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What do you do When You're Dying?

Letting you Die Easily / Trying to Live Even if It's Hard?

Wait, How Hard is it to Keep Yourself Alive?

If It's Hard, This Addon will Help You!

This Addon adds New Weapon Types, Potions & Enchantments that provides New Strategy in Combat/Survival since Each of them is Better in Certain Situations!




!! Attention !!

Actually this Addon is Based on a Minecraft Java Mod named "Better Survival" made by Mujmajnkraft!

Although the Mod is MIT Licensed, I'm Still Respect the Creator's Hardwork while making this Addon


Back to The Addon Explanation...



◆ Club:


Low damage, but Cheap

Inflicts Nausea effect on hit

◆ Can be Studded with Iron Ingot to increase the damage

Crafting Pattern:

Club Recipe

◆ Dagger:


Weaker than sword, but Cheaper

Crafting Pattern:

Dagger Recipe

◆ Nunchaku:


Average weapon at first...

◆ Has a chance to Increase the damage on hit

Crafting Pattern:

Nunchaku Recipe

◆ Battle Axe:

Battle Axe

High damage, but Expensive

◆ It has 2 Seconds of attack cooldown

◆ Has a chance to Delay enemy attack for 3 Seconds

Crafting Pattern:

Battle Axe Recipe

◆ Battle Hammer:

Battle Hammer

Average damage & Expensive, but:

◆ It has 2 Seconds of attack cooldown

◆ It has Double knockback strength on hit

Inflicts Nausea effect on hit

◆ Has a chance to Stun the enemy on hit

Interact the weapon to do Slam attack, that Smash the ground-Knockback & Stun the enemies around

Crafting Pattern:

Battle Hammer Recipe

◆ Longsword:


Higher damage than sword, but Expensive

◆ It has 1 Second of attack cooldown

◆ It does Sweep attack that deals 25% of the main damage

Crafting Pattern:

Longsword Recipe

◆ Katana:


Higher damage than sword, but:

◆ It has 1 Second of attack cooldown

◆ Can be enchanted with Education, Fling & Vampirism

Crafting Pattern:

Katana Recipe

◆ Rapier:


Lower damage than sword & Expensive, but:

Reduces incoming damage

Crafting Pattern:

Rapier Recipe

◆ Sabre:


Lower damage than sword & Expensive, but:

◆ It does Sweep attack that deals 25% of the main damage

Crafting Pattern:

Sabre Recipe


Pole Recipe

Used for crafting Bo & Fauchard!

◆ Bo:


Lower damage than sword, but:

◆ It does Sweep attack that deals 50% of the main damage

Crafting Pattern:

Bo Recipe

◆ Fauchard:


Average damage & Expensive, but:

◆ It has 1 Second of attack cooldown

◆ It does Sweep attack that deals 50% of the main damage

Crafting Pattern:

Fauchard Recipe

◆ Claymore:


High damage & Expensive, but:

◆ It has 2 Seconds of attack cooldown

◆ It does Sweep attack that deals 100% of the main damage

Crafting Pattern:

Claymore Recipe


◆ These weapons can be made with Wooden -> Stone -> Copper -> Iron -> Golden -> Diamond -> Netherite:

Upgrade Gear

◆ Copper Tier:

Better than Chainmail/Stone, But Worse than Iron

Copper Armor and Tools

This Tier is Great for Early-Game Protection when mining at stone age

The armor is Trimmable...

Trimmable Copper Armor

Also, New Weapons can be Crafted in this Tier too

Copper Plate:

Copper Plate

Used for crafting the Copper equipments

◆ Dynamite:

Much Smaller than a TNT, but so it can be Thrown!


If you Right Click/Press Hold, the item will be Thrown & Explodes on impact


Dynamite Recipe

◆ Better Crossbow:

New Texture & Recipe


Better Crossbow


Better Crossbow Recipe



◆ Milky Potion:

Bucket of Milk is Too Much to Drink At Once. What If It's Just a Bottle of Milk?

Milky Potion

Bcuz the Milk is Less, its Function is Only to Remove Poison & Restore Some hunger

Just like Honey Bottle...

How to Get it:

Slightly the Same, Milking the Cow but Using Glass Bottle

◆ Cure Potion:

Cure Potion

Better than Bucket of Milk, this Potion will Remove Only the Bad Effects!

How to Brew it:

Cure Potion Recipe

As Expensive as the Function, Brew Milky Potion with a Golden Apple

◆ Dispel Potion:

Dispel Potion

The Opposite of Cure Potion, this Potion will Remove Only the Good Effects

Still Don't Know Why you Want this Potion, but Go Ahead...

How to Brew it:

Dispel Potion Recipe

Just Brew Milky Potion with a Fermented Spider Eye

◆ Blindness Potion:

Blindness Potion

The Name Explains it's Function, make a Person's Eyes Blind...

