Swagcasters Panther Platform Car/Vehicle Pack V3

Thumbnail: Swagcasters Panther Platform Car/Vehicle Pack V3

The beloved Panther Platform has finally come to Minecraft. Now you can enjoy the thrill of chasing bad guys in your very own police interceptor or being on the receiving end of the chase, or even simply joyriding. Sometimes you want to have a more ordinary option when it comes to car mods, and now you can with my brand new Panther Platform car pack which adds several different colored cars, a police interceptor package and much more.

This addon includes

  • Total includes 35 cars
  • 7 different Police interceptor packages
  • A taxi package
  • Two demolition derby cars
  • Some donked out Crown Victorias
  • The Grand Marquis and the Lincoln town car
  • The Grand marquis currently comes in 13 different colors
  • All of these cars can also seat 4 players

The Lincoln town car comes in 16 colors, some with landau tops. Not only is there a vast selection of options but in the future there will be even more, some planned editions include a fire chief car, a Pace car, a Limosine, a hearse and many more.

If you would like to provide suggestions or requests for future addon content, feel free to do so in my discord server:

Green Panther Platform car

Purple Panther Platform car variant

All Panther Platform cars variants

Updated on February 8

  • Added 7 new police interceptors in various colorschemes including the chicago police department
  • Added 4 donked crown victorias
  • Added a new custom grand marquis
  • Updated name to version 3
  • Fixed download link and verification to be for correct pack
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Supported versions
1.19.60 1.19.50