Beyond the Underground (Ice Caves & More!)

Thumbnail: Beyond the Underground (Ice Caves & More!)

This add-on adds more cave types for you to explore. Be careful of deadly mobs along the way, and you'll be rewarded with valuable goods for you to level-up your gear!

This add-on currently adds 5 new cave types.

Experimental Toggles

Required Experimental Toggles for Beyond the Underground Addon

  • You can find the toggles in World Settings under the Game section.
  • These toggles must be turned on:
    • Holiday Creator Features
    • Custom biomes
    • Upcoming Creator Features
    • Molang Features

Known Issues

  • The thick green fog from the Slimy Sewers, the yellow fog from the Limestone Caves and the blue fog from the Luminous Caverns, Ice Caves & Soul Caverns also appear on the surface.
  • Due to technical limitations, Radiant Vines, Dripping Slime, Sandy Roots and Dripping Icicles will not break when a supporting block is broken.
  • Blocks with a custom model (e.g. Radiant Vines & Dripping Icicles) do not get destroyed by water or lava and cannot be waterlogged.
  • Pick Block does not work on blocks with a custom model. Get them from the inventory instead.
  • Some errors may show up when generating a world. These errors do not affect gameplay in any way and can be safely ignored. To turn off the error log, go to Settings > Creator > turn off โ€œEnable Content Log GUIโ€.
  • World generation may take a bit longer when this add-on is activated.

This add-on may decrease performance on lower-end and weaker devices.

Please report any bugs you find! Suggestions are also welcome.

In-game Music

  • Background music is played when exploring the cave biomes! These songs were all made by Leonardo.
  • Check out the YouTube playlist for all the songs!


  • A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the pack! Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Credits for Beyond the Underground Addon


  1. You must NOT share the MediaFire link to the download directly. Always share the link to this ModBay page. Do NOT set up a new download link yourself.
  2. Credit me if you are using my pack.
  3. Contact me for permission before using this add-on in a public modpack.
  4. This add-on does not use player.json.
  5. You should always backup your world once in a while when playing. I am not responsible for any loss.
  6. This work is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/

Monetizing my content helps support me, so I can continue working on packs like this one. Thank you for the support!

You need to download and activate both the Resource and Behavior pack for the add-on to work.

Please download the correct version of the add-on for the Minecraft version you're playing on: either Minecraft 1.20.10 or Minecraft 1.20.20+, otherwise the add-on will fail to load!

Backup your world before updating to a newer version of the add-on!

Updated on October 13

Version 1.5.1 (October 13, 2023)


  • Updated the add-on to be compatible for Minecraft 1.20.30 & 1.20.40 Preview.
  • "Leonardo - Lost in Ooze" now loops in the Slimy Sewers with no pauses.
  • Gold & Diamond Locked Lava Tanks now have different textures.
  • Locked Lava Tanks now have particle & sound effects during block interaction.
  • Added checkmark and cross glyphs to block interaction responses.
  • Mobs can now pathfind & jump over Crooked Fences, Crooked Fence Gates and Soul Brick Fences as the "minecraft:unwalkable" component was removed by Mojang Studios.
  • Added Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese translations to new items in Version 1.5.
  • This add-on now requires Minecraft 1.20.30 or above to function.

Fixed Bugs:

  • All Luminite tools are now affected by the Efficiency enchantment.
  • Fixed an issue causing Lava Tanks to not remove lava.
  • Fixed a visual error causing Obsidian to appear in Gold & Diamond Full Lava Tanks.
  • Lava Tanks now return an empty bucket when emptied by the player.
  • Fixed missing translations in Traditional Chinese.
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[Required] Resource Pack Download (v1.5.1)
[Required] Behavior Pack Download (v1.5.1)
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