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Survival-friendly military-themed add-on with vanilla styled and beautiful guns, satisfying effects, various animations, explosives, custom armor and blocks, and various details that make the difference.

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Do you like high-quality military-themed addons and have the best features? If yes, youโ€™re in the right place.

Aplok Guns is an add-on for Minecraft Bedrock that adds vanilla styled military-themed guns, I tried my best to make the animations realistic, from firing to reloading, drawing to running, the models are something close to something Minecraft would make.



  • ๐ŸŽฒ Minecraft vanilla stylized.
  • ๐Ÿ”ˆ Satisfying sound effects.
  • ๐Ÿ‘€ Smooth animations from firing to reloading, drawing to running.
  • โšก Beautiful and Optimized effects such as muzzle flashes, blood, explosions, lights, bullets solid and water impacts etc.
  • ๐Ÿ’ฅ Innovative features, with systems never seen before in Bedrock.
  • ๐Ÿ‘ Survival-friendly with everything craftable.
  • ๐Ÿ”Š Reverb and distant effects.
  • ๐Ÿงช Optimized for low-end devices.

Experimental Gameplay

  • Holiday Creator Features (Required).
  • Beta APIs (Required).

How to Make Guns

You can make your own gun using the Gun Workbench with the materials needed for your gun, you can see the recipes in the recipe book on the sidebar.

Gun Workbench

Gun Workbench UI

How to Make Ammo

You need to use the Stonecuter to make your ammo to have compatibility with several items with the same recipe not conflict like crafting table recipes, I realized that the Stonecuter was perfect for this.

Use Bullet Gunpowder (Made with vanilla Gunpowder) to get any bullet type.

Stonecutter Bullet Recipes

Use Gunmetal Ingot (Made with Gunmetal Scrap) to craft any magazine type.

Stonecutter Magazine Recipes

How to Use Attachments

You can access the list of supported attachments for any gun in the addon here.

You need to use the inventory slots to use the attachments.

Attachments UI

How to Reload

You can reload empty guns by having the magazine in your inventory and clicking interact button like eat food (right-click-button).

You can reload empty magazines by having the bullets in your inventory and clicking interact button like eat food (right-click-button).

How to Make Gunmetal?

You use the crafting table to create your Gunmetal Scrap to make Gunmetal Ingot.

Gunmetal Ingot Recipe

You use the crafting table to create your Gunmetal Ingot with Gunmetal Scrap to make Gun parts and Attachments.

Gunmetal Scrap Recipe


Guns: Screenshot 1

Guns: Screenshot 2

Guns: Screenshot 3

Guns: Screenshot 4

Guns: Screenshot 5

Guns: Screenshot 6

Guns: Screenshot 7

Guns: Screenshot 8

Guns: Screenshot 9

Guns: Screenshot 10

Guns: Screenshot 11

Guns: Screenshot 12

Guns: Screenshot 13

Guns: Screenshot 14

Guns: Screenshot 15

Guns: Screenshot 16

Guns: Screenshot 17

Guns: Screenshot 18


Armor: Screenshot 1

Armor: Screenshot 2

Armor: Screenshot 3

Armor: Screenshot 4


  • Disable Empty Mags
    • !disable empty_mags can be used by anyone in your world, the config is individual.
  • Enable Empty Mags
    • !enable empty_mags can be used by anyone in your world, the config is individual.

Special Thanks

  • HardSK (Bullet Hole System Help)


If you plan to showcase this add-on, ONLY use the links I provide here. DONโ€™T create your own links and/or claim this as your own creation. Thank you! Or I need to request a DMCA to take-down your content. :)

This will ONLY work in Minecraft versions 1.20.80 (DONโ€™T USE BETA/PREVIEW)


Open the .mcpack with Minecraft or extract and copy manually the folder to /Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/ behavior and resources in the respective folders.

Just make sure you enable the experimental settings Also make sure you have enabled BOTH resources and behavior packs when creating the world.

