Mysticraft v2.0 | Fantasy Addonpack/Modpack [BETA]

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A Fantasy Addonpack that includes 29 amazing addons, adding new Creatures, Tools, Magics, Armours, Structures, and World generation for The Overworld, Nether, and End dimension.

Ever felt that Minecraft was getting a bit too easy? Lacking in some of its more fantasy-oriented elements? Or just wanted a whole new way to experience the game? If so, Mysticraft's for you.

This Modpack or more aptly named; Addonpack adds:

  • 29 Meticulously selected addons
  • New fantastical Magic items, Weapons, and Armours
  • A multitude of dangerous, and beautiful structures to be uncovered
  • Dozens of new hazardous monsters and creatures to discover, challenge, and even tame
  • A beautiful palette of new blocks to build with
  • And an overhaul in how you, the player, interact with death

Customize your Difficulty!

With the release of 2.0, a slider has been added, allowing you to choose between Easy, Hard, and Hardcore.

  • Easy mode: This is for a more chill and less grindy game experience; Night sieges contain only vanilla mobs and Magic mirrors don't burn many levels upon usage.
  • Hard mode: This is the intended experience; Night sieges contain custom mobs adding Ghosts, Bug-eyed monsters, Crypt crawlers, Meatballs, and Enraged zombies. Magic mirrors burn more levels upon usage.
  • Hardcore mode: This is for those looking for an even more treacherous experience; Boss/Miniboss mobs have more life and deal more damage, night sieges contain the same mobs as hard mode, and Magic mirrors burn exponentially more levels.

(Hard and hardcore mode were intended to have lifesteal features and perma-death respectively but due to technical issues, do not. These features should arrive very soon)

Mysticraft adds a slew of new creatures and enemies to face, beefing up most hostile/neutral creatures and slightly changing certain mob behaviors.

Creatures of Mysticraft


Pyre Drake

Pyre Drake, these flaming lizards are a destructive force of flame, able to reduce any adventurers that cross its domain in the plains or forests to ash and bone. If defeated, the Pyre drake can be tamed using Pyre shards.

Glacis Drake

Glacis Drake, these creatures of frost build their nests anywhere as cold as themselves, though this makes it rarer than the pyre drake, it's just as ferocious as its flaming cousin. If defeated, the Glacis drake can be tamed using Glacis shards

Wretched Wyvern

Wretched Wyvern: An evolutionary offshoot of the drake, and a scourge of thunder. If defeated, the Wretched Wyvern can be tamed using Galva shards



These make up the natural fauna of the world, from the majestic Chocobo to the fearsome Graboid, Beasts like these and many, many more inhabit all 3 dimensions.



Unnatural monsters not dead nor alive fill the night, like Deadbeard and his undead crew or the Revenant, prowler of soulsand valleys.



These Humanoids make up the sentient species of the world, including The Goblins, The Elves, Dragonkin, Pillagers, Dwarves and more. Some are dark creatures beyond reason and some are neutral, offering trades and killing monsters in their land.


Haunted Armour

Haunted Armour

An extremely formidable and deadly suit of armour haunted by a dangerous spirit, it kills anything its visors gaze upon.

Spider Monarch

Spider Monarch

A beastly creature that resides in cavernous nests, the spider monarch is highly territorial and will attack any competing species. If overwhelmed in battle, she summons hatchlings to aid her.

Queen Spider

Queen Spider

A deadly arachnid that resides in underground caverns, being a territorial species it attacks any rivaling species it interacts with. If threatened it summons all manners of spiders.



Burning much hotter than blazes, the Inferno shoots out fireballs that deal area damage and uses its natural shields to block incoming attacks.

Wrought Sentry

Wrought Sentry

A suit of armour animated by the mysterious magics of a past civilization, found guarding ancient grounds.

The Nightmare

The Nightmare

A freakish monster summoned by interacting with an altar in the end, it attacks at range using powerful projectiles. Upon death, it drops its heart.

As well as Creatures there are many new structures out there to explore, This is only a very small look at the 100+ new structures populating the world!


