Multi Backpack V1.8 [Compatible with Any Addon] [1.19.51]

Thumbnail: Multi Backpack V1.8 [Compatible with Any Addon] [1.19.51]

Multi Backpack Addon adds functional backpacks. They allow you to comfortably carry item and blocks, and are also available in different colors and designs.

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Permission for ModBay:

Multi Backpack permission for ModBay

Don't forget to activate the experimental options:

List of experimental options for addon.

How it looks

The backpack is displayed on the back if it is in the inventory.

Backpack on player

How to craft

You need 9 leather, and you can make the Base Backpack.

Base Backpack recipe craft

You can see all recipes of the Backpacks using Recipe Book.

Recipe Book with Backpacks

How to use

If you want to save items, select the item you want to save and put it inside the backpack you have.

  • Windows: Right-click
  • Mobile: Long Press
  • Console: Interact button

Put item inside the backpack

You can also view the contents of the backpack.

View all items inside the backpack

How to pull out items

All at once

To empty the Backpack from items, take it in your hand and then:

  • Windows: Right-click
  • Mobile: Long Press
  • Console: Interact button

Backpack in the hand

Empty Backpack

Piece by piece

If you want to get items piece by piece without throwing them on the ground:

1. Click on the backpack:

  • Windows: Right-click
  • Mobile: Long Press
  • Console: Interact button

2. Now click on the empty slots in the inventory:

Pulling out items.

How to dye a Backpack

The Backpack can be painted in any of 16 colors using the dye.

Before painting, it is recommended to clean the backpack from items.

Orange Base Backpack recipe craft

Backpack Designs

Updated on February 06


  • Full dark backpack
  • Smile backpack
  • Dark brown backpack
  • Dark red backpack
  • Light red backpack

Download links
[1.19.51][NEW!!] Multi Backpack BP V1.8
[1.19.51][NEW!!] Multi Backpack RP V1.8
[1.19][OLD] Multi Backpack BP V1.6
[1.19][OLD] Multi Backpack RP V1.6
[1.19][OLD] Multi Backpack BP V1.5
[1.19][OLD] Multi Backpack RP V1.5
Supported versions
1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0 1.18.30 1.18.10 1.18.0
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