Plants vs Zombies 2: Bedrock Patch 2.4

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Are you one of those og fans of the game Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2? Well, you're in luck because we will give you plants vs zombies experience in MCPE/BE. This addon will give you nostalgia.


Important Notes:

  • Addon only support minecraft version 1.20 and later
  • You can learn from the codes of this addon, but remember that copying is not learning
  • You are allowed to do a video review on video platform like YouTube, but you MUST put the proper download link [ this site ]
  • If you have low end devices and the addon is crashing, you can try decreasing your render distance to prevent lag
  • Supported languages: English, Chinese

Required options for Plants vs Zombies 2 addon

Preview July 25.

Demonstration screenshot 1.

This addon is fun to play, it is also survival friendly, there's a lot of zombies and plants to choose from!

Demonstration screenshot 2.

Credits and special thanks
  • Nervie for the addon's chinese translation and string fixes
  • The Phurko for string fixes


Plants vs Zombies 2 Addon special thanks

Plants vs Zombies 2 Addon special thanks

Plants vs Zombies 2 Addon special thanks

Proof of permission [Noah22Nice]:

Noah22Nice permission

Proof of permission [The 12 Musicians]:

The 12 Musicians permission

Permission for ModBay:

Lil Studios permission for ModBay

Gameplay Video

Important notes about the addon

How to obtain Sun in Survival Mode?

Sun will spawn naturally in the Overworld, go look for some.

PvZ sun item

How to obtain Coins, Gems, & Plant food?

These items are randomly dropped by zombies, & bosses.

Coin and Gem

How to get Plants?

You can buy plants on the plants shop using the PvZ Menu item.

PvZ shop

I want to fight Zomboss, how do I spawn him?

You can get or buy Zomboss spawn egg from the Boss shop using the PvZ Menu.

PvZ Boss shop

  • Health: 600
  • Drops: Music Disc, Almanac, Gems

Zomboss from Plants vs Zombies

Constantly summons Zombies.

Zomboss and Zombies

How to use the seed packets?

Long press on them, remember that it does have cooldown, you cannot use it while it is in cooldown.

Plant placement

How to use and obtain custom PvZ discs?

Pvz discs can be obtained from rare zombie loot drops, to use it you need the block called 'Music Box', it works like a jukebox but for pvz discs only, it can be obtained by crafting it [see recipes section].

Music Box


PvZ Menu

  • Sun x2
  • Book

PvZ Music Box

  • Planks x7
  • Gem
  • Sun

Garden Trolley

  • Planks x7
  • Dirt

PvZ Addon recipes


Garden Shovel

Coin, Sun, Gem and Gold Coin

Plant Food

Plant Food using

Zen Garden Tools

Zen Garden Tools using

Yeti Lunchbox


PVZ Music Discs

PvZ music discs


Tombstone from PvZ

Tombstone in the game

Lawn Mower

Used to destroy Zombies.

Lawn Mower


Penny Time Machine car

Penny interior


Bloomerang, Cabbage Pult and Bonk Choy

Aloe, Banana Launcher and Apple Mortar

Cattail, Chomper and Cherrybomb

Phatbeet, Pumpkin Witch and Puffshroom

Repeater, Cactus and Scaredyshroom

Nightshade, Pepper Pult and Peashooter

Marigold, Moonflower and Melon Pult

Fumeshroom, Galting Peashooter and Guacodile

Jalapeno, Lighting Reed and Kernel Pult

Electric Peashooter, Fire Peashooter and Endurian

Doomshroom, Electric Blueberry and Dusklobber

Torchwood, Citron and Wallnut

Cob Cannon, Cold Snapdragon and Coconut Cannon

Sunshroom, Threepeater and Tallnut

SnapDragon, Sunflower and Snappea

Iceshroom, Golden Magnet Shroom and Goo Peashooter

Explode O Nut, Shadowshroom and Blover

Magnetshroom, Lava Guava and Lilypad

Plantern, Peanut and Peapod

PvZ Pot, Potato Mine and Puffball

Snow Peashooter, Seashroom and Shadow Peashooter

Toadstool, Starfruit, Tangle Kelp

Squash, Spikerock and Spikeweed

Winter Melon, Twin Sunflower and Wasabi Whip

Hypnoshroom, Infinut and Iceberg Lettuce


Each zombie has its own stats (health and damage).

Tomb Raiser, Zomboss and Zomboni

Sun Ra Zombie, Zombot Sphinxinator and Sunday Edition Zombie

Newspaper Zombie, Pharaoh Zombie and Pelican Zombie

Imp, Ladder Zombie and Jack N' the box Zombie

Regular Zombie, Snorkel Zombie and Screendoor Zombie

Gargantuar Prime and Giga Gargantuar zombies

Flag Mummy, Giga Football Zombie and Football Zombie

Explorer Zombie, Flag Pirate and Flag Zombie

Conehead Pirate, Miner Zombie and Dancing Zombie

Duckytube and Regular Zombie

Buckethead Mummy, Catapult Zombie and Buckethead Zombie

Chicken Wrangler, Conehead and Mummy zombies

Balloon, Brickhead and Bandana zombies

Pyramidhead, Regular Mummy and Rally zombies

Pirate, Role Vaulting and Pogo zombies


Other screenshots

Other screenshot

Plants from the PvZ game

New items in the PvZ addon

PvZ zombies

PvZ plants in the game

Boss attack

Plants from the Plants vs Zombies 2

Dead zombie

Music box and discs

PvZ Fog

Chomper and Zombie

Updated on July 25

*Changed the submission thumbnail due to a mistake.

Patch 2.4

  • Added 1.20 Support
  • Fixed spawn eggs visibility bug
  • Removed unecessary scripts
  • I removed pvz menu for the meantime

I am currently working on a better revamped shop system for survival mode, as well as new zombies and plants

Soon to come

  • Structures
  • Biomes
  • New systems
  • Support for Garden Warfare addon
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1.20.10 1.20.0