Mythological Craft Addon v2.4 (Fixed bug, ITEMS IN SERVERS!)

Thumbnail: Mythological Craft Addon v2.4 (Fixed bug, ITEMS IN SERVERS!)

Can you imagine playing this game with Cyclops, Ogres, Giants, Centaurs, Minotaurs and more mystical creatures? Now is the time to find out how it will be, download this addon and face bosses, tame beasts, and explore a world with more items and new dungeons waiting to be explored.

This addon does not use player.json, and is compatible with any addon, including Mythology Add-ons.

An addon made in Brazil.

Preview 2.


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Permission for Mythological Craft Addon

Immerse yourself in Mythology in your Minecraft world!

Mythological Craft Addon structures

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Items and Blocks

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Here are my friends and people who helped me directly and indirectly in the addon.

lukinhas013, helped me in the beginning and encouraged me to create addons.

UmSerInfinito, made many of the dungeons that are in the addon.

Cycro, I always ask things about json, and he helps me so much.

Kyoto, Anom, GabrLol judged my models and helped me.


Olรก, eu sou o iago, um criador de addon brasileiro, sempre amei minecraft, the witcher 3 e mitologia entรฃo decida usar meu tempo livre para me divertir enquanto crio coisas para o jogo, espero que gostem de jogar este addon e estou aberto a quaisquer sugestรตes de adiรงรตes ou relato de bugs :)

Hello, I'm iago, a Brazilian addon creator, I've always loved Minecraft, The Witcher 3 and Mythology so decide to use my spare time to have fun while creating things for the game, I hope you enjoy playing this addon, and I'm open to any suggestions for additions or bug reports :)

Known bugs

  • Some items do not appear according to your device
  • Some items do not appear in realms
  • Block rotation is broken in structures
  • Lightning strikes players who come close to the tower


To download the addon:

  • Enter the two links below, go through the link shorteners on linkvertise.
  • Download the addon on mediafire and extract the BP and RP version, and put the BP version in the behavior_pack folder and the RP version in the resource_pack folder.

Then activate the addon in your world and turn on all experimental features, like below:

Required experimental options.

For the next update v2.5

Future v2.5 update.

Updated on July 07


  • Fixed the bug of items not appearing on cell phones or servers/realms


  • Changed the texture of old items, added repair for some armor and tools, and parity in item durability and special attacks
  • New (gods items) and functions, and changed recipes
  • Some items have 3d look now
  • Pandora box can give items from the gods, and rare tools, and many new possibilities
  • New portal teleport system using mantle of hades, and portal orb
  • New system of flight, attack, griffin taming and egg hatching
  • New goblin mining system, and sharing the ores with the player (using the goblin control wand)
  • Improvements to boss fights and creature attacks
  • Some mobs eyes glow
  • Cyclops structure now appears in lava oceans correctly
  • Parities in the generation of all structure Boss attacks no longer destroy items
  • Bug and parity fixes in many different areas of the addon, and more changes
Download links
Mythological Craft v2.4 - BP (Fixed Items in Servers!)
Mythological Craft v2.4 - RP (Fixed Items in Servers!)
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