The Backrooms Survival Expansion v3.1 | Level Fun Update

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Welcome to The Backrooms Survival Expansion addon, which will add a new dimension “The Backrooms” to Minecraft. Will you survive this nightmare and explore the secrets the backrooms has to offer?

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  • Creator: XLite (Twitter)
  • For Minecraft 1.18.10 and above, you should activate the Block-Geo Fixer
  • It is recommended to set simulation distance to its maximum for the best performance within the backrooms

Permission for ModBay:

The Backrooms permission for ModBay

You must enable Experiments for the addon to work properly.

The Backrooms Survival Expansion experimental options

How to Enter The Backrooms

Unidentifiable Residue

Smelt the Endstone using a furnace to get Unidentifiable Residue.

Unidentifiable Residue recipe craft

Anomalous Constructor

Once you have acquired enough Unidentifiable Residue, take it to a Crafting Table to craft an Anomalous Constructer.

Anomalous Constructor recipe craft

Inter Dimensional Breacher Device

Inter Dimensional Breacher Device recipe craft

Place the Inter Dimensional Breacher Device block and interact with it to enter The Backrooms.

Inter Dimensional Breacher Device block

The Backrooms

Level 0

Get familiar with your spawn area, and you will find that you need to find 3 keys in order to escape.

Find 3 keys

The Keys are scattered across the 3 main areas in The Backrooms. It won't be so difficult to find them.

The Backrooms room with the bodies

A terrible monster

Feel free to explore the backrooms to find the keys or explore its secrets like a new Music Disc!

Level 1

Level 1 is a large, sprawling warehouse that features concrete floors and walls, exposed rebar, and a low-hanging fog with no discernible source.

The Backrooms Level 1

The Backrooms warehouse

Level 1 contains a variety of loot for your collection but, be aware for when the lights go out…

The Backrooms Level 1

The Backrooms Level 1

Level Fun

Level Fun takes the appearance of a children's birthday partyroom, having colorful table settings, what appears to be cake, and murals painted on the walls. Level Fun is the main habitat and main base of the Partygoers. Due to the Partygoer's advanced knowledge of noclipping to the point of creating quantum tunnels to find prey, there are massive numbers of entrances and exits to Level Fun, and one never quite knows if they've entered one or not. Level Fun is large but finite, at around 120,000 square miles of space. Partygoers are virtually everywhere in the level, and can be found either out in the open or behind constructed cover. Nowhere is safe.

Partygoer on level fun.

Level Fun Provides a dangerous challenge, try "no-clipping" through the walls and find the many exits to escape

Exit to escape.

To Enter Level Fun You Must Find one of many Level Fun Transport Blocks in Level 1; look for dark spots in the ceiling of level 1 with confetti coming out, interact with this block to be sent to Level Fun =)

Enter Level fun.

Backrooms: Walk through's & Guides

Finding The Keys and Escaping the Backrooms

In order to leave the backrooms you must find 3 Keys Scattered across level 0 a showcase of where these Keys are can be found below.

The Unnatural Obliterator

The Unnatural Obliterator is the Strongest Weapon Found Within the backrooms. It is a sword with 15 base attack damage capable to destroying most backrooms entities. This sword is found by completing a puzzle found within the sanction outpost in level 1, a walk through can be found below.

The Backrooms Shop

In the Backrooms Shop, you can buy various blocks and items. You can get into it by enabling Backrooms Computer.

Shop buttons

Resources for purchase

Updated on April 21

  • Fixed Multiple Exploits when entering and whilst in the Backrooms
  • Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted Volume of Mobs
  • Fixed multiple issues regarding sound files
  • Updated Textures
Changelog for Update on October 23 (old)
  • Added Level Fun =)
  • Added Partygoers
  • Added new Level Fun =) Themed Blocks and Items Which Include: Level Fun Floors, walls, roof tiles, party chairs, party tables (which when interacted with allows the player to hide under), Level Fun Balloons, Level Fun Residue & Party Sludge (Dropped By Partygoers)
  • Added Backrooms Direction Arrows for creative builders as seen in the found footage videos!
  • Added a new Cake =)
  • Added a New Level Fun themed Music Disc
  • Generation Fixes
  • Updated Textures
  • Fixed All Geometry
Changelog for Update on September 23 (old)
  • Entire generation overhaul when initially entering the backrooms. This now allows for all features to work correctly even on lower end devices and so-called death chunks (where dropped items will float, and the game will cease to function) should no longer appear
  • Updated the spawn of Level 0
  • Adjusted the sprites of certain items to fit more respectively
  • The Intended amount of mobs now appear due to generation working correctly
  • Updated Geometry for Some blocks for 1.19.2 support
  • Added the Crowbar, a tool used in destroying backrooms supply crates
  • Fun =) is around the corner

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