Emotes Addon || 1.19.51+ [Compatible with any Addon!]

Thumbnail: Emotes Addon || 1.19.51+ [Compatible with any Addon!]

This addon was created by DextenMods and by Halo333. It adds 25 animated player emotes, it also works in multiplayer. So if you're interested, let's get started.


People who download the add-on many times do not read the characteristics and terms to review this add-on. If you are a content creator, please use the MODBAY link and you cannot leave the DIRECT link or make your own link. If you don't comply, I will act.

Permission for ModBay:

Dexten permission for ModBay

Be sure to activate a behavior and resource packs, and also be sure to enable experiments, otherwise the addon will not work!

Emotes Item

This addon adds an item with which you can open the interface and select the emote you want to make.

You get it as follows: type c/emotes in the chat.

How to get Emotes item (screenshot 1)

How to get Emotes item (screenshot 2)


How to use Emotes Addon

Emotes UI

When interacting with the item, the interface opens, and a single click or touch on the desired emote will suffice for it to play.

All emotes in Emotes Addon

Player Model

When creating the world, you can select the player model, depending on whether your skin is "Alex" or "Steve".

Emotes Addon resource settings


Emotes Addon with Alex Model

Emotes Addon with Steve Model


Some of the emotes are as follows:


Hype animation of emotion


Floss animation of emotion


Squat animation of emotion


Clubbing animation of emotion


Skibidi animation of emotion

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