Skilled Items 1.2.5 / (Custom UI) (100% Compatible) #SEASON 3

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This addon adds items with special abilities, all items have an interesting mechanic that will contribute to your survival. All tools are enchanting and repairable, and each one has its advantages.

New Tools and Weapons

Skilled Items is an addon that adds almost 200 items to your game. Each item has a different and specific ability, thus making each item useful for something. They all have very nice textures and various special abilities.


All apples give a different special effect.

  • Diamond Apple
  • Netherstar Apple (the best apple)
  • Redstone Apple
  • Netherite Apple

New Apples Recipes


The carrot recipes are all the same, the only thing that changes is the ore used to make them.

New Carrots Recipes

Ore Finders

Ore finders are very good items for evolution, they show all the ores that are around you within a radius of "~10~10~10 ~-10~-10~-10".

Ore Finder Usage: Screenshot 1

Ore Finder Usage: Screenshot 2

With this information alone, you can't get a sense of the size of the radius, but you can already see that it's well over 50 blocks.


Each drill mines a number of different blocks.

Drill mining has a cross shape.

Drill: Screenshot


These are the Rings of the addon that currently exists, they have good mechanics. Just let it be in your inventory, and you will gain the effects given by it.

Vampiric Ring: Screenshot


Steel will allow you to craft new unique items. To get it, you will need an Iron Hammer, Gold Hammer, Diamond Hammer, or Netherite Hammer.

Hammers Recipes

Use the Hammer on the Block of Iron to get the Iron Plate.

Obtaining Iron Plate

The Iron Plate needs to be melted down to get a Piece of Steel. From 3 pieces, you will craft a Steel ingot.


Diamond HeavyAxe: Screenshot


HardSwords do 3 times more damage more than a normal sword made of the same ore, they also give you resistance effect.

HardSwords Recipes


  • 3x3 mining shovels

LongShovels: Screenshot


  • Area Damage

Diamond BigSword: Screenshot


  • Bleeding I

Diamond Katana: Screenshot


All SpikeBalls have a delay level, you can't attack mobs with that delay.

SpikeBalls Recipes


These are the HeavyPickaxes, pickaxes very similar to the Illuminatic Pickaxe and Magmatic Pickaxe.

HeavyPickaxes Recipes


HeavyPaxels are a combination of "HeavyPickaxes" "HeavyAxes" and "LongShovels".

HeavyPaxels Recipes

Blade Paper Info

Blade Paper Info

Next to the name is being shown the amount of xp you need to get the role for the blade, if you don't have the required level, it won't work.

Illuminatic BattleAxe

  • Damage: 16
  • Special ability: When you hit a mob with this axe, lightning will fall on them.

Illuminatic Pickaxe

  • Vein Mining
  • Vein Fortune

Illuminatic Pickaxe Recipe

Magmatic Sword

  • Damage: 12
  • Special Ability: It makes fire appear when you hit a mob.

Magmatic Sword: Screenshot

Magmatic Sword T2blue

  • Damage: 15
  • Special Ability: When you hit a mob it makes blue fire appear in a certain area of โ€‹โ€‹blocks, so it helps you by burning the mobs.

Magmatic Sword T2blue: Screenshot

Endynium Hammer

It breaks all the blocks, but if you break an ore, it goes straight to your inventory.


SlashBlade Recipes


A more efficient way of plowing the land!

Scythe Recipes

Special Items

Time Clock

The Time Clock is a clock that stops time for a few seconds.

Magmatic Pickaxe

  • Smelt Skill
  • Vein Mining


Basically, when you click and hold with the EndyniumSword you will teleport to 15 blocks in the distance you are looking at. It also does a lot of damage.

Magic Feather

The Magic Feather has a small chance of being dropped when you kill a chicken, it gives you a slow falling effect.

Magic Feather Usage

Portable Trash

This item only clears blocks you find in mining and leaves only the ores and your other items.

Portable Trash Recipe


The magnet will pull all items from the ground towards you.

Skilled Anvil UI

  • Slot 1: Plate
  • Slot 2: Hammer
  • Slot 3: Blade Paper

Skilled Anvil UI: Screenshot

Common Questions

There are some items that you can't get at the crafting table. To get the iron plate, you need to break an iron block using hammers, that's what it's for. When you put an iron plate in the furnace, it turns into a piece of steel.

