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Explore a run-down, overgrown world taken over by zombies. To survive, you must scavenge for food and weapons, and fight off the zombies!

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Do you like high-quality apocalypse-themed addons and have the best features? If yes, youโ€™re in the right place.

Project Walker is a Minecraft addon that adds a post-apocalyptic twist to the game. Players must now scavenge for supplies to stay alive, while also being careful of zombies, bandits, and other survivors.

The addon features a variety of new guns, melees, medicals, foods, drinks, miscellaneous, blocks, mobs, as well as a new survival systems such as infection, bleeding, bone fracture, temperature etc.




  • ๐ŸŽฒ Minecraft vanilla stylized.
  • ๐Ÿ  Hardcore survival in post-apocalyptic world.
  • ๐Ÿ‘ Survival-friendly.
  • ๐Ÿ”ˆ Satisfying sound effects.
  • ๐Ÿ‘€ Smooth animations.
  • โšก Beautiful and optimized effects such as muzzle flashes, blood, explosions, lights, bullets solid and water impacts etc.
  • ๐Ÿ’ฅ Innovative features.
  • ๐Ÿ”Š Reverb and distant effects.
  • ๐Ÿงช Optimized for low-end devices.

Project Walker is a challenging and immersive addon that adds a new level of excitement to Minecraft Bedrock. If youโ€™re looking for a new way to play the game, then Project Walker is definitely worth checking out.

Experimental Gameplay

  • Holiday Creator Features (Required).
  • Custom Biomes (Optional).
  • Beta APIs (Required).


Thirst Bar

Thirst is showed with water drop icon, as are other Minecraft stats such as life and hunger. You can increase your thirst level from drinks, or from some hydrated foods, or you die.


Infection Effect

The infection is adhered to by taking damage from a infected zombie. You can remove the infection using Cure Syringe and First Aid Kit.


Bleeding Effect

The bleeding is adhered to by taking damage from a projectiles. You can remove the bleeding using Rag, Bandage and First Aid Kit.

Broken Leg

Broken Leg Effect

The broken leg is adhered to by taking damage from a high fall damage. You can remove the broken leg effect using Morphine Syringe, Splint and First Aid Kit.


Firing from the Guns

Guns: Screenshot 1

Guns: Screenshot 2

Guns in the Inventory

Guns can be more fatal to shoot at zombies from long range to avoid being attacked, but be careful, zombies can hear your shots!


Blocks: Screenshot

Unique utility blocks, decorations and more coming soon!


Bandits: Screenshot

Be careful when you see a bandit, he wonโ€™t think twice before shooting you!


Sedan: Screenshot

M809 Truck: Screenshot

You can use the vehicles with the Car Key item putting into the Saddle Slot. You can make the vehicles using some materials in the Crafting Table.


Armor: Screenshot

Armor is great for protecting yourself from zombie and enemy attacks.

NVG: Screenshot

Great visual and realistic NVG.

Extension Info

Refill Water Extension


Open the .mcpack with Minecraft or extract and copy manually the folder to /Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/ behavior and resources in the respective folders.

Just make sure you enable the experimental settings Also make sure you have enabled BOTH resources and behavior packs when creating the world.

Know Bugs

  • Scope, NVG and Crosshair bugged if you're riding on entities such as vehicles, etc.

Updated on May 24


  • Added 2 new tower structures.
  • Added grenade cooldowm.
  • Fixed 2 pt_br language issues.
  • Fixed model conflit from addon NPC with the vanilla NPC.
  • Fixed grenades name pt_br translations.
  • Fixed medical items loot.
  • Removed balaclava from static NPCs.
  • Removed unusable Armament Table.
  • You can see all the changes here.
v1.8.7 / May 23 / Old Update


  • Added night hordes.
  • Added night vision effect back to nvg.
  • Added small stones and cobblestones block.
  • Added wastelands environment.
  • Added new humanoid walk and run animations.
  • Added 5 new house structures.
  • Added 1 new bandit tower structures.
  • Added 5 new bush environment.
  • Added new flash grenade.
  • Added new fragment grenade.
  • Added new smoke grenade.
  • Improved loots to be dropped only when killed by players to performance.
  • improved loots to drop random durability in melee and wearables.
  • Improved AK-74 and AK-12 shoot sfx.
  • Improved fog.
  • Updated NPCs spawn egg color.
  • Fixed some bugs in the reloading system.
  • Fixed SKS ammo bullet counter wrong value.
  • Fixed some translation issues.
  • Fixed FINALLY vehicles now can climb blocks.
  • Removed civil loot from infected and npcs.
  • Removed songs from the radio.
  • Removed full grass block textures.
  • Removed vanilla wandering trader spawn.
v1.8.6 / May 02 / Old Update


  • Fixed a big mistake of the duplicated interface to reduce lag.
  • Fixed running crosshair animation.
  • Fixed some bugs in the reloading system.
  • Removed custom actionbar position.
v1.8.5 / April 28 / Old Update


  • Added distant death sound effect for players.
  • Added custom bullet system scripts back.
  • Added new 3 structures.
  • Added new celling lamp.
  • Added new on target acquired NPC effects.
  • Added now when you die if youโ€™re infected, a zombie will be spawned in your place.
  • Added now you can drink water from some vanilla items like apple, watermelon and bottle of water.
  • Added now walker will spawn in undergrounds in hard mode.
  • Improved infected spawn rate due to game difficulty.
  • Improved crosshair to hide when aim with any gun.
  • Improved gun โ€œtacticalโ€ sprint animation.
  • Improved shotgun and sniper bullets can break doors.
  • Improved reducion of some melee weapons damage.
  • Fixed bullet causing crash in windows edition.
  • Fixed bullet is not despawning in a long range.
  • Fixed food, drink and medicine items is not working.
  • Removed custom walk animation holding gun (fpp).
v1.8.4 / April 16 / Old Update


