True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse (V12.9 Zombie Shield Update)

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How would you feel waking up in a world over run with the undead? When you walk through this world you will understand what it is like to live in a Zombie Apocalypse. Could you Survive?


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This add-on is hard, really hard, only the best will survive!

This add-on DOES NOT use the player.json file

All Vanilla Minecraft Mobs have been removed. You should only see Our Zombies, unless they are hardcoded entities. We have done this so we can control how we want our add-on to run, Any Vanilla Mobs that remain are there because we want them to be.


This add-on is simple. Can you survive in a world over run by Zombies?


It has been over 10 years since the undead took over our world, what is left of civilization can be found in the decaying structures found in the wilds of our new world, Zombies can be found in every corner of our once peaceful land. You are our only hope to rebuild the world as is once was! Find other survivors, take them with you to a safe place and start to build the human numbers, so we may take back our world. Good Luck!


When you kill a Zombie the Corpse will fall to the ground and start to decay, within this period you can harvest some loot from the Corpse by interacting with it, what you are really hoping for is a Zombie Heart to create a Vaccine. Rats will eat Zombie Corpses, you may want to get to them before they do!

Zombie Corpse

When it is just the Skeleton left you can harvest some Bones, you will need a pair of Shears to crunch through the Bones!

Zombie Skeleton

The Skeleton will disappear in 20 seconds.


Starting a Laboratory to create the Zombie Vaccine can get a little tricky, check out the video and follow the steps!

When the Vortex Mixer is finished, you will have a fully working Zombie Vaccine to give to a Human or your Animals, by Vaccinating them you are making it, so the Zombies simply ignore them, So starting a Pig or Chicken Farm can be done easily. Vaccinating a Human allows you to breed them, Use a Sandwich on the Humans this will get them to give birth to an Immune Human.


True Survival is not just a run and hide add-on, it has depth! The whole point is to rebuild society by creating a community of Immune Humans, these are the Humans that come from breeding the Vaccinated Humans.

When you breed the Vaccinated Humans they will give birth to an Immune Baby.

Immune Baby

The Zombies will ignore the Immune unless they are making noise then they will be attracted to them but will not attack them, The Immune Baby will be quite unless it is hungry.

Immune Baby Crying

When the Immune Baby is crying, you will need to give it a bottle of Baby Milk to calm it.

Bottle of Baby Milk Craft Recipe

Bottles and Baby Milk can be found inside some Structures.

Immune Baby Drinks Milk

Every time the Immune Baby is feed, it has a chance to grow up into an Immune Toddler.

Immune Toddler

The Immune Toddler is a bit more lively, you may have to keep your eye on it more then the Immune Baby.

Immune Toddler Crawling

If the Immune Toddler gets hungry, it will let you know by throwing a tantrum, which will attract more Zombies. Give it a Bottle of Toddler Milk to calm it down.

Bottle of Toddler Milk Craft Recipe

Bottles and Toddler Milk can be found inside some Structures.

Immune Toddler Drinks Milk

Every time the Immune Toddler is feed, it has a chance to grow up into an Immune Teenager.

Immune Teenager

The Immune Teenager will be quite as it has understood the situation it is in.

Immune Teenager Sitting

If the Immune Teenager gets hungry it will sit down and sulk, give it any Sandwich to cheer it up.

Immune Teenager Eating Pizza

Every time the Immune Teenager is feed, it has a chance to grow up into an Immune Villager.

Immune Adult

When the Immune Teenager grows into an Immune Villager, these villagers will be the same as Vanilla Villagers except for the breeding part, these Villagers can not breed, that is still down to the Survivors.


Zombies will cover your entire world, every Biome will have them, so there is no real escape from the horror this add-on has to offer. Zombies will be dorment, slowly wondering around thinking on their previous life or what ever Zombies think about!

When a Zombie attacks a human, that human will either become a Zombie or die.

A Crowd of Zombies (Screenshot 1)

A Crowd of Zombies (Screenshot 2)

A Crowd of Zombies (Screenshot 3)

Zombies Under Water

Zombies in Basalt Deltas

Firefighter Zombies in Basalt Deltas


Humans are rare, you will not see many of them as when ever the Zombies sees them they will attack them making more Zombies, so keeping one safe long enough to Vaccinate them is hard. When a Human is vaccinated they are your friends and will follow you anywhere you go, unless you tell them to stay put, similar to "sitting" but without the sitting animation (Because they are not dogs) when they have stayed put you can leave them at home and go on your travels knowing they are safe and sound. Humans will not defend you or fight on your behalf, like I said, they are not Dogs. Once Vaccinated you can give them a Sandwich (Each one will need a different one) and they will begin to breed to create an Immune Baby. Genders count here, so make sure you have a male and a female vaccinated human before wasting a Sandwich.

