Vanilla Biomes+ (Beta)

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Although it's still in beta, Vanilla Biomes+ already overhauls the Birch forest completely changing the overall look to be more like the concept art we saw in the 1.19 update announcement!



Vanilla Biomes+ owner permission

Birch Forests

  • New trees
  • New flowers and ground cover
  • New feature generation, such as rocks, bushes, and fallen logs!
  • Better grass generation

Birch Forests biome

Trees in Birch Forests biome

The easiest way to find a biome is using the "/locate biome birch_forest" command.

Generating Features

Birch Bushes

  • 7 variants generate in Birch Forests
  • Made of Birch leaves and Birch fences

Birch Bushes

Large Rocks

  • 7 variants generate in Birch Forests
  • Made of Tuff and Andesite

Large Rocks


Fallen Birch Log

  • Has 4 variants
  • Custom block model
  • Rotatable

Fallen Birch Log

Mushrooms in Fallen Birch Log

Star Flower

  • Double tall flower
  • Generates in groups
  • Can be crafted into 2 Light Gray Dye

Star Flowers

Small Flowers

  • Has 4 Layouts, and 6 different textures that are random each time!
  • Adds much-needed color to Birch Forests
  • Can be crafted into 2 Magenta Dye

Small Flowers


  • Generates like grass
  • Adds variation to the ground cover of Birch Forests
  • Rotatable

Clover flowers

Tree Mushrooms

  • Has two models: Single and Double
  • Automatically attaches to Birch trees and Fallen birch logs

Tree Mushrooms

Double Tree Mushrooms


Experimental Toggles

Three Experimental toggles are required for this pack to function correctly:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Custom Biomes
  • Molang Features

Experimental Toggles for Vanilla Biomes+ addon

Other toggles are optional, but not required for Vanilla Biomes+.

Download links
vanilla-biomes.mcaddon[mcaddon, 1.53 Mb]
MediaFire (.mcaddon)
Supported versions
1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0