Colorful Bricks Add-On

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Have you ever dreamed of having more color variations of our good old, lovely bricks? Want to give a little charm to your new build? This add-on is exactly for you! Expand your building inventory with new 16 color variations of bricks!

Colorful Bricks: Screenshot


  • 16 Color variations of Brick Block
  • Because of the vanilla game bug, I made these blocks break in just 2 seconds, no matter what item you have in your hand!


  • Paint Brush! Crafted like a vanilla brush, but instead of Copper Ingot, use Iron Ingot
  • Paint Brushes with all 16 dye colors on them! They are used to dye bricks! Use them on regular Brick Block, or re-color the already colored Bricks! Crafted by combining Paint Brush and any dye!

This is the v1.0.1 version, which moves add-on to scripting, and it's quite a small add-on, but it is made at the best quality I could possibly make it at! Enjoy the building! (bcs high-quality add-on making is my standart >=) )


Before joining the world, please enable Experimental Toggles listed below:

Required Experiments for Colorful Bricks Add-On

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Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80