CMC Furniture (Addon)

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This add-on adds various furniture that you can use to decorate your worlds or constructions. You can also find several interactive furniture to have a better experience. Download this add-on and start decorating your worlds!

Get the furniture in 2 different ways, either by invoking the seller with the command: /summon cmc:seller so he can sell you the different furniture or with this command: /function cmc_furniture to get all the furniture.


Experimental mode?

Yes, it is necessary to activate for the correct use of this content (Active: Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features).

Permission for ModBay:

CMC Furniture Addon Permission for ModBay

This is the list of furniture included in this addon and its specifications:

  • Black Laptop (Interactive: "You can turn it on and off")
  • White laptop (Interactive: "You can turn it on and off")
  • Wooden desk
  • Refrigerator (Interactive: "You can open, close and store items")
  • Air conditioner
  • Television (Interactive: "Watch 3 different channels")
  • Wooden table
  • Table
  • Wooden chair (Interactive: "You can sit down")
  • Black wooden chair (Interactive: "You can sit down")
  • Sofa (Interactive: "You can paint it in 3 different colors: red, blue, black, gray and white")
  • Lamp (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • Organizer
  • Coffee table
  • Room table
  • Gamer chair (Interactive: "You can sit down and you can paint it in any color")
  • Sink (Interactive: "Turn the faucet on or off")
  • Tub
  • Towel
  • Toilet paper
  • Short mirror
  • Long mirror
  • Shower (Interactive: "Open or close")
  • Toilet
  • Trash can
  • Stove (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • Microwave (Cooks raw foods such as chicken, fish, salmon, veal, steak, lamb and rabbit. Just click on the microwave with the food in your hand and wait)
  • Brown kitchen cabinet
  • Stove hood
  • Brown kitchen cabinet 2
  • White kitchen cabinet 2
  • Brown sink (Interactive: "Turn the faucet on or off")
  • White sink (Interactive: "Turn the faucet on or off")
  • Bar stool (Interactive: "You can sit down")
  • Ceiling lamp (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • Ceiling lamp 2 (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • White kitchen cabinet
  • Floor
  • Toaster
  • Plate (Can place: cooked food, cookie or bread")
  • Glass tumbler (Can hold: Water, Lava, Milk or cocoa)
  • Wall-mounted TV (Interactive: "View 3 different channels")
  • Computer (Interactive: "Display 3 images with RGB light on keyboard")


Living Room and TV

Kitchen and Kitchen Furniture

Decoration of the Room With Blocks from the Addon

Gaming Room with PC

Toilet and Sink

Long Table and Laptop

Shower Design

How to get Furniture?

Get the furniture in 2 different ways.

Use this /function cmc_furniture command to get all the furniture:

Command: /function cmc_furniture

After that, a chest will be placed next to you.

CMC Furniture Chest

Open it to get access to all the furniture

CMC Furniture Chest Inventory

You can also find a CMC Furniture Salesman or use /summon cmc:seller to summon him.

CMC Furniture Salesman

Trade your emeralds for the right furniture!

Trading with CMC Furniture Salesman

All these new blocks are also available in the creative inventory!

CMC Furniture Blocks in Creative Inventory


Click to see installation information!


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Updated on October 15

Version 3.9.0:

  • A new wireless square lamp has been introduced.
  • An additional Light Switch has been added to turn on the wireless lamps.
  • The toilet now works and has sound.
  • Bug fixes have been made to fix bugs...
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Download CMC FURNITURE v3.9 .mcaddon
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1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0