Hazmat Scientist

This Human can be found wandering the Mesa, Trade O2 Canisters with him for Empty Vials and Zombie Antidotes. (Male)

Requires a Chicken, Tomato and Radish Sandwich to breed!

Hazmat Scientist

Katana Trader

This Human can be found anywhere, trade Hygiene Products with her for Katanas, The Katana Trader will spawn with two Armless Zombies on leads. If you kill the Katana Trader, you can take her Armless Zombies with you. All other Zombies will ingore you when you have one of these with you. (Female)

Requires a Tomato, Onion and Radish Sandwich to breed!

Katana Trader

Available Katanas

Available Katanas

Old Hobo

These Humans can be found wandering the Tiaga, trade Food with him for Armor.
(Male, Can not breed)

Old Hobo

Desert Wanderer

These Humans can be found wandering the Deserts holding their Pitch Forks along with their three Dogs, He will trade you general items for a P1911 and 9mm Ammo (Male)

Requires a Beef, Tomato and Onion Sandwich to breed!

Desert Wanderer

Female Survivor 1

Requires a Pork, Onion and Radish Sandwich to breed!

Female Survivor 1

Female Survivor 2

Requires a Chicken, Onion and Radish Sandwich to breed!

Female Survivor 2

Male Survivor 1

Requires a Beef, Onion and Radish Sandwich to breed!

Male Survivor 1

Male Survivor 2

Requires a Pork, Tomato and Onion Sandwich to breed!

Male Survivor 2


Mans best friend is obviously the beloved Dog! The Desert Wanderer will have a few of these in tow when you find a Desert Biome. Use Meaty Bones to tame one or more of his Dogs and take them home with you. When taming them, they will have a couple of little chests attached, so they can carry a few items for you if your inventory is a little packed. Sneak and Interact to make them sit, and again to make them stand.

Mans Best Friend


Melee Weapons will be your go to weapon as guns are Rare, you can break Rusty Pipe Blocks located in or around Structures for a chance of a Rusty Pipe to get you out of danger!

Rusty Pipe Block

Rusty Pipe Block

Rusty Pipes are the easiest Melee Weapon to get hold of as Rusty Pipe Block are located in 90% of Structures, they do not have much Durability or Damage but will help to survive.

Rusty Pipe Block Variants


Wood Work

The Wood Work Bench will craft any Melee Weapon that requires Wood as the main material.

Wood Work Bench

These can only be found in a Gang Tower

Recipes for this crafting bench can be found on the Discord!

Metal Work

The Metal Work Bench will craft any Melee Weapon that requires Metal as the main material.

Metal Work Bench

These can only be found in a Gang Tower

Recipes for this crafting bench can be found on the Discord!

Chopping Board

Chopping Board

Chopping Board Recipe

Use the Chopping Board to craft Sandwiches

Recipes for this Chopping Board can be found on the Discord!


Creating Ammo for your Guns will take a little time to get started but will be worth it in the end as you can keep all your Guns stocked up and if you are playing on a Realm, Ammo making could be a good way of earning rare items from other players. First you will need to go mining in the Mesa, a Desert or the Savanna to get some Potassium Nitrate and Sulfur.

Mine these Ores to obtain Potassium Nitrate and Sulfur.

Potassium Nitrate Ore

Sulfur Ore

Lead Ore can be found between 50 and 60 in any Grassy Biome.

Lead Ore

Once you have these, you need to craft a Pestle & Mortar to grind the Ingredients together.

Pestle & Mortar

Soft Pestle & Mortar Recipe

Pestle & Mortar Furnace Recipe

Charcoal Powder Recipe

Potassium Nitrate Powder Recipe

Sulfur Powder Recipe

Craft together these items to get Pure Gunpowder.

Pure Gunpowder Recipe

Pure Gunpowder obained! What you need next is Melted Copper.

Melted Copper Furnace Recipe

OK! With these items nice and safe in your Chest you can move on to the next part. Finding a Ammunition Bench!