How to Brew it:

Blindness Potion Recipe

You Guessed it, Brew Awkward Potion with a Ink Sac

◆ Ender Warp Potion:

Ender Warp Potion

Like the Ingredient, this Potion makes the User Teleport Many Times in a Short Time!

Opponent will be Confused Where you'll be, Myb Yourself Too...

How to Brew it:

Ender Warp Potion Recipe

Already Mentioned, Brew Awkward Potion with a Chorus Fruit


◆ These Potions can be Brewed as Splash & Lingering Potions too!

◆ Brewable Decay Potion:

Previously, Don't Know How To Get It?

Decay Potion Recipe

Now, Brew Regeneration Potion with a Fermented Spider Eye




Vampirism, restore your health point when you hit a mob
Education, multiply the amounts of exp that dropped by the killed mob
Fling, throw the mob into the air upon hit

Uncombineable enchantments:
Penetration, armor-piercing attack damage
Atomic Deconstructor, very low chance to deal an instant kill
Envenomed, inflicts poison and/or wither to inflictable mobs
Freezing, inflicts mining fatigue & slowness
Purging, chance to clear enemy's effects
Science, chance to create an explosion


Assasinate, increases the dagger stabbing damage
Bash, increases the battle hammer chance to stun the enemy when slamming
Combo, increases the nunchaku bonus damage
Disarm, increases the battle axe chance to disarm the mob

Uncombineable enchantments:
Swifter, decreases the attack cooldown of battle axe/claymore/fauchard/battle hammer/katana/longsword


Versatility, able to mine any type of blocks (e.g, Pickaxe can mine wood/Axe can mine stone)


Smelting, smelt the Iron/Gold/Ancient Debris into their Smelted Results
Diamonds Everywhere, small chance to turns Coal/Iron/Gold/Emerald into 1-4 Diamonds when mined


Tunneling, mine more blocks at once (Cross-Shaped/3x3)
Reinforced, increases the attack damage


Jagged Rake, significantly increases the attack damage
Plowing, 3x3 hoe tilling area


◆ [Leggings] Agility, increase the wearer movement speed
◆ [Chestplate] Vitality, regenerating the wearer health
◆ [Boots] High Jump, increase the wearer jump height


◆ These enchantments can only be applied to Iron, Diamond & Netherite equipments

◆ These enchantments can be obtained as Structures, Fishing Loots & Librarian Trades


◆ Cube o' Enchanting:

Cube o' Enchanting

Used for Enchanting the custom enchantments, ex:

Enchanted Pickaxe Recipe

◆ Can be obtained from Structures, Fishing & Raider Loots!



Block_Vader, ObliviousSpartan & ShelterRin for the Inspirations!

iemotionless Permission

Vatonage, for his Back-Teleporting Shadowdagger, Block Loot-Converting code, Vatonage Library & his Helps!

Dexten Mods Permission

Dexten Mods & Ihategravel for their 3x3 Blocks-Mining code & their Helps!



No Player.json

Integrate-able with Tartarean Mobs so tartareans are able to drops weapon from this addon

Compatible-able with Charm, so the potion stack amount matched the Charm's


◆ What's the Knowledge Experience?

Knowledge Experience Banner

It's an addon extension that makes Experience Levels to be Required in order to use the weaponry from this addon

◆ What's the PFSn'H?

It's an addon extension that makes Sweep & Hammer Attacks to No Longer damage (any) players. Intended for Non-PvP, so don't use this for PvP



Set the Game Language to English!

Or you'll find a bug...

Required Experimental Feature:

Required experiments for the Better Weaponry Addon


Only English

Working on 1.20.30+!

Enjoy & Have a Weaponry!

> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

Updated on December 20


Added the PFSn'H
Added New Enchantments
Optimized the Vanilla enchantments loot
Fixed the burnable netherite weaponry bug

V7.1 / November 17 / Old Update


◆ Knowledge Experience
It's an addon extension that makes Experience Levels to be Required in order to use the weaponry from this addon.

Download links
(Mcpedl) Knowledge Experience
(Mediafire) PFSn'H
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  1. ; Does it work in version 1.20.40?
    1. Three letters, YES
  2.  profile avatarPiperF5 profile avatar PiperF5
    Hello Zhyuro, this is me PiperF4/Beidou on discord! The Night Siege tester.

    I love this updated version with the knowledge experience.
    I have some quite complex suggestion for the weapons.

    This will be "specialization". Instead of going thru all of the weapons to level up, Each weapon has their own "Mastery" book. Like the previous Knowledge Experience version where the combat has material level requirement.

    For example: "Mastery: Dagger" (0/4/10/14/18/22/26) Each level represents their material from Wood to Netherite, Copper included.
    This goes to other weapons as well.
    And instead of having all of the books at once, They can be crafted individually with Wooden Weapon + Book.
    1. Thanks for the very good suggestion, will do!