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This is an addon created by a simple schoolboy who once wanted to learn how to create cool addons. The idea of this addon was inspired by Activision games, and the mod for Minecraft Java - Vic's Modern Warfare.

Before starting the review, I must tell you that all weapons have running and aiming animations, and running animation works on such a principle that after some time the usual running animation changes to tactical sprint animation, as in call of duty modern warfare. Also, the addon is divided into 5 packs: grenade pack, WW2 pack, Project [Company] pack, modern warfare pack.

(original text by InSaRe)

This addon uses the player.json file

Why should you choose this addon?

  1. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest addon that adds 3d weapons.
  2. The addon receives global changes and updates.
  3. The author tries to listen to the community about adding different weapons.
  4. Updates don't come out often, but updates affect a lot of things.
  5. If some errors are not corrected in time, then the author releases a correction in a full update.
  6. This addon combines many packs with weapons, as well as different types of these weapons.
  7. There is tactical sprint like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.
  8. There is a good balance in the addon, which does not give a special advantage when choosing another weapon.
  9. Do you want to see the correct animations from the first person, then this is in the addon.
  10. Each weapon has a pleasant recoil.
  11. Each weapon has its own animations, both from the first and third person.
  12. You can get absolutely all items both in creative and by buying them from villagers and trade tables in survival.
  13. Weapons from my other projects are being added and will be added to this addon, starting with the Project [Company] map.
  14. This addon is not clogged and will not be clogged with unnecessary things that are not needed.
  15. This addon has good quality models.

How to reload guns?

  • Put mag in left hand.

This addon has commands for disabling and displaying nicknames in the game: /function disable_nametags and /function show_nametags.

Gun animation from InSaRe's Warfare Addon


Permission for ModBay:

InSaRe's Warfare Addon permission for ModBay

How to get guns and ammo?

You can buy guns and ammo from villagers and trade tables:

  • Cleric - ammo
  • Weapon Smith - guns

Weapon Smith and Cleric villagers

You will need Iron ingots to buy the necessary items.

Trading with Weapon Smith villager

WW2 Pack


M1911 gun

Mauser C96

Mauser C96 gun


PPSH41 gun


Sten gun


Thompson submachine gun


Type 100 submachine gun


Owen gun


MP40 gun

M1 Garand

M1 Garand

Modern Warfare Pack


Balisong knife

Kali sticks

Kali sticks




M17 pistol


M500 pistol


P226 pistol


PM pistol





As Val

As Val gun

Benelli m3

Benelli m3 gun


HK417 gun

Honey Badger

Honey Badger gun


Intervention sniper rifle


VSS sniper rifle


M110 SASS gun


M24 sniper rifle


M4 gun

Scar L

Scar L gun


M14 EBR gun


L96A1 sniper rifle


DVL-10 sniper rifle

M82 Barrett

M82 Barrett gun

Sig Mcx

Sig Mcx gun

Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500 gun


Saiga12K gun


Spas12 gun


UMP45 gun


Panzerfaust gun


ACR gun


Vector gun

Russian army armor

Russian army armor

USA army armor

USA army armor

Grenade Pack

Lethal grenade

Lethal grenade in action

Flash grenade

Using a Flash grenade

HE grenade

Using a HE grenade

Smoke grenade

  • 16 colors;
  • The color of the item affects the smoke color.

To craft a smoke grenade of the color you need, you need to combine a smoke grenade and a dye of the color you need on the crafting table.

Using a Smoke grenade

Now you can buy guns and ammo from villagers and trade tables:

Gun Villagers

Trade tables


Updated on July 10

  • Fixed bugs.
  • Added updated bullet code from 2067 Warfare.
  • Added impact from bullets.
  • Added spawn of weapons in chests in different structures.
  • Added glowing elements on Glock19, Glock53, M17, P226, PM.
  • Deleted same gun sounds.
  • Optimized Glock53 model.
  • Panzerfaust can dedtroy blocks.
  • Now, if you don't want bullets to break glasses and panzerfaust to destroy blocks, then use the command /gamerule domobgriefing false. To enable breaking glasses and blocks, enter the command /gamerule domobgriefing true.
  • Maximum ammo/mag stock size - 16.
  • Addon moved to Minecraft Bedrock 1.20 (We recommend playing on release
Old changelog for May 9 update
  • Added files to the folder with the resource pack and to the folder with the behavior pack, inside which there is information about the creators and helpers.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • The addon has been moved to minecraft 1.19.50+.
  • Optimized the ammo display.
  • The code of melee weapons has been redesigned, now they have durability, they can be repaired and enchanted.
  • A new reload system has been created.
  • Pack 2067 returns to the addon.
  • M4A1 returns to the addon.
  • Shooting sounds have been improved (Now the sounds become quieter at a distance, the sounds of weapons without silencers can be heard up to 100 blocks, and the sounds of weapons with silencers - up to 20 blocks).
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insares_warfare_v4_1_last_fix_update.mcaddon[mcaddon, 22.69 Mb]
insares_warfare_v4_1_last_fix_update.zip[zip, 22.69 Mb]
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