Terracraft: Flying Dutchman and Pirate Captain Add-on (Beta)

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Battle the Flying Dutchman and Pirate Captain, two mini bosses from the pirate invasion event in Terraria, now in Bedrock! Note that this is still in the beta stage, so be sure to check below for updates!

Pirate Captain

The Pirate Captain is a strong enemy mob that will attack players or villagers. It is a mini boss that can choose between melee or ranged; in ranged mode, it can either attack you with the gun or cannon.

Pirate Captain

The gun fires bullets that do little damage and no knockback, but fires in rapid succession. The cannon fires cannonballs at a slow rate, but deals high damage and can send you flying.

You can find them spawning near beaches, but will only spawn on Hard difficulty.

Pirate Captain attacks (image 1)

Pirate Captain attacks (image 2)

Defeating the Pirate Captain unlocks the Pirate NPC. A message will pop up saying that it has spawned nearby.

The Pirate has arrived

The Pirate NPC looks like the Pirate Captain, but is a passive utility mob that will help defend against enemies instead. You can also trade with it for items, including the spawns of the Pirate Captain and Flying Dutchman.

The Pirate NPC

Trading with a Pirate NPC

Below is a list of items for trade:

  • 5 gold ingots -> Iron pickaxe
  • 10 emeralds -> TNT
  • 10 emeralds -> Bow
  • 2 emeralds -> Arrow
  • 15 gold ingots -> Parrot egg
  • 25 gold ingots -> Pirate Captain spawn
  • 35 gold ingots -> Flying Dutchman spawn

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is another mini boss that is stronger than the Pirate Captain. It will keep firing its cannon at you while sometimes spawning other pirates from the invasion event.

Just like the Pirate Captain, you can find it spawning near beaches, but at lower spawn rates and only on Hard difficulty.

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman attacks

You can check the short showcase video below for a better look at the add-on. And while you're at it, subscribe to the channel for more updates :D


  1. This is still in beta stage, so expect some bugs.
  2. The download link includes two versions of the add-on, you can download both to test them.
  3. It can become laggy once the Flying Dutchman spawns too many pirates, you can install the second version instead, where the Flying Dutchman doesn't spawn them.
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