SpiderMan: Into The CraftingVerse

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With this addon add content related to the Spider-Man universe from comics, movies, video games and series, you can get costumes, weapons, tools and get the superpowers of Spider-Man, you can also meet Spider-Man villains.

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Creator: ArathNido

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Basic recipes

  • Nanotechnology Chip — helps in crafting other items, as well as when working in Suits machine
  • Web cartridge — a web cartridge needed for crafting and working in Suits machine
  • Sewing machine —  make homemade suits
  • Suits machine — make technological suits, stronger, some will have push resistance or special abilities

List of basic recipes.

Spiderman suits

Some suits will have different shield levels. To craft suits, you will need:

  • Sewing machine: weak homemade suits
  • Suits machine: technological suits are stronger, some will have push resistance or special abilities

Sewing and suits machines.

For example, in suits machine there is a set of stealth suits that will give special abilities:

  • Red: fire resistance
  • Blue: water breath
  • Green: invisibility (crouch to use)

Stealth suits.

Symbiote capsule: with this you can obtain the black suits of spiderman, so far there are only two suits (Ultimate & Raimi), to obtain a black suit you must place the symombion capsule on the ground and interact with a suit or mask of spiderman in your hand.

Spider powers

To get it you will need the spider capsule using this recipe (To get the radioactive egg you need to take it with Madame Web):

Craft recipe for spider capsule.

You place it in a place and you can interact it by pressing the crouch button and the interact button and if you need to remove the powers you press the interact button.

When you get SpiderMan's powers you will receive effects like speed, stamina, regeneration, strength, jump and dash, you will also have the ability to climb walls like a spider.

When you die you will lose your powers.

Command to obtain the powers: /event entity @p minecraft:spider

Web Shooters

Web Balancing: To use the web shooter have the item in your first hand, aim at a solid block and start swinging, to reload ammo of the net shooters you must place the cobweb chargers in the second hand, use the web shooters , press the button to crouch down and interact.

Web Shooter: When using it you shoot web traps, you can also reload it with web chargers.

Venom Symbiote: If you have a black suit and as long as you use the web launcher it will not wear out.

Electric Web Shooter: When an enemy approaches the web they will receive damage for a while.

Impulse Web Shooter: When using it the player will be boosted.



To summon enemies, you need to use pearls. To do this, you need Madame Web.

Metal legs

With them you can use them to climb walls without having SpiderMan's powers, you can also attack in an area of enemies removing 20 health, the legs are obtained from the costume making machine, to use it you must place it in the chest armor slot.

  • Crouch to attack everyone around
  • To climb, press and hold the jump button

Metal legs screenshot.

Metal legs demonstration.


Spider-girls update:

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