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JACS, which stands for Just A Combat System, is a robot that defends the player from hostile mobs. This addon primarily focuses on the craftable robots, but it does include enemies, bosses, ore, armor, weapons, and a pickaxe to go with mining the new ore! This addon is compatible with other addons meaning these robots can defend you from other modded mobs!

Showcase video about 1.0 to 2.0 updates:

2.1.0 Showcase

Robot Variants

Green Robot

There are 5 types of JACS robots the player can create:

  • Red is the base version that will be needed to craft first before making any mode or upgrade. They are melee-based robots and can deal wither towards their opponets.
  • Purple is the shooter mode, which shoots fire.
  • Yellow is the turret mode, which shoots arrows and stays in place.
  • White is the Recycled JACS, who are also melee-based robots with wither attacks, but cannot be used to craft modes. These 4 robots has 120 HP.
  • Green is the Big Guy, a massive robot who is also melee-based but does much more damage and has a massive amount of HP of 400.

Every robot except for the turret JACS can be tamed.

Every robot can be healed for 30 HP using redstone.

A Player Riding a Robot

Big Guy robots also can be rideable, which makes traveling through the overworld an easy task, as they're fast and able to jump high distances.

JACS Summon Recipe

To get started, you will need to create the JACS Summon. This is an item that you can throw that will spawn JACS into your world. If you want to add modes, keep this summon as it will be needed to craft shooter and turret modes as well as Big Guy.

Fire Shooter Component Recipe

Turret Component Recipe

These are the components needed to create shooter and turret modes.

JACS Shooter Mode Summon Recipe

JACS Turret Mode Summon Recipe

To create mode summons, the regular JACS Summon and a component will have to be paired together.

Example of the Robot Recipe

Big Guy being a powerful robot will also require a good number of resources to craft.

Recycled JACS Summon Recipe

Recycled JACS is created using 4 pieces of recyclable parts. A part is only gained whenever a craftable JACS robot is destroyed. While they cannot be used for modes, these can still be upgraded.

Taming the JACS Robot

Follower Chip Recipe

JACS robots can be tamed and to do so, you will need a follower chip. These chips will be 100% guarantee to tame any of the robots except for turrets. If you need to move your turret robot, every robot can also be leashed!

Azurite Ore

This addon contains its own ore! Azurite are easy to find in the overworld and while they can be mined by hand, they have their own pickaxe which makes mining these ores a breeze! Azurite is a key ingredient to make blades, pickaxes and upgraded robots.

Azurite Pickaxe Recipe

The azurite pickaxe is a better pickaxe than an iron pickaxe. They mine blocks at a faster rate, and they are twice as durable! For balancing purposes, these pickaxes are not as good as diamond pickaxes, so they cannot mine obsidian or other blocks that the diamond and netherite pickaxes exclusively can mine.

Azurite Blade Recipe

The azurite blade is a sharp weapon. Its sharpness is the same as a diamond sword and can give mobs the wither effect! The massive trade-off, however, is that the durability is much lower than an iron sword.

Super Azurite Blade

Like a diamond sword, the azurite blade can be upgraded in the super azurite blade, which shares the durability of a netherite sword and is sharper than one too!

Various JACS Robots

Big Guy Robot

With azurite, you can upgrade your summons into a supercharged series of JACS robots! These robots are all buffed with HP. Melee-based robots hit slightly harder, and ranged based robots shoot at a faster rate! Base, shooter, turret, and recycled supercharged robots has 220 HP and the Big Guy supercharged has 700! While the supercharged and the upcoming Hero JACS (later in this post) can use redstone to heal, azurite can also heal these robots and are better as they heal for 60 HP!

JACS Supercharged Summon Recipe

Using the regular summons of the base, shooter, turret, and recycled JACS, they share the same pattern in the crafting table when making supercharged versions of JACS robots. Just like any other ore, 9 pieces of azurite can be used to create an azurite block!

JACS Supercharged Recipe with Block of Azurite

Block of Condensed Azurite Recipe

Big Guy supercharged however is different as this powerful robot requires a much more expensive recipe. A new block called the condensed azurite block will be needed to create Big Guy supercharged and another set of robots called Hero JACS.

Big Guy Effects

This set of JACS robots are called Hero JACS. These are not a traditional upgrade of robots as there is no Big Guy version and these robots vary in HP. The base and recycle Hero JACS share 700 HP, which is the same amount as Big Guy supercharged. However, their attack power is the same as a normal Big Guy. This and the lack of transportion are downsides to using Hero JACS, but their smaller size makes these a great companion to travel with in caves! Shooter recieves 900 HP with a much faster rate of shooting fire. Turret, while they still remain immobile, recieve a fire rate faster than the hero shooter and has 1,200 HP. The best part about these robots is they can slowly self regenerate HP! This helps save resources such as redstone and azurite from healing.

Hero JACS Summon Recipe

These robots are more reserved as late game content, as the most expensive ingredient for the recipe is the nether star.

