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Radium's Armament v1.2 - BETTER Zombies & Zombie Crawlers!

Thumbnail: Radium's Armament v1.2 - BETTER Zombies & Zombie Crawlers!

A new and very realistic addon with various guns for your Minecraft world. 100% survival friendly, 12 guns, a grenade, targets, custom zombies (headshot detection), natural spawning of said zombies, gore/dismembering, physics, several custom blocks, an insane amount of animations, loads of visual effects, two game modes, and many other small details/features for these things.

WARNING:This will ONLY work in Minecraft versions 1.19.81+

Add-on features:

  • 100% Survival friendly
  • 12 guns
  • Grenade
  • Targets
  • Radium Zombie
  • Physics
  • Gore/dismembering
  • Several custom blocks
  • Insane amount of animations
  • Two game modes

Table of Contents


If you plan on showcasing this addon, please ONLY use my links I provide here and tag my YT in the description. DO NOT create your own links and/or claim this as your own creation. Thanks :)

Toggle these Experiments in world game settings:

  • Short Sneaking
  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Beta APIs

Required experiments for Radium's Armament addon

Game settings:

  • Paperdoll: OFF;
  • FOV to "70-80",FOV can be altered by gameplay;
  • View bobbing: ON
  • Camera-shak: ON

If you are playing on a low-end device, and are experiencing lag in your survival gameplay, toggle the Radium Zombie spawns to only be at NIGHT or OFF in the BP settings! This will improve performance!

- Radium

Permission for ModBay:

Permission from aShadyDan


v1.2 update video:

List of Guns

Guns currently available:

  • AK47
  • Golden AK
  • AWM
  • Citori 725
  • M4A1
  • RA MX115
  • M79
  • Meat Grinder
  • P250 Compact
  • P90
  • Thunder Gun
  • Remington 870 (from v1.2)

New guns in Radium's Armament


Reloading starts automatically if the gun magazine is empty. At the same time, there should be a magazine for the gun in your inventory.

You can also hit (left-mouse-button) to start reloading.

P90 reloading

Each gun requires a certain type of ammunition.

Magazines and ammunition


Currently, only one throwing weapon is available - a Grenade.

(the GIF image was accelerated)

Animation of throwing and exploding grenades

Pay attention to the timer near the hotbar on the right. If the timer expires, and you don't throw a grenade, it will explode in your hands! Careful!

(the GIF image was accelerated)

The explosion of a game grenade in your hand


Most guns have a sight that is activated when the player is sneaking.

Gun sight

Custom Zombies

Currently, only one. Some parts of this zombie react to projectiles.

Custom Radium Zombie


Targets are available. They react to the hit of any projectiles, including vanilla projectiles (like bow arrows).

Target blocks

It can be created by a Zombie Head Target egg. The model is randomized.

Zombie Head Targets


Custom recipes are available including new material, ammo and blocks.

New custom recipes


When you have activated the Behavior pack, you can choose Radium Zombie spawn mode:

  • Deactivate Spawning
  • Night Spawning
  • Day;Night Spawning (by default)

Radium Zombie spawn settings

If you want the bullets to break blocks, like glass, and explosions to make holes/break blocks, turn on MOB GRIEFING in your game settings.

Mechanics of glass destruction in the addon

So far, I've spent at least 400-500 hours over about 6 months making this addon for you! I hope you enjoy my first version of Radium's Armament !! I know, the links do have ads, but I thought that would be okay for you guys to spend an extra minute or so on the ads as a little compensation for my effort in making this free addon!

- Radium

Updated on May 15

Hello everyone, this is an exciting update! Many new features, animations, more gore, new shotgun, bug fixes, and much more!

  1. boomdogzgamer25
    Download Site isn't working for me. Please use linkvertise.
  2. Ghaitho
    I freaking love it!! I liked how sprites aren't flat as other add-ons, these sprites are hand-drawn and vanilla friendly.
  3. ChimmMMMm
    Great addon, saw the development and ur videos can’t wait to see where it goes