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The Project Walker 1.7.5 is here for MCBE 1.20.30+! Explore a run-down, overgrown world taken over by zombies. To survive, you must scavenge for food and weapons, and fight off the zombies!

What is "Project Walker"?

Project Walker is a Minecraft addon that adds a post-apocalyptic twist to the game. Players must now scavenge for supplies to stay alive, while also being careful of zombies, bandits, and other survivors. The addon features a variety of new items, blocks, and mobs, as well as a new thirst mechanic.


I'm working on reimagined of the Legacy Project Walker, with new ideas, new purposes, new mechanisms, new models, new style, new animations, satisfactory for a nice gameplay! All this in one place!



  • HSK (Founder / Contributor)


  • Minecraft vanilla stylized.
  • Post-apocalyptic style.
  • Lightweight and beautiful.
  • No log error on screen.
  • A nice community.
  • Loots.
  • Combat and Survival.
  • Health System (Broken leg, infection and bleeding).

Experimental Gameplay

  • Holiday Creator Features.
  • Custom biomes.
  • Molang Features.

Project Walker is a challenging and immersive addon that adds a new level of excitement to Minecraft Bedrock. If you're looking for a new way to play the game, then Project Walker is definitely worth checking out.


The addon's items in inventory:

Project Walker Mod items in inventory

Some addon's structures:

Project Walker Mod structures 1

Project Walker Mod structures 2

Some addon's 3D firearms:

Project Walker Mod 3D firearms 1

Project Walker Mod 3D firearms 2

Project Walker Mod 3D firearms 3

Project Walker Mod 3D firearms 4

Project Walker Mod 3D firearms 5

Some addon's entities:

Project Walker Mod entities 1

Project Walker Mod entities 3

Project Walker Mod entities 4

Project Walker Mod entities 5

Known Issues

  • Structures overlap others.
  • Guns don't work perfectly in multiplayer.


  • I DON'T authorize anyone to republish/reupload my work outside of my own links, or remove my own link, or this project will be discontinued.
  • You have full authorization to make videos/promote my work, but ALWAYS use my original links.
  • Made in singleplayer and may not work perfectly in multiplayer. Realms are very slow and servers are likely to be too.

Updated on October 08

  • Reduced mobs and loots spawn rate.
  • Improved fill water system.
  • Improved health (broken leg, infection and blood) system.
  • Improved map color.
  • Improved oak, wood and brick textures.
  • Improved more vanilla blocks to my style.
  • Fixed Guns and Armor items incompatibility with 1.20.30+.
  • Fixed structures spawning incompatibility with 1.20.30+.
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