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Dancing Blades is our first addon we made. For the past 2 years, we have done nothing with it, leaving it to break over the version. Well, not anymore!

For our 1 year Anniversary on YouTube, we have Overhauled Dancing Blades! It is now much more polished from its old form. Please enjoy our oldest addon turned brand new!

It also uses no experiments whatsoever! It runs completely on scripting, so no need to turn on experiments when playing the addon alone! It also does not use Player.json.


This addon is made by Nul And Diz Studios, and you are not allowed to claim this as your own. This addon is to never be posted on any other website, it is to stay here on Modbay and MCPEDL! You may use this in a video, and addon packs, as long as you have a link to this mod and give proper crediting. This is a must do!

Please note that the bosses in this addon are Late Game bosses. You can collect the swords at any point, but it's best to wait until late/mid game to fight the bosses.

The Swords

Every sword has a custom ability. Don't worry, using the ability does NOT take up durability.

Starlight Sword

The Starlight Sword, made from the Star of a Wither. This is the only sword that can be crafted in the addon. The Starlight sword has 1,000 Durability, and does 8 attack damage. When you use its ability, you get every Beacon effect for a few seconds.

Echo Claymore

The Echo Claymore, made from Echo Shard and multiple other precious minerals. It has 1,000 Durability, and does 9 attack damage. You can obtain this sword in Ancient Cities. It has the same chance to be in a chest as a Ward Armor Trim. Its ability is summoning Sonic Shrieks from the sky. Its cooldown is very small, so you can spam the airstrikes.

Eternal Blade

The Eternal Blade. Made from long forgotten materials, its purple blade shines in the Desert Heat. It has 1,000 Durability, and does 8 attack damage. You find the Eternal Blade in the Desert Temples chests. When its ability is activated, the Eternal Blade will raise Pressure Plates from the Ground. Do not step on them, they will explode instantly upon contact.

Firebrand Blade

The Firebrand Blade, made from Rubies heated in a Blast Furnace. It has 1,000 Durability, and does 8 attack damage. You have a chance to find the Firebrand Blade in a Nether Fortress chest. When its ability is used, it will summon a Fire Twister that will agro mobs. After a few seconds, it will explode with fire.

Corruption Blade

The Corruption Blade. No one knows what this Purple and Red sword is forged out of. It has 1,000 durability and does 8 attack damage. To get this blade, you must fight the Corruption Creature. When the Corruption Blades ability is used, it will summon Corrupted, explosive Vex's. These Vexes explode upon contact.

Tormented Holographic Claymore

The Tormented Holographic Claymore. A hologram, made to resemble the weapon of a being forged from the very Void itself. It has 1,000 Durability, and does 9 attack damage. When its ability is used, it summons a ring of souls around it, inflicting Wither on whoever is in its range. The Wither effect lasts forever, or until they die.

Holographic Endersteel Sword

The Holographic Endersteel Sword. A hologram of an ancient sword, wielded by a Dragon Born, the last of its kind. It has 1,000 Durabiltiy, and does 8 attack damage. When its ability is used, it teleports the user into the air, giving them Slow Falling. It is very handy in case you are being horded by mobs.

The Bosses

These bosses are quite powerful! Be prepared!

The Corruption Creature

The Corruption Creature. This zombie has been blessed(?) with incredible power. It is the guardian of the Corruption Blade. It keeps it safe by having it stabbing through him. He feels no pain from the blade, however. It has 800 health, and does 10 damage. What really makes this Guardian powerful is its summoning abilities. It has a chance to summon Explosive Vex's that explode in impact. However, its summoning is very frequent, so be prepared to be horded by Exploding Vex.

Once defeated, the Corruption Creature will drop the Corruption Blade as your reward. But, did you truly kill it? And was it evil to begin with?

The Corruption Creature

The Holographic Master

The Holographic Master. This entity is a hologram of the Creator of most the swords. It serves as a final test to see if the player is truly worthy of his creator's masterpieces. It has 1,500 health and does 12 damage per hit. However, that is not its true strength. It has the capability of using every ability from all of the swords. It also has a special ability all by itself. It can call down Lasers from the sky to strike you. Arm yourself, and see if you can pass the trial the Holographic Master lays before you...

Once slain, it will drop the Holographic Blade. This weapon is a Holographic copy of the weapon its creator uses. It can also call lasers down from the sky. It has 1,000 Durability, and does 10 damage. This weapon may seem strong, yet it isn't even 1 percent of the strength of the original weapon...

The Holographic Master

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