True Miner Helmet

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Too dark? Are caves very scary? Forget thousands of torches and simply visit a cave you may never return to. This addon adds a miner's helmet that lights your way. It's time to explore!


Now the mining helmets can be personalized again with the smithing table, create variations that you like the most!!!

Trimming Miner Helmets: Recipe 1

Trimming Miner Helmets: Recipe 2

Trimming Miner Helmets: Recipe 3


Miner Helmets:

⛑️Chain Miner Helmet
  • 🪖Protection: 2
  • 🛡️Durability: 165
  • 📖Enchantability: 12
  • ✨Ability: Dynamic Light

Chain Miner Helmet

Chain Miner Helmet Recipe

⛑️Iron Miner Helmet
  • 🪖Protection: 2
  • 🛡️Durability: 250
  • 📖Enchantability: 9
  • ✨Ability: Dynamic Light

Iron Miner Helmet

Iron Miner Helmet Recipe

⛑️Golden Miner Helmet
  • 🪖Protection: 2
  • 🛡️Durability: 77
  • 📖Enchantability: 25
  • ✨Ability: Dynamic Light

Golden Miner Helmet

Golden Miner Helmet Recipe

⛑️Diamond Miner Helmet
  • 🪖Protection: 3
  • 🛡️Durability: 1561
  • 📖Enchantability: 10
  • ✨Ability: Dynamic Light

Diamond Miner Helmet

Diamond Miner Helmet Recipe

  • 🪖Protection: 3
  • 🛡️Durability: 2031
  • 📖Enchantability: 15
  • ✨Abilities:
    • Dynamic Light
    • Immune To Fire

Netherite Miner Helmet

Netherite Miner Helmet Recipe

Now the helmet can be repaired!

Repairing Miner Helmet: Recipe 1

Repairing Miner Helmet: Recipe 2

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Updated on May 14

  • Now works in Minecraft 1.20.80
Changelog for May 01 / Old Update
  • New Turtle Miner Helmet
  • New Recipes
Changelog for February 22 / Old Update
  • ⚙️ Each helmet can now be customized on the smithing table
  • ⚙️ The scripts were updated due to an error in the Minecraft update
  • ⚙️ Recipes are now unlocked by obtaining suitable items
  • ⚙️ Now works in Minecraft 1.20.60
  • ⚙️ Scripts were updated to 1.6.0 - Stable
Changelog for December 29 / Old Update
  • ⚙️ Recipes are now unlocked by obtaining suitable items
  • ⚙️ Now works in Minecraft 1.20.51
  • ⚙️ Scripts were updated to 1.6.0 - Stable
  • ⚙️ Links now work correctly
  • ⚙️ The addon is now functional for most versions
Changelog for November 25 / Old Update


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.20.40.
  • Customizable with armor decorations.
  • The code was optimized to use scripts.
  • Redesigned the texture to match customization.
  • Now you can use the blacksmithing table to upgrade the diamond helmet.
Changelog for June 29 / Old Update
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.20
  • Changed some values of the items
Changelog for March 13 / Old Update
  • New Chain Miner Helmet
  • Fixed bug with animation Netherite Miner Helmet
Download links
Miner Helmet [RP] 1.11[mcpack, 125.14 Kb]
Miner Helmet [BP] 1.11[mcpack, 116.44 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40
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  1. Good afternoon, the mod is great and everything but the bug that normal helmets can emit light has not yet been fixed, please if you can fix that.
  2.  profile avatarYxhir35 profile avatar Yxhir35
    Hola! muy buen complemento. vengo de la version 1.20.81 Y pienso es que un bug ya que cualquier tipo de casno NORMAL. sin ponerle la vela, Ilumina sin hacer el casco minero. Saludos!
  3. Dune profile avatar Dune
    I wonder how this works. Does it use player.json, complex functions, or something else?
    1. DT. profile avatar DT.
      Look into the files XD. Player.json would make it not compatible with other Add-ons.