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True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse (V10.6.1 Gun Colour DLC Update){Link Fix}

Thumbnail: True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse (V10.6.1 Gun Colour DLC Update){Link Fix}

The real Zombie Apocalypse has come! Try to survive in this harsh world of endless and eternally hungry zombies! This Add-on will also add new structures, items, guns and gameplay features. And you will also meet survivors with whom you can trade.

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This add-on uses the player.json file which means it may not be compatible with other add-ons which also use the player.json file. We use our player.json files for some items like guns and the flashlight to work as well as the animations for the gun holding, if you are finding issues with items not working as intended and are using other add-ons alongside this one, try removing the other add-on to see if that helps. Realms can be a little sketchy whilst running True Survival, we are working on our dependency on the player.json, so we can make the add-on work flawlessly.

Required experiments:

Required experiments for Minecraft Battlegrounds addon

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This add-on is hard, really hard, only the best will survive!

This add-on DOES NOT use the player.json file

All Vanilla Minecraft Mobs have been removed. You should only see Our Zombies, Unless they are hardcoded entities. We have done this so we can control how we want our add-on to run, Any Vanilla Mobs that remain are there because we want them to be.

The History

A deadly virus has taken over the Minecraft World, Some entities were killed instantly (Creepers, Skeletons etc.), Everything else became the undead... A Zombie.

Different types of Zombies have taken over the Minecraft World, Each type will have its own characteristics, it may be speed, strength or something else. Whatever the case, if you see a Zombie... Run.

Some people are survivors like you, and you will find them wandering around getting attacked or attacking Zombies. NPC's will automatically attack Zombies, just as Zombies will automatically attack NPC. If an NPC dies from a Zombie attack, they will become Zombies themselves.

Watch tower, zombies and attack

New Mobs

The Humans

Humans are rare, you will not see many of them as whenever the Zombies see them they will attack them, making more Zombies, so keeping one safe long enough to vaccinate them is hard... but worth it! Some Humans you cannot vaccinate, this is because they would rather kill you then join you. Gang Leaders and Gang Members will kill you on sight, in some ways, they are more dangerous than the Zombies.

The Zombies

Zombies will cover your entire world, every Biome will have them, so there is no real escape from the horror this add-on has to offer. Zombies will be dormant, slowly wandering around thinking about their previous life or whatever Zombies think about. If you were to watch them, you will see them sniff the air when an entity they would like to feast upon comes close.... including you!

New Zombie monster

When you see them doing this, they have caught a scent and will go to investigate, if they find an animal, or you will attack. Zombie's attack will not do a lot of damage but will poison you for a certain period of time, which can become troublesome when overwhelmed with a hoard of the undead.

Zombies eat a corpse

When a Zombie attacks a human, that human will either become a Zombie or die. If the human was to die the Zombies will start to eat the fresh corpse, this could work as a good distraction in an emergency!

A crowd of Zombies (screenshot 1)

A crowd of Zombies (screenshot 2)

A crowd of Zombies (screenshot 3)

Zombie under water

Zombie in Basalt Deltas biome

Firefighter zombies in Basalt Deltas biome


Some animals will still spawn in your world, if they get attacked by a Zombie they will become an undead version of themselves, So killing any animal you see may be one less Zombie to worry about.


Zombie Corpses

When you kill a Zombie the Corpse will fall to the ground and start to decay, within this period you can use a Carving Knife to harvest some loot from the Corpse, what you are really hoping for is a Zombie Heart. Rats and Crows will eat Zombie Corpses, you may want to get to them before they do.

Zombie Corpse (stage 1)

Each stage of decay will take 20 seconds until the corpse is just bone.

Zombie Corpse (stage 2)

When it is simply the Skeleton left, you can use a Cleaver to harvest some Bones.

Zombie Corpse (stage 3)

The Skeleton will disappear in 20 seconds.

Zombie Vaccine

If you are lucky enough to get a Zombie Heart from the Corpse, you can start to make a Vaccine to Vaccinate the living, including the remaining Animals.

Vial of Zombie blood recipe

With Empty Vials traded from the Hazmat Guy in the Mesa, you can get eight Vials of Zombie Blood from one Zombie Heart.

Also, a trade of the Hazmat Guy in the Mesa is the Antidote! The Antidote mixed with Zombie Blood with create a Zombification Vaccine.

Zombification Vaccine recipe

The last stage of creating a Working Vaccine is to mix the unmixed Vaccine Vial in a Vortex Mixer, this will ensure the Vaccine is ready to use. The Vortex Mixers can be found in Medical Cabinets found in structures.

Vortex Mixers block

Place the unmixed Vial of the Vaccine into the Vortex Mixer and wait 20 seconds.

