Pathways (Version 2.1.0)

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This addon introduces 14 unique bridges and 13 distinctive paths to enhance your world.
Craft your ideal bridge or path, customizing it to any length using the diverse components provided.
Traverse these structures or simply employ them as decorative elements.
Itโ€™s an essential addition to every Minecraft enthusiastโ€™s world.


Wood Bridges:

The wood bridges are made out of an end piece and a middle piece.

1) Oak Bridge

Oak Bridge: Screenshot 1

Oak Bridge: Screenshot 2

2) Dark Oak Bridge

Dark Oak Bridge: Screenshot 1

Dark Oak Bridge: Screenshot 2

3) Spruce Bridge

Spruce Bridge: Screenshot 1

Spruce Bridge: Screenshot 2

4) Birch Bridge

Birch Bridge: Screenshot 1

Birch Bridge: Screenshot 2

5) Acacia Bridge

Acacia Bridge: Screenshot 1

Acacia Bridge: Screenshot 2

6) Jungle Bridge

Jungle Bridge: Screenshot 1

Jungle Bridge: Screenshot 2

7) Mangrove Bridge

Mangrove Bridge: Screenshot 1

Mangrove Bridge: Screenshot 2

8) Cherry Bridge

9) Warped Bridge

Warped Bridge: Screenshot 1

Warped Bridge: Screenshot 2

10) Crimson Bridge

Crimson Bridge: Screenshot 1

Crimson Bridge: Screenshot 2

Other Bridges:

1) Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo Bridge: Screenshot 1

Bamboo Bridge: Screenshot 2

2) Brick Bridge

Brick Bridge: Screenshot 1

Brick Bridge: Screenshot 2

3) Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge: Screenshot 1

4) Metal Bridge

Metal Bridge: Screenshot 1

Metal Bridge: Screenshot 2


This addon adds one path for each type of tree in the game to decorate your world!

Wood Path

List of Wood Paths

It also adds an Andesite Path:

Andesite Path

Andesite Path: Screenshot

A Stone Path:

Stone Path

Stone Path: Screenshot

A Brick Path:

Brick Path

Brick Path: Screenshot

This is how the bridges and paths look combined:

Bridges & Paths combined

How to get the Bridges and Paths:


  • Bridges: /function all_bridges
  • Paths: /function all_paths
  • Everything: /function all
  • General command: /give @p cc:{Name of the bridge/path}


You can craft the Bridges and Paths with following recipes:

Bridge Recipes

You are allowed to:

  • Record as many videos about the addon as you want or just play and have fun.
    (But donโ€™t forget to give me credit)

You are not allowed to:

  • Publish the addon as your own
  • Reuse any of my textures, models or sound files
  • Create your own links and make profit of it

(Always use the link to this page when sharing)


Activate these Experimental Gameplay features:

Required Experiments for Pathways Addon

Hope you enjoy the Addon!

Updated on March 04

  • Added all Wood types to the Bridges and Paths
  • Remade the whole Addon
  • Fixed some Bugs
Download links
Download Addon
Download Addon (only Bridges)
Download Addon (only Paths)
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50
1 099
  1. Thanks for the update and reupping the link on your website!
    1. Okay, a bunch of errors saying the recipes are duplicating existing vanilla recipes for pressure plates.
      1. It's a bit weird tho as I think both are shaped recipes, same ingredients but in different spots. I'm running latest update with experimental flags on.
        1. Interesting, error messages say duplicate recipe, but so far the actual recipes are working correctly! Great!
    2. Just doing a bug report, the wooden paths have a black stripe. Latest update, experimental, PC, the usual fancy graphics options on but not Render Dragon.
  2. Hey, the link is broken can you reupload it. Thanks!