One Slot Challenge

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This is a challenge add-on that will eliminate an inventory slot every minute until there is only one inventory slot left, making the game a lot more difficult to beat.


Permission for ModBay:

One Slot Challenge addon permission for ModBay

How to use?

Install the behavior pack.

Once installed, the time it takes to remove a slot can be adjusted by going to your active behavior packs and clicking on the settings option.

Activation of the One Slot Challenge addon

There are four options available, removing a slot every 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes or every 5 minutes set the slider to whatever option you like.

One Slot Challenge pack settings (screenshot 1)

One Slot Challenge pack settings (screenshot 2)

Make sure you have cheats activated.

Activating cheats in the world

Once your world loads you will have to activate this add-on by typing in this command "/function YouTube_bony162" a message will show up on your screen and now every minute that passes, one of your inventory slots will be replaced with an item that cannot be removed or replaced until you only have one slot remaining.

Addon activation command

One Slot Challenge Addon (screenshot 1)

One Slot Challenge Addon (screenshot 2)

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Supported versions
1.19.50 1.19.0 1.18.0