Vortex Mixers and Vaccine

When the Vortex Mixer is finished you will have a fully working Zombie Vaccine to give to a NPC or your animals, by vaccinating you are making it, so the Zombies simply ignore them, So starting a Pig or Chicken Farm can be done easily.

By vaccinating a NPC, you will open their trade table for you to trade with. This process also allows you to breed the Vaccinated NPC's, Use a Toblerone on the NPC's this will get them to give birth to a Zombie Immune Human. Once fully grown, giving this Human a set of clothes will determine the role it now has to take. The more Immune Humans you have in one place means less Zombie spawning.

Zombies ignore the chicken

The Immune Humans

True Survival is not just a run and hide add-on, it has depth! The whole point is to rebuild society by creating a community of Immune Humans, these are the Humans who come from breeding the Vaccinated NPC's.

When you breed the Vaccinated NPC's they will give birth to an Immune Baby.

Immune Baby

The Zombies will ignore the Immune unless they are making noise than they will be attracted to them but will not attack them, The Immune Baby will be quite unless it is hungry.

The baby is crying

When the Immune Baby is crying, you will need to give it a bottle of Baby Milk to calm it.

Baby Bottle with milk recipe

Bottles and Baby Milk can be found inside Food Boxes.

The baby drinks milk

Every time the Immune Baby is feed is a chance for it to grow up into an Immune Toddler.

The baby has grown to a child

If the Immune Toddler is a bit more lively, you may have to keep your eye on it more than the Immune baby.

The baby is crawling

If it the Immune Toddler gets hungry, it will let you know by throwing a tantrum, which will attract more Zombies. Give it a Bottle of Toddler Milk to calm it down.

Baby Bottle with milk recipe

Bottles and Toddler Milk can be found inside Food Boxes.

The child drinks milk

Every time the Immune Toddler is feed is a chance for it to grow up into an Immune Teenager.

Immune Teenager

The Immune Teenager will be quite as it has understood the situation it is in.

The baby is crying

If the Immune Teenager gets hungry, it will sit down and sulk, give it a cooked Pizza to cheer it up.

Cooked Pizza recipe

Pizzas can be found inside Food Boxes.

The child eats pizza

Every time the Immune Teenager is feed is a chance for it to grow into an Immune Adult.

Immune Adult

The Immune Adult will not need looking after, it will just do its own thing until given a role to play in your community.

Clothing variants

Clothes can be found inside Suitcases (they are not for you to wear). By giving a set of clothes to an Immune Adult, you will be giving it a role to play whilst you rebuild.

New Structures

Structures will spawn all around your world, Each one giving different Loot while houses will give you more domestic loot like food and trade items, Army Bases and Sheds will give more Armory Chests. Some Structures are a lot harder to clear out than others. Good Luck!

Blending In

Get hold of some Dirty Rags and a Vial of Zombie Blood and you can craft yourself a Zombie Blood Stained Shirt, this will keep you 100% hidden from the Zombies giving you time to run around and collect your loot, only problem now is the Rats, They will come at your big time. Good Luck!

Zombie Blood Stained Shirt recipe

New Weapons

Weapons can be found inside Armory Crates inside structures, there is a huge range of Melee Weapons as well as guns. Guns will need the corresponding ammo to keep the bullets flying, Ammo can be found in Armory Crates or for most Guns be made.


Melee Weapons will be your go to weapon as guns are Rare, you can break Rusty Pipe Blocks located in or around Structures for a chance of a Rusty Pipe to get you out of danger, but all other Melee Weapons will have to be crafted!

Wood Work Bench

The Wood Work Bench will craft any Melee Weapon that requires Wood as the main material, Wood for Melee Weapons can be found mainly outside Structures, wooden window panels and door barriers break into to the wood you will need to craft on this Bench.

Wood Work Bench

Wood Work Bench recipe

Find the Designs for the Wood Work Bench inside Suitcases

Blocked Doors

Break the Window Panels or Door Barriers to get Pieces of Wood

Wood Pieces recipe

A Damaged Wood Plank makes 3 Wood Pieces

Usable Wood Plank recipe

9 Wood Pieces makes 1 usable Wood Plank

Metal Work Bench

The Metal Work Bench will craft any Melee Weapon that requires Metal as the main material, Metal for Melee Weapons can be found mainly from Rusty Pipe Blocks, Trash Cans and Empty Food Cans.

Metal Work Bench

Metal Work Bench recipe

Find the Designs for the Metal Work Bench inside Suitcases

Metal Piece recipe

Metal Fragments are found when breaking Rusty Pipe Blocks, Trash Cans or Smelting Empty Food and Drink Cans, 9 Metal Fragments makes 1 Metal Piece.