Reinforced Helmet Recipe

Reinforced Chestplate Recipe

Reinforced Leggings Recipe

Reinforced Boots Recipe

Another addition for late game content is the Reinforced armor! Using a combination of netherite, diamonds, and recyclable parts, you can create a new set of armor that has more durability and protection than the netherite armor!

The Nether JACS Robots

The End JACS Robots

This addon also contains enemies! While there are no new enemies in the overworld, the Nether and the End does contain their own versions of JACS robots. These robots are stronger than the vanilla mobs except for bosses and the iron golem, but they are also weaker than the normal version of JACS robots. However, the Nether JACS are fireproof and the End JACS can shoot shulker bullets, so keep these in mind when encountering them.

Big Guy Furnace Recipe

There are two bosses in this addon which the player can create using Big Guy and Big Guy supercharged summons. Defeating these bosses will grant a good amount of XP as well a trophy! Once they are defeated, most of your resources from creating Big Guy will be dropped to pick up again! These bosses have more health than the normal Big Guy and Big Guy supercharged, so be cautious!

2.1.0 Update: Power Drive

Power Drive update introduces a few additions. The theming of this update is power, which means there is a powerful new tool as well as a powerful robot and enemy!

Azurite Power Drill

The azurite power drill is like a combination of a shovel and pickaxe. Mining many blocks at high speeds however the drill cannot mine ore nor certain blocks like furnances and brewing stands for example. It's also not as durable as the azurite pickaxe, so be aware of the power drill's durability.

Azurite Power Drill Recipe

Crafting the azurite power drill will take some resources, as it needs 7 iron ingots and 2 azurite blocks.

Big Guy Supercharged

Saddled Big Guy Supercharged

Big and Supercharged Guy

The Enormous Guy is what comes after Big Guy Supercharged. While it may have similarities to the Hero JACS series, this is not a part of that series. Enormous Guy contains 1000HP, deals more damage, can self regenerate and can even allow 2 players to ride on top of its head thanks to the robot being even bigger than the Big Guy!

JACS Enormous Guy Summon Recipe

The Enormous Guy summon is absurdly expensive as it will take the Big Guy Supercharged summon, 4 netherite blocks, 1 nether star, 1 emerald, and 2 condensed azurite blocks. Only the most hardcore players will be able to create this robot and be rewarded with the best protection JACS robots can provide!

End JACS Supercharged

A new robot makes its way to the End! End JACS Supercharged is the first robot enemy to be supercharged, which means this robot is more powerful than the Nether JACS robots and the End JACS Turret mode. Defeating these robots can drop azurite!

Robots with Effects

There is also a cosmetic change with the Hero JACS robots. The potion effect color now matches with their respective robot. The effect does not do anything, and they can still self regenerate health. This is similar to how the Enormous Guy emits a green potion effect! This is done to help better stand out with other robots.

2.2.0 Showcase

This update focuses on new food items that gives players buffs, but also come with side effects. This also includes a new resource that will replace the netherite for custom recipes.

Azurite Apple, Carrot and Berries

Custom foods are now introduced to the JACS addon! Three new foods can be crafted using azurite that provide benefits for the player when consuming them, however they come with downsides as well. Making the player be considerate when eating these foods as they come with a cost and not being careful with your health bar can be your fatal mistake. Each positives and negatives when consuming these azurite foods are listed above as well as how much they fill the player's hunger bar. Azurite usually has been giving the wither trait among multiple custom items so the food remains consistent with giving wither properties as well.

Azurite Apple Recipe

All the azurite foods will be crafted similarly to how the apple is crafted with the image above.

Azurite Block

Azunetherite Ingot Recipe

A new resource is available in this update. Combining azurite with netherite will create the new azunetherite ingot. This new resource will replace all custom Recipes that needed netherite to now use azunetherite blocks or ingots. This includes the blades, reinforced armor and the Enormous Guy.

Azunetherite Blade Recipe

Another change this update provides is that the Super Azurite Blade is now renamed to the Azunetherite Blade. With how the smithing table is being reworked in the official minecraft update, you cannot craft the upgraded blade anymore with it and now it is reworked to be crafted with the crafting table instead.

With this update, the addon's full package includes

  • 15 craftable robots that can defend the player
  • 2 bosses
  • 2 trophies
  • 4 enemies, 2 found in the Nether and 2 in the End
  • Azurite ore and blocks that can be used for multiple Recipes and uses
  • 2 weapons
  • 2 tools
  • Set of armor
  • 3 food items
  • Azunetherite ingot and blocks that can be used for multiple recipes and uses

Required Experiments for JACS The Robot Addon

Before playing with the addon, make sure to have "Holiday Creator Features" and "Custom biomes" turned on.

Updated on October 04

  • Custom ore generation is fixed!
  • This addon is now compatible with Minecraft 1.20.30!
Changelog for July 07 / v2.2.2 / Old Update


  • Potion effects with Hero JACS and the Enormous Guy are fixed to match their respective colors with the 1.20 update
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