Craftkai: Book I, Chapter I [FANMADE]

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Like The Mimic? Like Minecraft?? Oh boy. I got something for you. This addon adds the monsters and their respective lanterns from the Roblox horror game The Mimic into Minecraft. This is a fan made project and in no way involved with the actual game. 

uh. Actual mimic developers. If you’re seeing this and you don’t want me doing this let me know and this addon is getting thrown away. (and if you do gimme a shoutout? nah jk….. unless-) Sorry In advance for the yelling in each section. It makes it easier to organize when it’s angry and bold.

This addon includes loud noises and jumpscares.

Table of Contents


Permission for ModBay:

Craftkai: permission for modbay.

Required experimental options:

Required experimental options.

Credits & Appreciations:

  • Big thanks to @Splex64942199 on twitter for the help! They helped me come up with the weapons idea and flesh out certain monsters!
  • Huge Thanks to The Mimic. They 100% don't know I exist but if I wasn't obsessed with this game and challenged myself to remake the monster my models would of NEVER gotten to this level so far.
  • HUGE thanks to AdamTaylorGaming for modeling Sama! he carried the first chapter of this addon!
  • All sounds for Chapter I content was grabbed from The Mimic Wiki.
  • Sama is hot

Basic Information

Ha ha! Hello! Before we dive in I’m required to give basic pointers for the addon so that you know what’s going on.

  • Each monster behaves basically the same, but a very few of them will have differences. If they do, it will be specified in their section.
  • Unless specified, each monster will just chill and walk around until they spot a player. When they spot a player they will start chasing the player. When caught, a jumpscare will play.
  • Monsters cannot be killed.
  • They do not spawn naturally and have to be spawned through commands or the creative inventory.

With that being said, here is the addon.

Craftkai: Chapter I

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Welcome to Chapter I of Craftkai! This chapter focuses on recreating all of the monsters of Book I, Chapter I of the mimic. This chapter focuses on slowly getting the player involved into the story. and with that, here are the characters:


Sama is the main antagonist of book I, the world eater of Control. She is a tall woman in black clothing and very sharp claws. And other things which I forgot here.

Sama is the fastest monster of the chapter one monsters. if she chases you, it’s over. Egen jumpscared, she picks you up and slashes you.

Modeled by: AdamTaylorGaming


Sama demonstration.


Hiachi is a little girl in all white clothing. the little girl that freed Sama from her seal. When released, she turned her into her puppet. 

Hoachi has moderate chase speed, you can only get jumpscared when not careful. When jumpscared, she… chokes you? Idk.

Modeled by: ItsDarkwolf6

Hiachi screenshot.

Hiachi demonstration.


Biwaki is a little girl dtessed in all white. Her dad got tricked by the witch and got cured along with her father. She carries and plays a biwaki like her dad.

Biwaki has a pretty moderate speed. So be care when around her. When jumpscared, she will bonk you with her biwaki.

Modeled by: ItsDarkwolf6

Biwaki screenshot.

Biwaki demonstration.


Shizu is some statue you run into in chapter I.

Shizu acts a small bit different from the other monsters in chapter I. When spawned, she is randomized with random sizes where she will stay still. She has a 0.25% of spawning in a “active form”. When in her active form, she will chase and jumpscare players.

When jumpscared, she screams in your face.

Modeled by: ItsDarkwolf6

Shizu screenshot.

Shizu demonstration.


Kuriko is the final monster you come across in chapter I. She is a handicapped girl once possessed by Kintoru.

She has moderate speed, so keep an eye out. When jumpscared, she… idk what she does.

Modeled by: ItsDarkwolf6

Kuriko screenshot.

Kuriko demonstration.


This update features Shinigami, the star of the limited time Halloween event. As of now, he does not naturally spawn and he can only be spawned by his egg in creative.

Shinigami screenshot.

Shinigami demonstration.


This addon comes with a candle that is handy in dark places. It can light up and give off light.

USE the item to turn it on, when the item is switched, it will automatically turn off.

More lanterns will be added in future chapters and updates.

Candle screenshot.

Candle demonstration.

Shinigami Lantern

Acts exactly the same as the normal lantern, but looks nicer.

Shinigami lantern screenshot.

Shinigami lantern demonstration.

End of Chapter I

This is all that is here for chapter one so far. This addon will be updated later down the line adding more and more, but I want to take my time not adding too much so that I can add things as cleanly as possible.

If you want more, below are multiple Pre-Releases, and the BETA version of this addon, which has LOADS of other monsters to play around with which will be ported to the main pack later on. Please keep in mind that these monsters are pretty old and are pretty buggy.

Also its my older work so the quality is awful.

Known bugs & Final notes

  • When the player dies, the light will stay where the player died. There IS a fix to this but it requires player.json. As of the official release this is still a thing.
  • Jumpscare sounds not playing when jumpscared are HIGHLY REDUCED, NOT FIXED.
  • Any feedback is VERY welcome. On how I could do things better, tweaks, or changes. Working on this addon was fun and I would love to make this better.
  • You are free to review ANY of my addons or use them in your maps / servers. all I ask is that you credit me and let me know you did so that I can see your work for myself and see how well you did.
  • Also. DO NOT show off my work as your own. that's just messed up.
  • You are also completely allowed to look at and use the code. It's YOUR copy. why would I care? again. just please DO NOT post my work as your own. Mimic devs. if you want this gone, It's gone no questions asked.

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