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This add-on adds various furniture that you can use to decorate your worlds or constructions. You can also find several interactive furniture to have a better experience. Download this add-on and start decorating your worlds!

Get the furniture in 2 different ways, either by invoking the seller with the command: /summon cmc:seller so he can sell you the different furniture or with this command: /function cmc_furniture to get all the furniture.


Experimental mode?

Yes, it is necessary to activate for the correct use of this content (Active: Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features).

This is the list of furniture included in this addon and its specifications:

  • Black laptop (Interactive: "You can turn it on and off")
  • White laptop (Interactive: "You can turn it on and off")
  • Wooden desk
  • Refrigerator (Interactive: "You can open, close, and store items")
  • Air conditioner
  • Television (Interactive: "View 3 different channels")
  • Wooden table
  • Board
  • Wooden chair (Interactive: "You can sit down")
  • Black wooden chair (Interactive: "You can sit down")
  • Sofa (Interactive: "Can be painted in 3 different colors: red, blue, black, gray, and white")
  • Lamp (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • Organizer
  • Coffee table
  • Bedroom table
  • Gamer chair (Interactive: "You can sit down and paint it any color")
  • Sink (Interactive: "Open or close the faucet")
  • Bathtub
  • Towel
  • Toilet paper
  • Short mirror
  • Long mirror
  • Shower (Interactive: "Open or close")
  • Toilet (Interactive: "Open and sit down or close")
  • Trash can (Interactive: "Click on it and delete whatever you have in your hand in survival mode")
  • Stove (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • Microwave (Cooks raw foods such as: chicken, fish, salmon, beef, pork chop, lamb, and rabbit. "Just click on the microwave with the food in your hand and wait")
  • Brown kitchen cabinet
  • Kitchen hood
  • Brown kitchen cabinet 2
  • White kitchen cabinet 2
  • Brown sink (Interactive: "Open or close the faucet")
  • White sink (Interactive: "Open or close the faucet")
  • Bar stool (Interactive: "You can sit down")
  • Ceiling lamp (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • Ceiling lamp 2 (Interactive: "Turn it on or off")
  • White kitchen cabinet
  • Plant
  • Toaster
  • Plate (Can place: cooked food, cookie, or bread")
  • Glass (Can place: Water, Lava, Milk, or cocoa)
  • Wall-mounted TV (Interactive: "View 3 different channels")
  • Computer (Interactive: "View 3 images with RGB light on keyboard")
  • Modern door (Interactive: "Can be opened and closed)
  • Black modern table
  • Wireless square lamp (Place it first and then the switch)
  • Light switch (To turn on or off wireless lamps).


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How to get Furniture?

Getting Furniture


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Updated on April 28

  • Updated for official version 1.20.30 onwards.
  • Fixed several bugs in the code of the blocks.
Changelog for v3.9.5 / February 17 / Old Update


  • Updated for official version 1.20.30 onwards.
  • Fixed several bugs in the code of the blocks.
Changelog for v3.9.0 / October 15 / Old Update


  • A new wireless square lamp has been introduced.
  • An additional Light Switch has been added to turn on the wireless lamps.
  • The toilet now works and has sound.
  • Bug fixes have been made to fix bugs...
Changelog for v3.8.0 / July 23 / Old Update


  • Updated to official version 1.20.0.
  • Added a modern door.
  • Added a modern black table.
  • Fixed code errors.
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