Updated on May 03

  • Added support to minecraft 1.20.80.
  • Fixed invisible landmine item.
v1.0.9 / March 24 / Old Update
  • Added support to minecraft 1.20.70/71.
  • Decreased Mossberg bullet damage.
  • Improved bullet damage type to "override" to compatibility with amor protection.
  • Removed knockback from bullets.
v1.0.8 / February 10 / Old Update
  • Added AK-12 assault rifle.
  • Added 5.45x39mm bullet.
  • Added nametag always show back.
  • Added new NVG material.
  • Added recipe to NVG.
  • Added new damage values to individual guns (the old is based on caliber).
  • Improved inspection animations.
  • Improved new AK-47 model & texture & animations.
  • Improved new AWP model & texture & animations.
  • Improved new M4A1 model & texture.
  • Improved all gun fire reverb sounds.
  • Improved recipes to more difficult crafting for various items/blocks.
  • Improved deco blocks now only can be placed in they respective filters (up, down, sideโ€ฆ).
  • Improved wooden barricade can be placed in up and down blocks.
  • Improved rewrite bullet code to fix the chuck load crashing.
  • Improved grenade explosion.
  • Improved blocks rotation code.
  • Improved updated engine compatibility to 1.20.60+.
  • Improved rewrite and optimized the commands season in the addon core.
  • Improved the recoil (We need some feedback to know how to improve this).
  • Improved optimized explosion particles.
  • Improved now the magazine recipe is empty (zero bullets).
  • Improved Juggernaut protection.
  • Fixed FN Fal fire bolt pulling.
  • Fixed HK MP5-A5 Foregrip animation.
  • Removed custom biomes.
  • Removed heart beat and blood.
  • Removed immersive jump feature.
  • Removed custom hotbar.
  • Removed custom tooltip.
  • Removed player custom animations.
  • Removed gasmask.
v1.0.7 / December 14 / Old Update
  • We're releasing the v1.0.7 with various improvements, changes and bug fixes!
  • Added: Explosion effect now occurs by default with all other explosions! (like creeper, TNT etc.)
  • Fixed: Guns Fixer item not working.
  • Fixed: Nickname not showing.
  • Fixed: Increased bullet velocity.
  • Fixed: Decreased bullet physical gravity.
  • Fixed: Run state machine glitch when player walk in snow biomes.
  • Fixed: Slim skin can now be used without the strange arm bug.
  • Removed: Resistance effect from juggernaut.
  • Changed: Decreased item stack drop from ammunition crate.
  • Changed: Increased guns resetting position delay.
  • Changed: Descreased landmine explosion range.
  • Improved: Explosions effects optimized to low-end devices.
  • Improved: Decreased muzzle light emission when fire silenced.
  • Improved: Rewrite some state machines to optimize the client and server processors.
  • Improved: New running animations.
  • Improved: New animations state machines transitions to more fluid experience.
  • Improved: Rewrite some bullet core system to more performance.
ย v1.0.6 /ย November 27 / Old Update
  • Some improvements and bug fixes.
ย v1.0.5 /ย November 18 / Old Update
  • New HK MP5A5.
  • New Blocks.
  • New Foregrip.
  • New effects.
  • Bug fixes & Improvements.
ย v1.0.4 /ย November 11 / Old Update

We introduce the 1.0.4 update with new features, bug fixes and improvements.

