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Lamps & Lanterns (v1.4)

Thumbnail: Lamps & Lanterns (v1.4)

This addon will bring more additional light blocks that can be crafted and use as a decoration for your build. It contains Wooden Lamps, Copper Lanterns, and other more varieties of light sources.



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  • This add-on will work on the Realm/Server, just make sure you install and enable all the experimental gameplay options correctly.

  • This add-on may only compatible with Minecraft version 1.19.50 or higher version.
  • This add-on is not tested on Beta & Preview version of Minecraft, so expect some bugs if you are using those versions.
  • This add-on is COMPATIBLE with other add-ons.
  • Remove the old packs before installing the new version of the packs.
  • If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this add-on, please don't forget to give a credit or put the original link (this ModBay page).
  • Do not provide the direct link (mediafire) or any other download link that I didn't provide.


Download Guide

  1. Click the download option below "Lamps & Lanterns (v1.4) [BP]". It will lead you to the Boostellar site.
  2. In Boostellar site, find and click the "Click on Ad".
  3. An ads articles will pop up. After a 10 seconds just go back or close the ad page.
  4. On Boostellar site again, find and click the "Unlock content". This will proceed you to the Mediafire site.
  5. On Mediafire click the download button to download the file.


  • Make sure that you install the both behavior and resource pack in your world.
  • Don't forget to turn on all of this experimental gameplay options:

Experimental Options

  • Aternos server installation:

Aternos Installation

  • You must enable all of these experimental options before entering your world:

Aternos Experimental Options

  • Download both "Behavior Pack [BP]" and "Resources Pack [RP]".



  1. DChisel
    its annoying that i have to download an app that i already have to get this addon
    1. Ghaitho
      Noo, just enter the specified website for 15 seconds the go back. The link will be unlocked. I prefer using Brave Browser or FireFox (with Ad blocker)