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Have you ever Lost your mount/Left them far from you?

Tired playing Hide & Seek game with them/Walk all the way back again?

So if you want to solve this Relationship-Issue...

This Addon is the Solution!

This addon is Inspired by a mod named "Callable Horse" made by Tschipp




Let's Get to the Addon Explanation...


Copper Whistle

This item is used for Calling the Mount to your location in case you Lost them!


Whistle recipe

How to use it?

After you crafted the item:

1. Tame a Mount, it can be either:

Horse [Tamed first]

Donkey [Attach a Chest first]

Mule [Attach a Chest first]

Llama [Attach a Chest first]

Strider [Attach a Saddle first]

Camel [Tamed first]

2. Sneak + Interact the mount while Holding the Whistle item

3. Move away from the mount

Then Interact [Tap & Hold/Right-Click] the Whistle & the mount will be teleported to your location

About the Whistle:


All Whistle colors

◆ A Notification will popped out when you interact a mount with the item

"This mount is whistleable now"

◆ It'll sounds a Whistle Sound when you call your mount!

◆ You are Only able to whistled a Single Mount

If you whistleabled another mount, you can't call the previous mount

◆ [Intentional Bug] If you use the Whistle while riding a mount, there will be a Trick that makes you Back Off & Lifted a little bit...

◆ [Intentional Bug] It works Across-DimensionBut i mean... you can teleport them into the Nether & The End, but then you can't teleport them out back to the Overworld



Tschipp & Bonyfyre_ for their mods that Inspires this addon!

@GhaithZK for the banner title



Required Experimental Feature:

Required experiments for the Mounts Whistle addon


Only English

Working on 1.20.0+!

Enjoy & Have a Whistle!

> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

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