Tartarean Mobs

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Are You a Diablo Player?
Surely Not Surprised by the Modified Monsters, right?

So what if the Mobs in Minecraft Bedrock also Modified like in Diablo?

Here's the Addon that will Modify Them!

This Addon Based on a Java Mod named "Infernal Mobs" Made by Atomicstryker





This Addon will make you Miserable Forever by Diablo-Styled Mobs Modifications!

Now the Mobs will be Much Harder to Defeat because their Health & Damage has been Increased, also:

They have ranks that show their Difficulty Levels:





Elite Quicksand Spider

"Spawn Chances"

Modified Mobs are Rarely Found depending on their Rank:

Normal Mobs = 9500%

Elite = 50%

Ultra = 25%

Infernal = 5%


When they Spawn, the Boss Bar & Title will Appear

Within Certain Distances according to their Rank:

Elite = Blue in +10 Blocks

Ultra = Yellow in +20 Blocks

Infernal = Red in +30 Blocks

Colored Particles also Surround them

So their Rank will be Recognized from Afar:

Elite = Blue

Ultra = Yellow

Infernal = Red


Ultra Quicksand Zombie


Tartarean-able Mobs:

Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Creeper, Enderman, Husk & Stray


Like in Diablo, they have Ability like:

+ Blastoff = Throws Enemy in the air

+ Bullwark = 60% Damage Resistance

+ Cloaking = Invisible

+ Darkness = Blinding the Enemy

+ Ghastly = Shoots Fireballs

+ Exhaust = Clear Player's Effect

+ Poisonous = Poisoning the Enemy

+ Quicksand = Slows the Enemy

+ Regen = Regenerating Health

+ Sapper = Hungry the Enemy

+ Sprint = Move Fast

+ Storm = Strikes Lightnings

+ Weakness = Weakens the Enemy

+ Webber = Sets Cobweb at Player Legs

+ Wither = Wither the Enemy



Ofc they'll drop Worthy Loots!


60% Chainmail Armor / 1 - 6 Cookies ^v^

30% Iron Set [Enchanted Lv.12]

Random Enchanted Book Lv.12

Double [2X] Ordinary Loot

Quadruple [4X] Exp


60% Bow / Iron Set [Enchanted Lv.24]

30% Golden Set [Enchanted Lv.24] / 1 Golden Apple / 1 - 3 Blaze Powder

Random Enchanted Book Lv.24

Quadruple [4X] Ordinary Loot

Sextuple [6X] Exp


60% 1 - 3 Diamonds / Diamond Set [Enchanted Lv.30]

30% 1 - 3 Ender Pearls / 1 - 3 Ender Eyes

Random Enchanted Book Lv.30

Sextuble [6X] Ordinary Loot

Octuple [8X] Exp


Same As Above according to Rank [But Only Diamond Set]

More Than 1 Nether Star

Random Amount of Wither Skeleton Skulls,

Random Amount of Enchanted Golden Apples / Totem Of Undying / Netherite Scraps

Music Disc: Lena Raine - Pigstep

Ender Dragon:

Same As Above [But Only Diamond Set]

100% Ender Dragon Head

Random Amount of Enchanted Golden Apples / Totem Of Undying / Netherite Scraps

Music Disc: Lena Raine - Otherside


◆ All Loots Above that are Enchanted can be Treasure Enchantments like: Frost Walker, Mending, Soul Speed & Curses


Dropped loot



I Got the Permission & It was Written on the http://atomicstryker.net/about.php that:

◆ You are Allowed to Read & Use the Provided Sourcecode in order to Make
Interacting Mods so long the resulting Mods Still Require My Originals to Function

◆ You are Allowed to Integrate Ideas / Techniques from My Sourcecode into your Mods & Sourcecode Assumed from Other Authors Fall Under their Respective Licenses & Copyright Statements

◆ A Link should Always be Provided

◆ All My Work is Open Source

Shortly, I can port the mod :)

Atomicstryker permission for ZhyuroKun

But still, thank you to Atomicstryker for Accepting my permission request!

Although he misunderstand how I'll make this addon...
Luckily, he finally understand when I explained it 😅


> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

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