Metal Ingot recipe

Smelt Metal Pieces to get Metal Ingots


Explosives are a great way of getting the edge on the undead scum! Using anyone of these devices should give you enough time to get ahead by a good few blocks... Or maybe you will just blow yourself up. Who knows!

Proximity Mines can be laid down anywhere, once you place one down sneak and interact with it, this will activate it. You will hear a beeping sound for 5 seconds, when the beeping stops, the Proximity Mine is armed.

Remote Bombs are a fantastic way to remove a few Zombies just when you want them to, lure them to a location with a Smoke Bomb and lay a Remote Bomb close by and stand back.

Grenades are a good item to have on your hotbar at all times, throwing one could get you out of a sticky situation!

Smoke Grenades are a perfect way of escaping a hoard without using something that could kill you as well. Once thrown, Zombies will be attracted to it, so a hoard following you could get distracted.

Flash Bangs are not a fun as things that go boom, but just as handy, once thrown any mob in a 12 block radius will go blind for a few seconds and be extremely slow for about 20 seconds. Any player within a 30 block radius will still hear it.


A new variety of weapons will help you in the battle with the army of the walking dead.


How to reload?

To reload any of our guns, you simply need to have the correct ammo anywhere in your inventory, shoot your empty gun and it will reload!

Reloading the gun

Creating Ammo for your Guns will take a little time to get started, but will be worth it in the end as you can keep all your Guns stocked up and if you are playing on a Realm Ammo making could be a good way of earning rare items from other players. First you will need to go mining in the Mesa, a Desert or the Savanna to get some Potassium Nitrate and Sulfur.

Potassium Nitrate ore blocks

Sulfur ore blocks

Mine these Ores to obtain Potassium Nitrate and Sulfur.

Once you have these, get some Charcoal Powder from crafting Charcoal.

Charcoal Powder recipe

Now you have all the items to make Pure Gunpowder.

Craft together these items to get Pure Gunpowder.

Pure Gunpowder recipe

Pure Gunpowder obained! What you need next is Melted Copper.

Melted Copper recipe

OK! With these items nice and safe in your Chest, you can move on to the next part. Finding an Ammunition Bench!

Ammunition Bench

Ammunition Benches can only be found inside Gang Members Bases, once you have one you can create stocks of Ammunition for your Guns, As well as Melted Copper and Pure Gunpowder you will need Empty Ammo Boxes to finish your Craft. Empty Ammo Boxes can be found inside Trash Cans and Rubbish Bags.

Sentry Gun

A Sentry Gun will stand wherever you place it and be on the lookout for any Zombies it comes across. When you place it down, it will be empty, you will need to load it with some Sentry Gun Bullets, When you do this, the Sentry Gun will come online and start looking for threats, Each case of Bullets will last an hour before it becomes empty and needs reloading.

Sentry Gun

You can find pieces of the Sentry Gun in Armory Crates, craft them together to create a Sentry Gun.

Sentry Gun recipe

If you would like to move your Sentry Gun, just sneak and interact with it with a crowbar in your hand.

Flare Gun

The Flare Gun is technically not a Weapon, but it has gun in the title, so it works, If you are lucky enough to come across a Subway Carriage and find a Flare Gun then when you get back to the surface, look up and shoot, this will let out a Flare. The Flare will summon a Supply Crate which will fall to you.

Subway Carriage in a cave

The Subway Carriage generates in most Biomes between level 0-10

Flare Gun

New Equipment and Items


Using Medical supplies is a great way of keeping yourself super healthy whilst on the run, you can find all these items inside Medical Cabinets inside structures.

Medical Cabinet

Medical Cabinets double up as a Medical Table to craft your Medical Items.

Ibuprofen Refill recipes

Ibuprofen Refill - Ibuprofen cures all poison infections, A full bottle has 3 uses

Aspirin Refill recipes

Aspirin Refill - Gives a little Regeneration Boosts, A full bottle has 3 uses

Steroids Refill recipes

Steroids Refill - Gives a Speed, Strength and Jump Boost, A full bottle has 3 uses

Leg Splint recipes

Leg Splint - Cures the Slowness given by Crawlers, 1 time use

Green and Red Med Kits

  • The Red First Aid Kit gives a Small Regeneration Boost, more than the Aspirin
  • The Green Medical Kit gives a Massive Regeneration Boost for a long period of time

The Accessories

Accessories are rare drops from specific Zombies and can help in the little ways you didn't know you needed.

Night Vision Goggles. A rare drop from the Tactical Zombies, gives night vision effect.

