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What do you do When You're Dying?

Letting you Die Easily / Trying to Live Even if It's Hard?

Wait, How Hard is it to Keep Yourself Alive?

If It's Hard, This Addon will Help You!

This Addon adds New Weapon Types, Potions & Enchantments that provides New Strategy in Combat/Survival since Each of them is Better in Certain Situations!




!! Attention !!

Actually this Addon is Based on a Minecraft Java Mod named "Better Survival" made by Mujmajnkraft!

Although the Mod is MIT Licensed, I'm Still Respect the Creator's Hardwork while making this Addon


Back to The Addon Explanation...









iemotionless Permission

Vatonage, for his Back-Teleporting Shadowdagger, Block Loot-Converting codes & his Helps!

Dexten Mods Permission

Dexten Mods & Ihategravel for their 3x3 Blocks-Mining code & their Helps!


What's the No Smithing Table?

This is an addon that'll replace the table that used to smith the netherite weaspon (You can smite the diamond weapons into netherite weapons on crafting table)

This addon made for fixed the smithing recipe bug



No Player.json

Integrate-able with Tartarean Mobs so tartareans are able to drops weapon from this addon

Compatible-able with Charm, so the potion stack amount matched the Charm's



Set the Game Language to English!

Or you'll find a bug...

Required Experimental Feature:

Required experiments for the Better Weaponry Addon


Only English

Working on 1.20.30+!

Enjoy & Stay Alive!

> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

Updated on November 17


◆ Knowledge Experience
It's an addon extension that makes Experience Levels to be Required in order to use the weaponry from this addon.

Download links
(Mcpedl) Knowledge Experience
Supported versions
  1. ; Does it work in version 1.20.40?
    1. ZhyuRoFee profile avatar ZhyuRoFee
      Three letters, YES
  2.  profile avatarPiperF5 profile avatar PiperF5
    Hello Zhyuro, this is me PiperF4/Beidou on discord! The Night Siege tester.

    I love this updated version with the knowledge experience.
    I have some quite complex suggestion for the weapons.

    This will be "specialization". Instead of going thru all of the weapons to level up, Each weapon has their own "Mastery" book. Like the previous Knowledge Experience version where the combat has material level requirement.

    For example: "Mastery: Dagger" (0/4/10/14/18/22/26) Each level represents their material from Wood to Netherite, Copper included.
    This goes to other weapons as well.
    And instead of having all of the books at once, They can be crafted individually with Wooden Weapon + Book.
    1. ZhyuRoFee profile avatar ZhyuRoFee
      Thanks for the very good suggestion, will do!