Ammunition Bench

Ammunition Benches can only be found inside Gang Towers, once you have one you can create stocks of Ammunition for your Guns, As well as Melted Copper, Lead Ingots and Pure Gunpowder you will need Empty Ammo boxes to finish your Craft. Empty Ammo boxes can be found by looting Zombie Corpses or after reloading your gun.

Recipes for this crafting bench can be found on the Discord!


Guns are rare, a P1911 can sometimes be found in Bedside table or traded from a Desert Wanderer, all other guns can be found in Army Boxes

To reload any of our guns you simply need to have the correct ammo anywhere in your inventory, shoot your empty gun and it will reload!

Check out the Discord for all the Gun information!

Sentry Guns

A Sentry Gun will stand wherever you place it and be on the look out for any Zombies it comes across. When you place it down, it will be empty, you will need to load it with some Sentry Gun Bullets or Sentry Flamethrower Gas Canisters, When you do this the Sentry Gun will come online and start looking for threats, when the gun is empty it will auto reload if more Ammo is in it's inventory.

Sentry Gun

Sentry Gun Ammo

Sentry Flamethrower

Sentry Flamethrower Ammo

You can find pieces of the Sentry Gun in Army Boxes, craft them together to create a Sentry Gun or a Sentry Flamethrower.

If you would like to move your Sentry Gun, Just Sneak and Interact with it with a Crowbar in your hand.

Flare Gun

If your lucky enough to come across a Tube Carriage and find a Flare Gun then when you get back the surface look up and shoot, this will let out a Flare. The Flare will summon a Supply Crate which will fall down to you.

Subway Carriage in a Cave

The Tube Carriage generates in most Biomes between level 0-10.


Explosives are a great way of getting the edge on the undead scum! Using anyone of these devices should give you enough time to get ahead by a good few blocks...Or maybe you will just blow yourself up. Who knows!

Proximity Mines can be laid down anywhere, once you place one down sneak and interact with it, this will activate it. You will hear a beeping sound for 5 seconds, when the beeping stops the Proximity Mine is armed.

Proximity Mine

Grenades are a good item to have on your hotbar at all times, throwing one could get you out of a sticky situation!


Smoke Grenades are a very good way of escaping a hoard without using something that could kill you as well. Once thrown Zombies will be attracted to it, so a hoard following you could get distracted.

Smoke Grenade


Using Medical supplies are a great way of keeping yourself super healthy whilst on the run, you can find all these items inside Army Boxes

Medical Recipes can be found on the Discord!

Green and Red Medical Kits

The Red First Aid Kit gives a Small Regeneration Boost more then the Aspirin, The Green Medical Kit give a Massive Regeration Boost for a long period of time.


Loot Blocks are found within structures, interact with them to see what is inside!

Food Cupboards

Food Cupboards

A full list of available items from this block can be found on the Discord!

Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

A full list of available items from this block can be found on the Discord!



A full list of available items from this block can be found on the Discord!

Bedside Table

Bedside Table

A full list of available items from this block can be found on the Discord!

Toy Box

Toy Box

A full list of available items from this block can be found on the Discord!

Army Boxes

Army Boxes

Requires an Army I.D. Card to open

A full list of available items from this block can be found on the Discord!


You can find Bicycles laying around your world.



The Dead Wave Emitter will kill any Zombie within a 28 block radius once powered, use Packs of Batteries to power this device. Once placed down, use a Spanner on it to pick it back up but only when the power has fully gone. Base Protection yay!

Dead Wave Emitter

Dead Wave Emitter Ammo


Now you can keep all your stuff safe from other players on your world, stock you important items in your Personal Chest.

Personal Chest

Personal Chest Craft Recipe

Craft your Personal Chest.

Personal Chest and Key

Personal Key Craft Recipe

Take ownership of the Personal Chest with a Key.

Personal Chest Inventory UI

Personal Chests are very tough, but they are not impossible to destroy.

More info on the Personal Chest can be found on the Discord


Clothes Bundles can be found in Structures, use one to get a Random uniform to use as armor.

Clothes Bundle

Opening a Clothes Bundle

Equipped Clothes


As well as trying to stay alive for more then a day you can now set yourself a side quest to collect all the Newpapers featuring headlines of the oncoming storm that we now know was the end.

Newspaper Variants

Newspaper Stand Recipe

When you find a Newspaper, Craft a Stand so you can show them off. Eight to Collect!


When you loot any Loot Block you have chance to find a rare DVD, they are collectable items. Can you collect them all?

