Dungeon Tower

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Monster Room is a Small Structure with a Monster Spawner
And that's not Challenging enough to be conquered...

So, do you want a More Challenging structure?

This Addon is the Solution!

This Addon is an Unofficial Port of a Java Mod named "Battletower" made by Atomicstryker


"Dungeon Tower"

Dungeon Tower: Screenshot 1

This addon Adds a Rare Multi-floor structure called as Dungeon Tower

The Floors are filled with Monster Spawners & Loots:

Dungeon Tower: Screenshot 2

The Monsters in the monster spawners & The Loots are Biome/Dimension-Dependant

The Loots [Top Chest (Overworld)]:

Dungeon Tower: Loots

There will be a Summon Block on the Top Floor

Summon Block: Screenshot

Interact the block to summon the Tower Golem

"Tower Golem"

Tower Golem: Screenshot


โ—† 200 HP [100 Hearts]
โ—† Slow Movement
โ—† Resistance to Knockback
โ—† Immune to Fall, Explosion & Burning damage
โ—† Shoots [Ghast's] Fireball
โ—† Drops 3-6 Diamonds, 3-6 Stonebricks & 2 Tower Golem's Keys

โ—† 2 Attack Modes:
โ–ช๏ธŽ Ranged, shoots [Ghast's] fireball
โ€ข If target is โ‰ฅ2 blocks away
โ€ข No need to see or reach the target in order to shoot fireballs
โ–ช๏ธŽ Melee, punches
โ€ข If target is โ‰ค1 block away
โ€ข Damage range of 7-21

Tower Golem Types:

Tower Golem Types

Each guarding the respective dungeon tower types


"Dungeon Tower Types"

There are 7 Types of Dungeon Tower:

โ—† Cobblestone:

Cobblestone Dungeon Tower: Screenshot

Monsters: Zombie, Spider, Creeper, Skeleton & Cave Spider
Top Loots:

Cobblestone Dungeon Tower: Loots

โ—† Mossy:

Mossy Dungeon Tower: Screenshot

Monsters: Same as Cobblestone
Loots: Same as Cobblestone

โ—† Desert:

Desert Dungeon Tower: Screenshot

Monsters: Husk replaces Zombie
Loots: Same as Cobblestone

โ—† Mesa:

Mesa Dungeon Tower: Screenshot

Monsters: Same as Desert
Loots: Same as Desert

โ—† Ice:

Ice Dungeon Tower: Screenshot

Monsters: Stray replaces Skeleton
Loots: Same as Cobblestone

โ—† Nether:

Nether Dungeon Tower: Screenshot

Monsters: Nether mobs replaces Overworld mobs
Top Loots:

Nether Dungeon Tower: Loots

โ—† End:

End Dungeon Tower: Screenshot

Monsters: Combination of monsters from Overworld & Nether dungeon towers
Top Loots:

End Dungeon Tower: Loots


"Top Chests & Golem's Keys"

โ—† Top Chests:

Top Chests

These chests can be found at the top of the dungeon tower & contains the top loots that can be obtained by unlocking the block with the respective golem's key

โ—† Tower Golem's Keys:

Tower Golem's Keys

These keys are used for unlocking the respective top chests & can be obtained by defeating the respective tower golem



It's Written on the Licence that:


You are allowed to read and use the provided Sourcecode in order to make interacting mods so long the resulting mods still require my originals to function. You are allowed to integrate ideas or techniques from my Sourcecode into your Mods. Mods and Sourcecode assumed from other authors fall under their respective licenses and copyright statements, a link should always be provided

Summary, Porting the mod is Allowed



โ—† Tartarean Tower Golem:

This extension allows the Tower Golem to be rarely spawned as Tartarean like the ones from the Tartarean Mobs addon



Required Experimental Features:

Required Experiments for Dungeon Tower Addon

โ—† Working on 1.20.30 & Above!

Enjoy & Conquer the Tower!


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For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

Download links
[Mediafire] Tartarean Tower Golems
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30
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