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Do you like high-quality military themed addon and have the best attachment features? Yes, we are here for those specifications.

IndoArsenal is an addon with Indonesian national military theme, the weapons in this addon are based on rifles commonly used by Indonesian national army (TNI), yes we introduce rifles made in indonesia in this addon, but rifles like FN Minimi, AK-101, AUG are also included in this addon, This addon has the best low poly model style and pretty good animation.Not only that, this addon also features new NPCs and armor, namely vests and helmets.

Oh yes, one more thing, this addon "has used inventory reloading" you don't need to hold ammo on offhand anymore.

Creator Content Warning: If you want to make a showcase about this addon, include a link on this page, also we strongly request not to use our content in any addon projects, be it models, textures and code.

Required Experiments:

Required Experiments

Why should you choose IndoArsenal?

  • We have the best low poly model quality!
  • Has a complex attachment system! You can make gun customizations
  • We have pretty good animations
  • All the guns we release are strictly based on research
  • And most importantly, Ada Indonesia Coy

โค๏ธ Big Thanks To:

  • Matt (Known, one of the developers at molten pixel studio) (Help me to fix dps)
  • Mecha (Our Main Modeler)
  • DaFu (Our uniform maker)
  • Nz (our artist items)
  • Electro (our animator)

Known Issues:

  • We haven't fixed a bug with the swimming/crawling animation when holding gun (BugsIDAR-0004)
  • Some guns are less stable in the animation
  • The creative inventory category is missing, this bug can be removed by using this command: /gamerule recipesunlock false or disable Recipe unlocking!

Recipe Unlocking in the Experimental Options

๐Ÿ”ซ List of weapons in this addon:

Assault Rifle

Pindad SS2 (Senapan Serbu 2):

  • Has attachment

Pindad SS2 (Senapan Serbu 2)

Pindad SS1 (Senapan Serbu 1):

  • Has attachment

Pindad SS1 (Senapan Serbu 1)

Komodo Armament D5:

  • Has attachment

Komodo Armament D5

Kalashnikov AK-101:

  • Has attachment

Kalashnikov AK-101

Steyr AUG:

  • Has attachment

Steyr AUG

PT Armament IFAR-22:

PT Armament IFAR-22

Bolt-Action Sniper

Komodo Armament D7CH:

  • Has attachment

Komodo Armament D7CH

Pindad SPR-2 (Senapan Runduk 2):

Pindad SPR-2 (Senapan Runduk 2)


Pindad PM3 (Pistol Mitraliur 3):

Pindad PM3 (Pistol Mitraliur 3)

Pindad G2 Elite:

Pindad G2 Elite

Light Machine Gun

FN Minimi:

  • Has attachment

FN Minimi

Grenade Launcher

Pindad SPG:

  • Mounted On SS2 Rifle Via Attachment

Pindad SPG

  • Put 40mm on Your Offhand to Reload GL

Making Pindad SPG

How to get them?

You can already access some of the rifles in survival mode via Crafting, but for some of the weapons that still can't be made, we will add them in the next update.

AUG Recipe

Ammo Recipe

Attachment System

You can access attachments through the Blueprint Desk that you can get in survival mode via crafting.

Blueprint Desk Recipe

Eh? What about the Blueprint itself? Here.

Blueprint Recipe

Hold the Blueprint, click the Blueprint Desk and follow these steps, and here we go, you can craft the gun now in your survival world.

Using the Blueprint Desk

How to access Attachments

Click Blueprint Desk block.

Click Attachment Option:

Blueprint Desk Block Menu

Select the gun you want to attach the Attachment (I wanted to modify the AK-101, so I chose this gun):

Attachment Setup

Select the attachment you want:

Attachment list

AK-101 Sight Attachment list

Each attachment has a description. Read to understand the advantages and disadvantages.

AK-101 Holo Sight description


Holo-512 Attachment Equipped


Updated on September 25

ChangeLog 2.1:

  • New Particle effect visuals
  • Added two new rifles! IFAR-22 and G2 Elite
  • Fix Hunger Bug (BugsIDAR-0002)
  • Reanimate D7-CH and AUG
  • Add AUG and D7-CH Sight Column
  • Cleaned up some code

Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/uJvdSYTte9

If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments column on my YouTube channel : Krep

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Behavior Pack
Resource Pack
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1.20.30 1.20.10 1.19.70 1.19.60
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