To get the magic feather, you have a small chance of getting it by killing a chicken. And to get the bat wing, you need to kill a bat...

Besides, there are some recipes that are made for brewing, I'll show you now.

First, you have to make the magic ring the way it is shown on the right.

When you craft the same potions, which are shown in the upper-left corner, just put them together with the same magic ring, which is shown in the lower-left corner...

Special Skills


Disappears several blocks in a straight square and conserves only the ores.


Hammers several blocks into a straight square.

Bleeding (I & II)

Makes the mob bleed and take a high amount of damage for 10 seconds.

Magnetic Skill

Pulls all items within a certain radius.

Vein Mining

Mines a large amount of ores from a chunk, without having to break them one by one.


Drops ores already in molten form.

Every time you break any block, a raw ore will be smelted automatically.

Contaminant Fire

Unleashes a custom fire, beautiful and well spread, that is responsible for dealing 3 damages per second in a maximum time of 5 seconds.

Blue Contaminant Fire

Releases a custom fire, beautiful and well spread, only blue, referring to the soul valley biome, which is responsible for dealing 3 damages per second in a maximum time of 5 seconds.

Area Damage

Deals damage to all mobs in a 5 block area.

Drill Mining

This skill is applied to all drills, and causes an in-line mining, but very efficient and organized.

Vein Fortune

Fortune for Vein Mining skill.


Skilled Items: Screenshot 1

Skilled Items: Screenshot 2

Skilled Items: Screenshot 3

Skilled Items: Screenshot 4

Skilled Items: Screenshot 5

Skilled Items: Screenshot 6

Skilled Items: Screenshot 7

Skilled Items: Screenshot 8

Skill Book:

Literally everything you need to know to progress with the addon is in this book.

Netherite Recipes:

Netherite LongDrill Upgrade

Hard Hammers & HardSwords Upgrades:

All Hard Hammers Upgrades

All HardSwords Upgrades

Skilled Bow: Screenshot

Skilled Katana: Screenshot

1.0.0 Review ->

0.5.0 Review ->

Updated on April 29

  • Fixed to work on 1.20.70+
  • New skilled anvil UI
  • Improved skilled upgrader
  • Added skilled bow
  • New longshovels textures
  • New skilled katana particles
  • New time clock texture
  • New heavyaxe textures
v1.2.1 / February 22 / Old Update
  • Fixed to work on 1.20.60+
  • New Illuminatic battleaxe texture
  • New Illuminatic pickaxe texture
  • New magmatic pickaxe texture
  • New Skill: Vein Fortune (compatible with other addons)
  • Removed Chat Commands
  • New Mechanics
  • Removed SlingShot
v1.0.0 / February 11 / Old Update
  • Fixed to work on 1.20.30+
  • Added Longdrills
  • Added Hard hammers
  • Added Skilled Upgrader
  • Added some upgrades
  • New Skilled Anvil Texture
  • Tree Capitator Rework
  • 80% of the systems were redone in a more optmized way
  • Increased the damage of some items
  • Increased the durability of some items
  • Some items that were previously unrepairable are now repairable
  • New Netherite Recipes
  • Activate/Deactivate tree capitator & vein miner with chat commands
  • New Endynium Sword Texture
  • New Endynium Hammer Texture
v0.6.0 / July 30 / Old Update
  • Fixed to work on 1.20.10+
  • Fixed some item texts
  • Improvements
v0.5.0 / February 16 / Old Update
  • Added Spears
  • Added Skill Book
  • Added Magmatic Ritual, Illuminatic Ritual, Endynium Ritual
  • New Hammer System
  • Added Pointed Hammers
  • New Drill System
  • Added Item Categories (Main, Food, Utility, Ultimate, Unknown, Special)
  • Added Skilled Breaker
  • Removed Ultimate Drill
  • New Vein Mining System
  • Removed Improved Fortune
  • Added New Mini Boss (Corrupted Zombie)
  • Added Calamity Dagger
  • And various other things... presented on the site, if you want to see some of them just download the addon and enjoy :)
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