IDT Accessories [v1.0.5]

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With this addon, you get 18 new accessories to obtain within your Minecraft world. You will need to travel to many different places to find them, with some needing to be crafted.

IDT Accessories items


Video outlining all the features of this mod:


Bunny Boots Bunny Boots

  • Obtained as a 5% chance from a rabbit.
  • Gives Jump Boost 1 when worn.

Cyborg Legs Cyborg Legs

  • Obtained by crafting together 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Redstone Dust, 1 Redstone Block, and 1 Golden Apple.
  • Gives Speed 3 but also Hunger 1.


Cyborg Legs craft

Heart Boxers Heart Boxers

  • 50% chance to be found in Buried Treasure
  • Give the wearer 4 extra hearts.

Farmer Boots Farmer Boots

  • Obtained by crafting together 1 Leather Boots and 2 Iron Hoes.
  • Turns the dirt and grass underneath the wearer into farmland.


Farmer Boots craft

Magma Mask Magma Mask

  • 100% chance of spawning in a bastion treasure chest.
  • Gives the wearer fire resistance when taking fire damage.

Mecha-Fist Mecha-Fist

  • 6% chance of spawning in a desert pyramid chest.
  • Gives the wearer Strength 1.

Necklace of Slow Falling Necklace of Slow Falling

  • 13% chance of being a treasure item when fishing.
  • Gives the wearer Slow Falling when falling from higher than 2 blocks.

Night Vision Goggles Night Vision Goggles

  • 50% chance to spawn in an abandoned mineshaft chest.
  • Gives the wearer Night Vision.

Sculk Blindfold Sculk Blindfold

  • Crafted with 3 Sculk Blocks and 3 Leather.
  • Gives the wearer Strength 3 but also Blindness.


Sculk Blindfold craft

Straw Hat Straw Hat

  • 50% chance to spawn in a village armorer chest.
  • Gives the wearer the Hero of the Village effect.

Llama Head Llama Head

  • 30% chance to be found in a Desert Pyramid chest.
  • Makes llamas not attack the player when hostile/spitting.

Cat Paws Cat Paws

  • 50% chance to be found in a Jungle Temple.
  • Creepers run away when near the wearer, also never explode no matter how close the wearer is.

Beast Master Leggings Beast Master Leggings

  • 33% chance from Igloo chests.
  • Gives all nearby (10 blocks or closer) wolves Strength 1 when worn.

Slime Boots Slime Boots

  • Crafted from 2 Slime Blocks and 2 Slime Balls.
  • Gives Jump Boost 5 and Slowness 1 when worn.


Slime Boots craft

[NEW] Ice Skates Ice skates boots.

  • Crafted with 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Leather Boots, and 1 White Dye.
  • Gives Speed 1 when on an ice block.

[NEW] Snowman Torso Snowman chestplate.

  • Crafted with 6 Snow and 3 Coal.
  • Places a layer of snow wherever the wearer walks, like the Snowman mob.

[NEW] Frost Belt Frost belt leggings.

  • 2% drop chance from a Stray.
  • Creates a 10 block wide ring of ice around the wearer, giving any mobs inside it Slowness 2.

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For an easy installation process, download the 'BP | MCPACK' and 'RP | MCPACK' and import both. Once both are imported and selected in the world creation screen, make sure to ENABLE HOLIDAY CREATOR FEATUES and UPCOMING CREATOR FEATURES and then you can start the world.


Screenshot with new accessories

Farmer's hat and other accessories

Cat Paws and Mecha-Fist

Update 1.0.5: Christmas/Winter Update

This update adds 3 new accessories primarily themed around the winter/Christmas.

List of changes:

  • Added Ice Skates.
  • Added Snowman Torso.
  • Added Frozen Belt.
  • Language support for Indonesian (May not be 100% accurate.)

Video showcasing the update:

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