The DVD's (Screenshot 1)

The DVD's (Screenshot 2)


Razor Wire

Razor Wire will damage any entity that walks through it.


Although we have taken out all the easy ways of obtaining food, we have added a vast array of food stuffs into this add-on. You can find Canned food that will give you a little hunger back, you can heat it up for a bigger hunger boost. We have thought hard about what kind of food would be left behind in a Zombie Apocalypse, and we came to the conclusion that a fresh piece of Beef wasn't one of them!

Fizzy Drinks will give a small Speed Boost, as will Pop Tarts. Yay, Sugar!


Hydration or Thirst is just another thing that has been added to make your life a little harder, now you have to keep your Hydration full as well as your food.

Drink from a Water Canteen to get your Hydration back to 100%.

When your Water Canteen is empty, just stand in a water source to fill it up.


Clean the water using Aquatabs found in Bathroom Cabinets.

Cleaning Water With Aquatabs


Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles. Gives night vision effect.

Skuba Diving Mask

Skuba Diving Mask. Gives water breathing effect.


Some animals have been taken out the game until we can recode them to fit the theme, the animals that have been left in have been edited to fit the add-on. Killing an animal in the wild will not get you the food you require but only a Rotten varient which will cause more harm then good. When you get to the stage where you can vaccinate then you can start to breed the animals, animal that are born are automatically immune and will drop normal loot items when killed, so you can still create your farms but you just have to go around the hard way to do it.

A lot more info on how the Animals work in this add-on can be found on the Discord


If the animals that are left in your world get attacked by a Zombie they will become an undead version of themselves, So killing any animal you see may be one less Zombie to worry about, unless you are at the stage where you can Vaccinate.


When you die, you will hear a scream and the death screen will show a blood splatter. Cool, Right?

Blood Death Screen


Craft and place Zombie Spikes around your base to help protect it, each time an entity stands on a Zombie Spike it can break, so keep an eye on them to keep you bases safe, Entities will also get hurt when walking into them, Metal Zombie Spikes will last longer then Wooden ones.

Wooden Zombie Spikes

Metal Zombie Spikes


Structures will spawn around your world, giving different types of loot, the Structure you enter will determine the loot you can get, like a Broken house will not give you tons of guns because that makes no sense, but this is where you can get food!

Structures: Screenshot 1

Structures: Screenshot 2

Structures: Screenshot 3

Structures: Screenshot 4

Structures: Screenshot 5

Structures: Screenshot 6

Structures: Screenshot 7

Structures: Screenshot 8

Structures: Screenshot 9

Structures: Screenshot 10

Structures: Screenshot 11


Remember to play in experimental mode to enjoy this addon.

Required Experiments for the True Survival Addon

If you make a Video or Stream using this add-on please make sure you have read and understood how to use it otherwise you just make the add-on and yourself look foolish.

Updated on November 30

True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse Update Log V12.9

  • Peony Extract has been added
  • Use Peony Extract to create Peony Solution
  • Peony Solution has been added
  • Use Peony Solution to create a Zombie Shield
  • Zombie Brain has been added
  • Find Zombie Brains by looting Zombie Corpses
  • Place a Zombie Brain into a Blender to mix it up to make a Zombie Shield
  • Beaker of Zombie Brain Matter has been added
  • Revieve a Beaker of Zombie Brain Matter when collecting Brain Matter from a Food Mixer
  • Vial of Brain Matter has been added
  • Vial of Brain Matter is used to create a Zombie Shield
  • Vial of Zombie Shield has been added
  • Mix the Vial of Brain Matter and the Peony Solution together in a Mixing Flask to create a Zombie Shield
  • Craft together a Vial of Zombie Shield with an Empty Syringe to create a Syringe full of Zombie Shield
  • Use the Zombie Sheild to allow the Zombies to ignore you for ten minutes
  • The Zombie Shield will also give you Mining Fatigue as a side effect of the Shield
  • Zombie Floating Corpses have been reduced to avoid lagging issues
  • Zombie Animal speed has been reduced by 10%
  • When starting a new world, you will have 5 minutes of the zombie shield in your system to help you get started
v12.8 / November 17 / Old Update
v12.7 / November 10 / Old Update
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v12.2 / October 06 / Old Update
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v10.4 / April 20 / Old Update
v10.3 / March 24 / Old Update
v10.2 / March 19 / Old Update
v10.1 / March 09 / Old Update
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