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Hi guys i'm back for my new add-on. Too lazy to build a house, village, or even natural structures you want to imagine? Well,this add-on is for you. This add-on adds a lot of structures that you want to build instantly using structure blocks and a lot of natural generated structures that can be found in specific biomes around your world.

How does it work?

To load a structure, you must use structure block: /give @p structure_block

Follow all these easy steps to load:

1. Select the load button

How does it work: step 1.

2. Type the structure id as shown below

3. Click load button to build

How does it work: steps 2 and 3.


To view the full list of all structures, use /function list_building, If you want to suggest a structure idea, comment down below before i will add more structures for future updates.

Village Structures

Structure id: House1

Village structures: house 1.

Structure id: House2

Village structures: house 2.

Structure id: House3

Village structures: house 3.

Structure id: House4

Village structures: house 4.

Structure id: House5

Village structures: house 5.

Structure id: House6

Village structures: house 6

Structure id: House7

Village structures: house 7.

Structure id: House8

Village structures: house 8.

Structure id: Villagetower

Village structures: Village tower.

Structure id: Pillagertower

Village structures: Pillager tower.

Natural Generated Structures

Structure id: Better_dungeon

A bigger dungeon will only spawn in underground and it mostly found in y12 and y8 below, and has a spider spawner in center alongside the 4 chests protected by cobwebs, there is a small chance that will generate a map that leads you to the stronghold.

Spawn anywhere in Overworld

Natural Generated Structures: better dungeon, screenshot 1.

Natural Generated Structures: better dungeon, screenshot 2.

Structure id: Buddhastatue

It also have interior behind it

Spawn in Jungle Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Buddhastatue.

Natural Generated Structures: Buddhastatue with interior.

Structure id: Campsite

Spawn in Taiga Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Campsite.

Structure id: Castle

Spawn Anywhere in Overworld

Natural Generated Structures: Castle.

Structure id: Desertruins

Spawn in Desert Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Desert Ruins.

Structure id: Destroyedtower

Spawn in Plains Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Destroyed Tower.

Structure id: Dungeon_tower

It is also called a reinforced tower that is almost impossible to go in, except the obsidian door that is the only way to enter. It contains 4 stories with 4 spawners inside, 1st floor has a zombie spawner, 2nd floor has a cave spider spawner, 3rd floor has a wither skeleton spawner, and the 4th floor has a blaze spawner, contain some good loot. Another thing that in first floor has a light gray wool near the entrance that if you break it, it will lead you to the secret sculk room underneath the tower, and has a large chest with some loot and a map that will lead you to the ancient city, but be careful out there because there is an active sculk shrieker inside meaning it can summon the warden, so, be cautious.

Natural Generated Structures: Dungeon Tower.

Structure id: Graveyard

Spawn only in Plains, Taiga, Forest, Savanna and Jungle. It has a secret chest loot in one of the tombs, and has a small chance that will generate diamonds and enchanted books.

Natural Generated Structures: Graveyard.

Structure id: Megatemple

Spawn in Desert Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Mega Temple.

Structure id: Pillagercamp

A pillager camp that has 2 tents with 2 chests inside, there is a small chance that will generate a map that leads you to the village.

Spawn in Plains, Taiga, Savanna, and Cold Biomes.

Natural Generated Structures: Pillager Camp.

Structure id: Restoredportal

A restored version of ruinedportal and also has a better loot compared to normal.

Spawn anywhere in Overworld

Natural Generated Structures: Restored Portal.

Natural Generated Structures: chest Restored Portal.

Structure id: Smallcabin

Spawn in Taiga Biome. If you found one of these then you can relax in there and has a starter loot for your survival.

Natural Generated Structures: Smallcabin.

Structure id: Talltower

Spawn in Taiga Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Talltower.

Structure id: Tent

Spawn in Mega Taiga Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Tent.

Structure id: Treehouse

Spawn in Bamboo Jungle

Natural Generated Structures: Treehouse.

Structure id: Wanderingtraderhouse

Actually no wandering trader will spawn here upon generation

Spawn in Desert Biome

Natural Generated Structures: Wandering Trader House.

Modern Houses (only in structure blocks)

Structure id: Modernhouse1

Modern Houses: structure 1.

Structure id: Modernhouse2

Modern Houses: structure 2.

Structure id: Modernhouse3

Modern Houses: structure 3.

Structure id: Modernhouse4

Modern Houses: structure 4.

Structure id: Modernhouse5

Modern Houses: structure 5.

Structure id: Modernhouse6

Modern Houses: structure 6.

Structure id: Modernhouse7

Modern Houses: structure 7.

Medieval Structures

Structure id: Medieval1

Modern house: structure 1.

Structure id: Medieval2

Modern house: structure 2.

Structure id: Medieval3

Modern house: structure 3.

Structure id: Medieval4

Modern house: structure 4.

Structure id: Medieval5

Modern house: structure 5.

Structure id: Medieval6

Modern house: structure 6.

Structure id: Medieval7

Modern house: structure 7.

Structure id: Medieval8

Modern house: structure 8.

Structure id: Medievalcastle

Modern house: medieval castle structure.

Other Structures

Structure id: Jungletemple

Screenshot of Jungletemple structure.

How to install add-on?

The link is mediafire, which is you can download it easily.

Must turn on these experimental features shown in the picture below before play or else the structures won't generate.

Required experimental options.

Warning: Do not reupload this to other sites without the permission of the creator. If you want to showcase this add-on on YouTube, I will allow it if you credit me.

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