  • Added: New Inactivity position, inactivity with the gun causes player hands down.
  • Added: New medical Bandage and Military Bandage items.
  • Added: New decoration Harzard Block, Landmine, Metal Rack, Wooden Barricade and Wooden Crate blocks (all craftable).
  • Added: New Laser and Silencer attachments.
  • Added: NEW COMMANDS! You can toggle the empty mags when empty gun with this commands "!disable empty_mags" and "!enable empty_mags"
  • Added: New Night Vision Goggles!
  • Added: New SFX when you attach a attachment in your gun!
  • Fixed: Ammo/Explosive Crates drops they respective items and not the own block.
  • Fixed: Blood particles not showing (only available for players).
  • Improved: New Reverb and Far SFX!
  • Improved: New Gun Actions SFX!
  • Improved: Mossberg 500 Pump Animation.
  • Improved: NEW DAMAGE SYSTEM! Removed the bullet hit delay in combat and when you sneak the damage is multiplied by 1.25!
  • Improved: Gunmetal crafting recipes like "Steel" with copper nugget, iron nugget and coal, and spend less material.
  • Improved: Gunparts upgrade now use less iron nugget, saving more material.
  • Improved: Pistol recipes no longer use stocks. (that didn't make sense).
  • Improved: 12 Gauge spread increased.
ย v1.0.3 /ย October 28 / Old Update
  • Various bug fixes & support for 1.20.40!
  • Added: Eject/Bounce SFX for guns.
  • Added: Damage Screen VFX for gameplay immersion.
  • Added: Heartbeat SFX.
  • Added: Player Only Blood VFX.
  • Added: Explosion VFX and SFX.
  • Added: Explosive Crate (If you shoot it explodes).
  • Added: Shooting Range Target.
  • Added: New Pull Back Action System for guns like AWP and Mossberg 500.
  • Added: New Materials (Gunmetal, Copper Nugget, Blueprint Bundle and Bullet Gunpowder).
  • Added: Bullet Impact body SFX.
  • Added: Hitmarker SFX.
  • Added: EOTech, ACOG, HP Scope, LP Scope Attachments.
  • Added: Reload mags with bullets per bullets system.
  • Added: Glock 17 Pistol.
  • Added: Desert Eagle Pistol.
  • Added: AWP Sniper Rifle.
  • Added: FN FAL Battle Rifle.
  • Added: M67 Grenade.
  • Added: Holding, Aiming and Standing (Same Reloading) Third Person animation.
  • Added: New UI for the Gun Workbench.
  • Added: Recipe for Ammunition Box.
  • Fixed: M4A1 item name with mistake.
  • Fixed: Vanilla 3D items rendering bug.
  • Fixed: ADS vignette not hiding when holding off the gun.
  • Fixed: Player start draw animation when holding off the gun.
  • Removed: Foliage summer color-map.
  • Improved: Mags and Bullets recipes now is in the Stonecutter, yes (Gunmetal Ingot for 2x Mags and Bullet Gunpowder for 6x Bullets).
  • Improved: The Gun Workbench recipe is now simplified.
  • Improved: New Muzzle Flash and Smoke VFX.
  • Improved: New bullets casing VFX/Physics.
  • Improved: AK-47 Model to fix the floating trigger guard.
  • Improved: Renamed "Glock 18" to "Glock 18c".
  • Improved: Now the amor can be enchanted.
  • Improved: VFX Design/Physics/Performance.
  • Improved: Rewrite the Guns system stable for performance and compatibility with the new mag bullets reload system.
  • Improved: New recipes for guns and gun parts.
  • Improved: Now you can cancel the reload action when holding off the gun.
ย v1.0.2 /ย September 23 / Old Update
  • Added: Welcome & Info message in-game on every update.
  • Added: Glock 18 Pistol.
  • Added: Mossberg 500 shotgun.
  • Added: 6B3 body armor.
  • Added: Military Helmet.
  • Added: Juggernaut Armor.
  • Added: New splashes.
  • Added: Bullet tracers.
  • Added: Bullet hole by @GabrielMODGuy.
  • Added: Smoke VFX for light, medium and heavy gun fire.
  • Added: Water and solid impact VFX.
  • Added: Sparks VFX when impacting metal.
  • Added: inspection animations.
  • Added: ADS (Aim Down Sight) Vignette.
  • Added: New gun parts for recipes.
  • Fixed: some bugs.
  • Fixed: Workbench block rotation.
  • Updated: API for Bedrock Engine 1.20.30
  • Improved: Impact SFX system.
  • Improved: Now the gun looks for ammo in the entire inventory, and no longer the off-hand.
  • Improved: New SFX effects again (I love this).
  • Improved: New animations again ( I love improving this).
  • Improved: Performance and smoothness.
  • Improved: all textures have been remastered.
  • Improved: new 3D models for some things.
  • Improved: Muzzle light (block) performance.
  • Improved: More efficient armament and ballistic system.
  • Improved: New atmospheric SFX.
  • Improved: New bullet recipes.
  • Removed: M4A1 Tactical (Temporary) cuz I working on attachments system.
  • Removed: Detailed third-person animations.
  • Removed: The summer color-map and fog darkness, cuz this is not an apocalypse mod (Download Mini Apocalypse lol).
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  1. Ana profile avatar Ana
    Gab is the beeeest addon creator! โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ
  2.  profile avatarGreenday profile avatar Greenday
    My guns arenโ€™t doing damage
    1. Use the correct Minecraft version and active the experimental settings.
  3.  profile avatarGreenday profile avatar Greenday
    Is there a reason the guns arenโ€™t working
  4. this mod is really well done, the only thing that sucks is that it makes bedrocks custom skin editor break and turns them all into steves. If you somehow cant fix that bc its a Minecraft issue then I understand.
    1. Just ask to Mojang to fix this sht. ๐Ÿ‘
  5. The addon is looking pretty good so far as the updates goes. I like the balancing for velocity and damage in the current version of the addon.

    Although now that 1.20.50 for bedrock is out. There's some issues that would need be fixed. The custom commands for example.

    The guns still work in 1.20.50. The !disable and !enable commands for the empty mags are no longer working as of 12/5/23. But it was bound to happen anyway.

    And before you ask. I made a fresh new world in 1.20.50 and the custom command still doesn't work. I even have all the addon experimental features on and it still doesn't work. And yes i even have both resource and behavior packs in the world and it still doesn't work.

    Ik the custom commands isnt too important to be fix right away. As long as the addon works. It should be fine for now.

    Hope you have a nice day and try to take breaks when you can!
    1. It's a problem with the Minecraft Beta APIs, unfortunately with every Minecraft update, the add-on will stop working, but there's no need to worry, cuz I will always update to fix.
      1. It's good to know that you'll update the addon whenever it breaks.
        Though, pls try to take some breaks from time to time. Don't want you to overwhelm yourself with alot of things to make. Especially when you have things irl to do. Can't wait to see what you add in to the next update to this addon. Once again, hope you have a nice day!
  6.  profile avatargrifo849 profile avatar grifo849
    vc vai colocar os attachables nas armas?
    1. Mas quem tem que colocar รฉ vocรช, vocรช leu a descriรงรฃo? Ensina tudo ai.
  7.  profile avatarPingu profile avatar Pingu
    i love this addon, is a very good job hire .
    1. I'm glad you like this bro!
      1.  profile avatarPingu profile avatar Pingu
        can you add a flamethrower?
        1. It's on my list of things to do, I plan to add this!
  8.  profile avatarLemonCat profile avatar LemonCat
    Me and my friends love this addon! Super good models, animation and gameplay.
    1. Nice, thank you!
  9. 11 outta 10 update
  10. 11/10
  11. Hello! ๐Ÿค“