Vanilla Biomes+ (Beta)

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Although it's still in beta, Vanilla Biomes+ already overhauls the Birch forest completely changing the overall look to be more like the concept art we saw in the 1.19 update announcement!



Vanilla Biomes+ owner permission

Birch Forests

  • New trees
  • New flowers and ground cover
  • New feature generation, such as rocks, bushes, and fallen logs!
  • Better grass generation

Birch Forests biome

Trees in Birch Forests biome

The easiest way to find a biome is using the "/locate biome birch_forest" command.

Generating Features

Birch Bushes

  • 7 variants generate in Birch Forests
  • Made of Birch leaves and Birch fences

Birch Bushes

Large Rocks

  • 7 variants generate in Birch Forests
  • Made of Tuff and Andesite

Large Rocks


Fallen Birch Log

  • Has 4 variants
  • Custom block model
  • Rotatable

Fallen Birch Log

Mushrooms in Fallen Birch Log

Star Flower

  • Double tall flower
  • Generates in groups
  • Can be crafted into 2 Light Gray Dye

Star Flowers

Small Flowers

  • Has 4 Layouts, and 6 different textures that are random each time!
  • Adds much-needed color to Birch Forests
  • Can be crafted into 2 Magenta Dye

Small Flowers


  • Generates like grass
  • Adds variation to the ground cover of Birch Forests
  • Rotatable

Clover flowers

Tree Mushrooms

  • Has two models: Single and Double
  • Automatically attaches to Birch trees and Fallen birch logs

Tree Mushrooms

Double Tree Mushrooms


Magenta Dye

Magenta Dye recipe

Light Gray Dye

Light Gray Dye recipe

Experimental Toggles

Three Experimental toggles are required for this pack to function correctly:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Custom Biomes
  • Molang Features

Experimental Toggles for Vanilla Biomes+ addon

Other toggles are optional, but not required for Vanilla Biomes+.

Download links
vanilla-biomes.mcaddon[mcaddon, 1.53 Mb]
MediaFire (.mcaddon)
Supported versions
1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0