
Note: Don't play this version with Terraria Trinkets addon

◆ What's the Full?

This version is where the features added by the Better Weaponry version & the Vanilla version + Mounts Whistle integration combined into one addon
Note: This version Requires the Better Weaponry, Azureculture, Mounts Whistle & Terraria Trinkets addons



Required Experimental Feature:

Required Experiments for Knowledge Experience Addon

◆ Working on 1.20.30 & Above!

Enjoy & Learn the Knowledges!


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Download links
[Mediafire] Better Weaponry
[Mediafire] Vanilla
[Mediafire] Full
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30