Mini Buddha

This is a small Buddha statue that spawns in almost all biomes. Always holding a chest with some basic loot.

Mini Buddha

Flower Oracle

This will spawn in Meadows, Sunflower plains and Blossom forest biomes. Hiding a barrel with some useful loot.

Flower Oracle


This tower will spawn in most biomes containing loot and a nice view that will help you navigate your way.


Abandoned House

An old decrepit home spawning in Tiaga, Oak, and Birch forests.

Abandoned House

Battle Tower

The Famed battle tower, comprised of multiple levels, each one increasing in difficulty and quality of treasure. Atop it lies the Battle Golem; a fierce miniboss that holds the key to the golden crate at the base of the tower.

Battle Tower

Pyre Drake Nest

An ash nest of the drake's making, holding valuable loot within in chests and scattered across the ground.

Pyre Drake Nest

Head Statue

It can spawn in 2 variants, depending on whether it's in a jungle or at sea.

Head Statue

Pirate Ship

A ship with a dangerous crew that sails across all seas.

Pirate Ship

Enraged Zombie Spawner

A hellish variant of the normal zombie spawner, found underground.

Enraged Zombie Spawner

Underground Dungeon

A bigger, badder dungeon found anywhere from Y-level 10 to 50.

Underground Dungeon

Hot Air Balloon

Can be found anywhere in the sky.

Hot Air Balloon


It's found in the desert, its golden Postiche could come of use.


Desert House

A small home found around the desert with basic loot and, furnace and bed.

Desert House

Wither Shrine

An occult structure that alludes to the coming of a calamity.

Wither Shrine


An ancient shrine dedicated to a mysterious figure.


Pillager Fort

A highly dangerous fortress occupied by pillagers, with rewards well worth the risk.

Pillager Fort

Castle Island

Spawns in the skies above all Biomes. Housing aetherial knights guarding Priceless treasure and a kingless throne.

Castle Island

Dungeon Tower

Each ground up harder than the last, this dungeon holds valuable loot at every level but especially at the top.

Dungeon Tower

Pillager Cabin

A forest lodging Housing fearsome pillagers.

Pillager Cabin

Forest Cabin

A quaint cabin found in Taiga, Birch, and Oak forests,

Forest Cabin

Castle Tower

Spawns in Forests, Taigas, Plains, Mountains, Swamps, Savannahs, and Snowy Plains. This Structure holds powerful undead, decent loot, and a secret every once in a while.

Castle Tower

A multitude of new foods, materials, armors, and items; magical or otherwise have also been added to fill your world.

Big thanks to GrimmWasTaken for allowing me to use his icons for some of the following item displays.


Note: Due to certain bugs, any of the items crafted in custom tables, for the meantime, will be crafted using normal crafting tables.

Magic Staffs:

Frostbinger Staff - Casts a stream of ice temporarily freezing what it hits.

Frostbinger Staff Recipe

Fireball Staff - Casts a plume of flame that sets the ground on fire.

Fireball Staff Recipe

Thunderstrike Staff - Casts a ball of electricity that strikes a bolt of lightning where it lands.

Thunderstrike Staff Recipe

Fire Staff - Uses glowstone dust as fuel casting an AOE fireball, when magma cream is in the hotbar the shots are more powerful.

Fire Staff Recipe

Ender Breath Staff - Uses dragon breath as fuel casting rapid-fire shots that also deal AOE knockback, when amethyst is in the hotbar it shoots 3 projectiles per use.

Ender Breath Staff Recipe

Amethyst Staff - Uses amethyst shards as fuel, shooting out 3 shards at your target.

Amethyst Staff Recipe


Gold Ring - Used as base for crafting an Amethyst Ring.

Gold Ring Recipe

Amethyst Ring - Can be infused with Potion effects.

Amethyst Ring Recipe

After crafting an Amethyst Ring, use a brewing stand to infuse the ring with any Potion effect. (Potion duration must be extended with redstone)

Amethyst Ring Infuse Recipe


Evocation Wand - Summons evocation fangs in a straight line, if sneaking, they're summoned in a radius around you.