  • Added recipes for barbed wire, chair, crate, hazard block, metal rack, table, carpeted table, water pump and wooden barricade.
  • Added new Coly Python item.
  • Added new temporary blindness when breaking a bone.
  • Added now you can add/remove sniper scopes using the crafting table.
  • Increased bullet velocity (+3).
  • Improved NPCs AI.
  • Fixed structures being built within the terrain without access.
  • Fixed NPCs pickuping ammo and dropping guns on the ground.
  • Fixed the crosshair not being hidden with the hide GUI option enabled.
  • Fixed thirst bar not being hidden in creative mode.
  • Fixed a bug where zombies wouldnโ€™t attack survivors and bandits.
  • Fixed refillable bottle and canteen disappearing when clicking on the water block without using the refill water extension.
  • Removed the camera switching system when holding a gun sneaking.
  • Removed the physics system from the wall detector arms for visual effect (causing crashing).
v1.8.3 / April 04 / Old Update


  • Added bandit and survivor variants with melee and ranged weapons.
  • Added random equipments to the static NPCs.
  • Moved refillable empty canteen and bottle system to another separate pack.
  • Fixed water particle in water pump.
  • Improved M40 and Kar98k models.
  • Improved guns system from durability to scoreboard.
  • Removed custom bullet system scripts (will be re-added soon).
v1.8.2 / February 25 / Old Update


  • Added new 2 structures.
  • Added new pt-br language support.
  • Added PC deco block.
  • Fixed bandit bullet spread.
v1.8.1 / February 07 / Old Update


  • Updated engine to support Minecraft 1.20.60.
  • Added new Colt M1892 revolver gun.
  • Added new Radio songs.
  • Added new 1 skin variant for infected and humans.
  • Added new survivor humanoid.
  • Fixed reload & damage in guns.
  • Fixed looping sounds in the deer.
v1.8.0 / January 30 / Old Update


  • Added now you can clear dirty rag with water.
  • Added water pump back.
  • Added tomato food.
  • Added MRE food by N_z (DeadZone Addon Owner).
  • Added sausage food.
  • Added energy drink (you get speed for a few seconds).
  • Added Sawed-off Shotgun.
  • Added 4 new structures.
  • Added Deer animal.
  • Added steel bat.
  • Added diamond bat.
  • Added netherite bat.
  • Added deer hide to make leather.
  • Added raw/cooked vanision.
  • Added new gasmask.
  • Fixed vehicle container rendering bug.
  • Fixed lamp not lighting bug.
  • Fixed some language issues.
  • Fixed importing issues.
  • Fixed explosion missing textures.
  • Improved M4 w/Carry Handler.
  • Improved M16 w/Carry Handler.
  • Improved health system.
  • Improved 12gauge spread.
v1.7.9 / January 08 / Old Update


  • Added bandits group spawn.
  • Added glowing eyes to infecteds.
  • Added translation to effects.
  • Added intoxication effect.
  • Added blood to bandits.
  • Added m809 Truck 6x6.
  • Fixed Sedan animations.
  • Fixed shadows in customm geometry blocks.
  • Fixed death message from entities.
  • Improved scope, banana, orange and mandarine textures.
  • Improved saw texture.
  • Improved some recipes.
  • Improved zombies gear with more rarely spawn.
  • Improved deco blocks now only cam be placed in they respective filters (up, down, sideโ€ฆ).
  • Improved wooden barricade can bed placed in up and down blocks.
  • Improved rewrite new system for filling the water bottle & canteen.
  • Improved vehicles math animations based.
  • Removed accidentally sedan spawn.
v1.7.5 / October 08 / Old Update


  • Reduced mobs and loots spawn rate.
  • Improved fill water system.
  • Improved health (broken leg, infection and blood) system.
  • Improved map color.
  • Improved oak, wood and brick textures.
  • Improved more vanilla blocks to my style.
  • Fixed Guns and Armor items incompatibility with 1.20.30+.
  • Fixed structures spawning incompatibility with 1.20.30+.
v1.7.4 / September 07 / Old Update


  • Added new sounds.
  • Added new crosshair.
  • Removed new vanilla entities spawn.
  • Removed concrete barrier.
  • Fixed night vision goggles turn on/off when using correctly.
  • 44 Magnum bullet damage increased +2. (14 -> 16)
  • Improved Landmine explosion increased.
  • Improved bullet knockback.
  • Improved reworked all spawn rarity to loot, NPCs and infecteds.
  • Improved code refactoring.
  • Improved zombie name to infected.
  • Improved gun sounds distance.
  • Improved title logo.
  • Improved fog.
  • Improved blood particle optimization.
  • Improved infected despawn from distance for optimization.

If you plan to showcase this add-on, ONLY use the links I provide here. DONโ€™T create your own links and/or claim this as your own creation. Thank you! Or I need to request a DMCA to take-down your content. :)

This will ONLY work in Minecraft version 1.20.80 or higher (DONโ€™T USE BETA/PREVIEW EDITION)

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Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70
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    It really is the best addon for the zombie apocalypse, even if I give it a score of 9.8/10
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