Steel Addon

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With Steel Addon by the SorYPMod you will be able to create steel in the Minecraft and use it to create new tools and armor. After you reach a certain level in the game you still gather iron, but you have nothing to do with it, so you can use this mod that will help you put it to good use.

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All new items from Steel Addon

Carbonized Iron Ingot

Before you can create items from steel, you need to get steel.

From 3 iron ingots and one coal, you can craft Carbonized Iron Ingot.

Carbonized iron ingot craft

This item needs to be smelted with furnace or blast furnace in order to get Steel Ingot.

Steel ingot craft

From this steel ingot you can do Steel Nuggets and Steel Block.

Steel nugget craft Steel ingot from nugget craftSteel block craft

Steel Tools

To craft steel tools, you will need steel sticks.

Steel stick craft

Steel Sword

  • Durability: 1881
  • Damage: 7

Steel sword craft

Steel Axe

  • Durability: 1861
  • Damage: 6

Steel axe craft

Steel Pickaxe

  • Durability: 1850
  • Damage: 4

Steel pickaxe craft

Steel Hoe

  • Durability: 1861
  • Damage: 2

Steel hoe craft

Steel Shovel

  • Durability: 1861
  • Damage: 4

Steel shovel craft

Steel Armor

Steel Helmet

  • Max durability: 500
  • Protection: 3
  • Knockback resistance: 0.1

Steel Helmet craft

Steel Chestplate

  • Max durability: 650
  • Protection: 6
  • Knockback resistance: 2

Steel Chestplate craft

Steel Leggings

  • Max durability: 500
  • Protection: 5
  • Knockback resistance: 0.1

Steel Leggings craft

Steel Boots

  • Max durability: 400
  • Protection: 3
  • Knockback resistance: 1

Steel Boots craft

Steel Apple

  • Use duration: 1.6
  • Nutrition: 4
  • Effects: Regeneration III, Strength III, Fire Resistance I, Resistance III, Absorption I

Steel Apple craft

Enchanted Steel Apple

  • Use duration: 1.6
  • Nutrition: 4
  • Effects: Regeneration IV, Strength IV, Fire Resistance I, Resistance III, Absorption IV, Health Boost III

Enchanted Steel Apple craft

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Download Steel Addon BP
Download Steel Addon RP
Supported versions
1.19.10 1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0 1.16