Evocation Wand Recipe

Ender Wand - Every one of 4 Ender Wands can set an altar in the world by sneaking and using the wand, if used again while not sneaking you get instantly teleported to said altar.

Ender Wand Recipe


Blank Tome - Used as a base to craft magical tomes.

Blank Tome Recipe

Tome of Embers - Summons 4 Embers to aid you in battle.

Tome of Embers Recipe

Tome of Frostbite - Summons 4 Frostfire to aid you in battle

Tome of Frostbite Recipe

Tome of Soulbinding - Binds any skeleton within a 10 block radius, making them loyal to you

Tome of Soulbinding Recipe


Empty Scroll - Used as a base to craft magic scrolls.

Empty Scroll Recipe

Soulburst Scroll - Summons 4 imp souls to aid you in battle.

Soulburst Scroll Recipe

Fireball Scroll - Casts a torrent of fireballs.

Fireball Scroll Recipe

Frostbringer Scroll - Casts multiple streams of frost, temporarily freezing what it hits.

Frostbringer Scroll Recipe

Thunderstrike Scroll - Casts multiple balls of electricity that summon lightning where they land.

Thunderstrike Scroll Recipe

Magic Mirrors:

All magic mirrors serve the same function: At the expense of levels you get instantly teleported back to spawn, the type of mirror determines how many levels are burnt. The addonpack's difficulty slider also determines magic mirror level depletion, higher difficulties induce higher level depletion.

Golden Magic Mirror - Uses the most levels upon use, teleports users roughly around their spawn.

Golden Magic Mirror Recipe

Iron Magic Mirror - Uses fewer levels than gold, teleports the user directly to spawn.

Iron Magic Mirror Recipe

Diamond Magic Mirror - Uses fewer levels than Iron, teleports the user directly to spawn.

Diamond Magic Mirror Recipe

Netherite Magic Mirror - Uses fewer levels than diamond, teleports the user directly to spawn.

Netherite Magic Mirror Recipe

Magic Mirror - Always burns 1 level upon usage, Teleports user directly to spawn

Magic Mirror Recipe

New Armour and Tools

Updated Vanilla Tools - 6 New tools have been added to all vanilla toolsets, (each with its own unique use), and changes were made to all vanilla tools like increased damage, slower attack speed, or the sweeping function from Java Minecraft.

All New Tools

Copper - Copper now crafts a new Armour and Toolset. The Miner helmet displayed here also comes in all vanilla armour variants, all producing Dynamic Lighting.

Copper Armor, Items and Weapons

Mithril - Mithril is used to create powerful armour and weaponry, as well as being an important component of some magic staffs.

Mithril Armor, Items and Blocks

Argent - Found deep underground, Argent is used to create powerful swords, and armour that can withstand knockback.

Argent Armor, Items and Blocks

Drake Bone - Obtained from the bones of a slain Drake, this armour set is a testimony of strength, craftable into armor as tough as diamonds and the sword which is even tougher.

Drake Bone Armor, Items and Weapons

Amethyst - Amethyst now upgrades diamond tools and armour, increasing enchantability and damage dealt, but decreasing durability.

Amethyst Armor, Items and Weapons


Some sandwiches and new food combos:

Sandwiches and New Food Combos

New baked goods and pastries:

Baked Goods and Pastries

And much more!

Other Food

In-Game Screenshots:

Mysticraft: Screenshot 1

Mysticraft: Screenshot 2

Mysticraft: Screenshot 3

Mysticraft: Screenshot 4

There are so much more Creatures, Structures, Items, and Armours than those shown here. If you want more information, visit the featured addons below or play the game and find them out for yourself!


But NONE of this Addonpack would be possible without the Talented creators who permitted me to use their addons in this project, so thank you to:

I apologize if I've used your addon without your consent or haven't credited you. I've tried the best I could to credit and confirm permission from everybody; You can contact me about these issues here.

If you wish to use this addonpack in any showcase or video be sure to link to this page.

If you want to see sneak peeks, report bugs, or suggest addons to be added then join my discord server here.

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