Bridge Addon (Version 1.4.1)

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This Addon adds 13 bridges and 12 paths to your world. You can build your own bridge or path, as long as you want, out of the various parts.

You can walk over the bridges and paths, or just use them to decorate your world. This Addon is a must-have for every Minecraft world.

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About the Addon:

This Addon adds 13 bridges and 12 paths to your world. Nine of them are wood bridges, which are made out of two different parts, an end part and a middle part.

Four of the Bridges are made out of one part, which you can use for every part of the bridge.


Wood Bridges

Oak Bridge

Oak Bridge screenshot 1

Oak Bridge screenshot 2

Dark Oak Bridge

Dark Oak Bridge screenshot 1

Dark Oak Bridge screenshot 2

Spruce Bridge

Spruce Bridge screenshot 1

Spruce Bridge screenshot 2

Birch Bridge

Birch Bridge screenshot 1

Birch Bridge screenshot 2

Acacia Bridge

Acacia Bridge screenshot 1

Acacia Bridge screenshot 2

Jungle Bridge

Jungle Bridge screenshot 1

Jungle Bridge screenshot 2

Mangrove Bridge

Mangrove Bridge screenshot 1

Mangrove Bridge screenshot 2

Warped Bridge

Warped Bridge screenshot 1

Warped Bridge screenshot 2

Crimson Bridge

Crimson Bridge screenshot 1

Crimson Bridge screenshot 2

Other Bridges

Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo Bridge screenshot 1

Bamboo Bridge screenshot 2

Brick Bridge

Brick Bridge screenshot 1

Brick Bridge screenshot 2

Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge screenshot 1

Metal Bridge

Metal Bridge screenshot 1

Metal Bridge screenshot 2


Wood Paths

This Addon adds one path for each type of tree in the game to decorate your world!

Wood Path

List of Wood Paths

Andesite Path

Andesite Path

Andesite Path screenshot

Stone Path

Stone Path

Stone Path screenshot

Brick Path

Brick Path

Brick Path screenshot

Prismarine Shard Path

Prismarine Shard Path

Prismarine Shard Path screenshot


This is how the bridges and paths look combined:

Bridges & Paths combined

How to get Bridges & Paths


  • Bridges: /function all_bridges
  • Paths: /function all_paths
  • Everything: /function_bridgespaths


You can craft the Bridges with following recipes (the paths are not yet craftable)

Bridge craft recipes


You are allowed to:

  • Record as many videos about the addon as you want or just play and have fun.
    (But donโ€™t forget to give me credit)

You are not allowed to:

  • Publish the addon as your own
  • Reuse any of my textures, models or sound files
  • Create your own links and make profit of it

(Always use the link to this page when sharing)


Linkvertise Download Description:

  1. Click Download Addon
  2. Click check mark box "I'm not a robot"
  3. Wait 5 Second and click "Free Access with Ads"
  4. Click "Discover Article" โ†’ wait 10 seconds โ†’ close by "X"
  5. Click "Continue"
  6. Scroll down and click "Download"

Activate these Experimental Gameplay Features:

Required Experimental Gameplay Features

Hope you enjoy the Addon!

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Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0 1.18.31 1.18.30 1.18.12 1.18.10 1.18.2 1.18.1 1.18.0 1.17.41 1.17.40 1.17.34 1.17.32 1.17.30 1.17.11 1.17.10 1.17.2 1.17.0