Vooring Fabric

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Tough as Bedrock addon also Adds New Mechanics
One of them is Temperature!

This one mechanic could be Difficult for some playes...

So if it's Difficult, this Addon will Help You!


Little Tailoring Lesson:

What's "Vooring"?
It's a Real-Life type of fabric that used to coat the inside of cloth in tailoring...

In this addon, this fabric is used to cooling & warming your body temperature
Though, I found out that this fabric also has this function in Real-Life! :O


This addon Adds Some Items that Able to Increase/Decrease your Temperature as you need...

Vooring Fabric addon - all new armor

Removed the Ozzy Helmet & Boots since the Chestplate & Leggings are OP Enough


!! Attention !!

This addon is Based on a mod called "Armor Underwear" made by The_Wabbit0101

But, Everything is Made By Me & I Didn't Steal any of the mod assets...


Back to the Addon Explanation...

This addon has the Same Purpose with the mod which is an Expansion, in this case... for an Addon called "Tough As Bedrock" made by Weero_TMD


Cooling and Heating Goo items

◆ Goo:

This item is Based on the Temperature...

◆ Material:

This item is Based on the Goo it made from...




"Fabric Snips"

This item is used for Unapplying the fabrics from your cloth...
[You can get your Applied Fabrics back with this item]



This item is used for providing Temperature Immunity for 8 Minutes



The_Wabbit0101, for his Mod that inspired this addon!

Weero_TMD for Allowing me to make an Expansion for his addon!


> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!


About the Fabrics:

◆ Interact the Item [Tap & Hold/Right-Click] to apply it

◆They'll tells you their Fabric Level on their item tips [Example: +5 Cooling / +5 Warming]

◆ They're Unoverlapped-able [Snip it off first, before applying another fabric]

Required Experimental Feature:

Vooring Fabric required experiments

Required Addon: https://modbay.org/mods/535-tough-as-bedrock.html

Tough as Bedrock addon cover


Only English

Working on 1.19.0+!

Enjoy & Stay Well!

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1.20.0 1.19.0