Night Vision Goggles

Skuba Diving Mask. A rare drop, from the Skuba Zombies, gives a water breathing effect.

Skuba Diving Mask

Rat Poison Boxes, They will attract a kill Rats. Free Food!

Rat Poison Boxes

Clothes Bundles

Clothes Bundles can be found in Suitcases, use one to get a Random uniform to use as armor.

Clothes Bundle

Clothing Bundle is opened

Equipped clothing


Bicycles can be obtained by breaking the Rubbish Bags, inside the Rubbish Bags you can find bicycle pieces, find the right colored pieces and you can craft a Bicycle.

You can smelt the Bicycle pieces down to get iron ingots:

Smelting a bicycle part into an iron ingot

The Newspapers

As well as trying to stay alive for more than a day, you can now set yourself aside quest to collect all the Newspapers featuring headlines of the oncoming storm that we now know was the end.

The Newspaper variants

The Newspapers stand recipe

When you find a Newspaper, craft a Stand, so you can show them off. Eight to Collect!

The DVD's

When you loot any Loot Block you have a chance to find a rare DVD, they are collectable items. Can you collect them all?

The DVD's (screenshot 1)

The DVD's (screenshot 2)

Razor Wire

Razor Wire blocks

Razor Wire will damage any entity that walks through it.

Razor Wire recipe

Zombie Spikes

Craft and place Zombie Spikes around your base to help protect it, each time an entity stands on a Zombie Spike it can break, so keep an eye on them to keep you bases safe, Entities will also get hurt when walking into them, Metal Zombie Spikes will last longer then Wooden ones.

Screenshot of Zombie Spikes.

Personal Chest

Now you can keep all your stuff safe from other players in your world, stock your important items in your Personal Chest.

Personal Chest

Personal Chest recipe

Craft your Personal Chest.

Personal Chest and Key

Personal Key recipe

Take ownership of the Personal Chest with a Key.

Personal Chest inventory UI

Personal Chests are very tough, but they are not impossible to destroy.


Hydration status

Hydration or thirst is just another thing that has been added to make your life a little harder, now you have to keep your Hydration full as well as your food.

Sneak when you start to get a Water Canteen.

You can get Hydration from most findable drinks (Not Energy or Fizzy drinks) but what you really want is a Water Canteen, once you find one of these troubles is over!

Water Canteen

Drink from a Water Canteen to get your Hydration back to 100%.

When your Water Canteen is empty, just stand in a water source to fill it up.

Empty Water Canteen

Filled Water Canteen

here is also a vast array of drinks you can find to keep your Hydration levels high:

Various Drink variants

Damaged Legs

When being attacked by an entity that is around waist height or lower they will give you the Slowness effect rather than poison indicating your Legs are damaged, when this happens use a Leg Splint to cure the slowness.

Dirty and Clean Rags, Leg Splints items

Clean Rags can be found inside Medical Cupboards, Dirty Rags can be found in Rubbish Bags, clean them in water to use them, Leg Splints can also be found inside Medical Cupboards but rare.

Leg Splints recipe

You can craft Leg Splints just in case.

The Food

Although we have taken out all the easy ways of obtaining food, we have added a vast array of food stuffs into this add-on. You can find canned food that will give you a little hunger back as you can place it in a bowl and heat it up for a bigger hunger boost, or add water to a Pot Noodle to get a big hunger Boost. We have thought hard about what kind of food would be left behind in a Zombie Apocalypse, and we came to the conclusion that a fresh piece of Beef wasn't one of them!

Fizzy Drinks will give a small Speed Boost, as will Pop Tarts. Yay, Sugar!!

Fishing is a great way of getting some extra Food, it is the quickest and easiest way!

Fishing in the Zombie Apocalypse

Blood Moon

Blood Moon events will happen when the Moon is in its full phase and Blood Red, The Blood Moon Zombie will spawn in their Hoards, they will hit harder and take longer to kill. Good Luck!

Blood Moon event

Death Screen

When you die, you will hear a scream and the death screen will show a blood splatter. Cool Right?

Blood Death Screen

If you make a Video or Stream using this add-on, please confirm you have read and understood how to use it. Otherwise, you just make the add-on and yourself look foolish.

Updated on May 18

True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse V10.6 Update Log:

  • Zombie Crawlers have been had a bit slower
  • Zombie Crawlers have been made a little weaker
  • The Light house will generate a little more fequently
  • Houses will generate a liitle more fequently
  • Guns have been made a little easier to find, not by much just a little
  • Crafting Bench Blueprints have been made a little easier to find
  • You can now download three new Gun Packs to change the colour of all your Guns within your World

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